Following a rough start to the season, the Miami Heat are back on track, having established themselves as one of the foremost second-tier threats in the Eastern Conference. This is all happening without Chris Bosh, mind you. While that begs to imply Miami’s recent success is unsustainable, they have all the pieces in place, especially after signing Joe Johnson, to remain one of the more reliable betting plays.  [+]

You’ll of course want to cool your jets on all championship and conference futures. The Heat are not the biggest roadblock standing between the Brooklyn Netss and another NBA Finals bid. 

But Miami has nonetheless earned attention as an everyday spread-coverer, and its tenacious defense makes it an interesting under dice roll against any kind of opponet—bad offense, great offense and anywhere in between.


Miami Heat Next Regular Season Game


Steal a glance at the Heat’s next season matchup whenever you can. It will help you keep in tune with the spreads, moneyline and over/under odds right up until you place your bet. [+]

Highlighting the individual opponent themselves, meanwhile, will have you pin down what kind of research you’re looking to do.


My Team's Next MatchMiami Heat

Miami Heat Game Schedule


Use this look at the Heat’s an entire schedule to map out your betting patterns. It’s useful when wagering on or against Miami in an inordinate number of ways. [+]

First, it lets you plan ahead. See which games appeal to you before they hit the aforementioned present-day matchup so that you can do the necessary matchup research in advance. Second, try to single out games in which you think Coach Spo might rest Wade. You’re looking for tail ends of back-to-backs and stretches where the Heat play four games in five nights or something. This isn’t to say Wade will always sit, but you’ll be able to make a mental or literal note of the risk, and then recheck the status quo as the game nears.


Lastly, this gives you an opportunity to look back at how the Heat have performed in the past, not only against particular opponents, but in all types of situations: home games, road games, back-to-backs, versus winnings teams, against losing teams, weekend matinees, etc. The more thorough you are in looking at the past, the more prepared you’ll be for future bets.


Results / FixturesMiami Heat

What Are The Current Miami Heat Standings


Take a look at the Heat’s place in the Eastern Conference standings. This, above all else, helps you keep track of Miami’s potential playoff opponents, which you’ll need if you plan to bet on Miami’s futures. [+]

Standings are also a helpful resource as a basis of information. If you see that the Heat are heavily favored or being given a ton of points in a certain matchup, you can check the NBA’s hierarchy, see where their opponent sits relative to the Heat, and then direct your research to the appropriate mediums from there.


StandingsMiami Heat

Don’t Bank On The Heat’s Title Chances

Chris Bosh hasn’t played for the Heat for years, and while the team is thriving in his absence, they have not developed a strategy to rebuild their team roster quite yet. 

The Heat have been reluctant to comment on their immediate future, the Heat might hold him out the rest of the season just as a precautionary measure, since Bosh has now been unable to avoid this condition for two straight seasons.

More than that, with the forwards soaking up time as a small-ball 4, Coach Spo will need to find a way to stagger Hassan Whiteside’s and Bosh’s minutes. Even with his shooting, Bosh is best suited at the 5 these days, just like Whiteside, who doesn’t space the floor.  

Holster all desires to bet on the Heat’s conference and championship chances solely because they’re good and Bosh, in theory, should make them better. There’s no guarantee he plays again this season, nor is it a lock that he’ll significantly bolster the Heat’s model if he does. You’ll also want to table all futures bets for this reason. Bosh’s long-term health needs to be figured out, and the Heat have a ton of players entering free agency. There is no incentive to jumping on win total, conference or championship bets for next season when the Heat’s core could disband overnight.

Miami Heat Betting Tips

Try to prolong your daily bets on the Heat as long as possible. Wagering early will get you the best odds, but head coach Erik Spoelstra likes to rest his guys whenever he feels the need. A bet you make in the morning or early afternoon could look bad later in the day if the stars are given the night off.

If you know it’s a situation where the Heat won’t be resting anyone, then yes, as always, pull the trigger as soon as you’ve made a decision. The best way to find out as soon as possible is social media, most notably Twitter. Sign up for an account and follow the appropriate Heat beat reporters and NBA insiders. They’ll generally have the lowdown long before anything is made official or, most importantly, reflected in that night’s lines. 

Failing the use of Twitter, simple internet searches for “NBA injury reports” will turn up all you need. Searching that specific player, when you know they’re coping with an injury is also a surefire way to stay ahead of the rest and ensure that your bets are not only as timely as possible, but as informed as the natural flow of intelligence. allows.