For a while, following a hot start to the season, the Orlando Magic looked like a rejuvenated betting play. They were defending fantastically, hovered above .500 and appeared primed to contend for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. But they have since flamed out and are now one of the least alluring bets in the NBA. All these years after trading Dwight Howard, the Magic are still trying to put a winning ball club together. [+]

The Magic’s most recent seasons have been a demonstrative step back. They couldn’t make a frontcourt trio of Serge Ibaka, Nikola Vucevic and Bismack Biyombo work, so they were forced to trade Ibaka for Terrence Ross and a pick—a move that ranks as awful considering they gave up Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo to get Ibaka.

On top of all that, the Magic have yet to establish themselves as even an average team on either offense or defense—a huge red flag. Overall, this Magic squad is an iffy betting option through and through, even for single games. 

Orlando Magic Next Regular Season Game


Scroll down to look at the Magic’s next opponent. Let the spread, moneyline and over/under numbers be your research guide and don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks. [+]

If you’ve already researched how both of these rosters stack up, great. If not, do so while keeping these lines in mind. As always, before submitting any of your wagers, double check these lines with those that are listed at where you will be betting. Game odds can vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and they sometimes change on a whim after going public. Any differences can be inconsequential, but then again, even the slightest variance can impact how you bet. 

Basically, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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Orlando Magic Game Schedule


This is the Magic’s entire regular season game schedule. There are plenty of different uses for it, but the most popular, and savvy, include looking at future games and planning ahead. [+]

Review the Magic’s previous efforts against certain teams, particular situations (home games, away games, etc.) and different kinds of spreads and over/under numbers. Looking to that past intel will help you better plan for the future. 

Here’s a general example just so you have an idea: Say the Magic have an upcoming tilt against the San Antonio Spurs in Orlando. By reviewing their past results, you can see what their record is against squads with winning records, in addition to top-10 defenses and top-10 offenses, when they are playing on their home court. You can then take that record, and apply the results to the San Antonio matchup. And if you’re looking to get a little more specific, definitely check out the point differentials in those previous games. That’ll clue you in to how the Magic might fair against the spread during this game versus the Spurs.


Results / FixturesOrlando Magic

What Are The Current Orlando Magic Standings


Take a look below to see where the Magic stand in the Eastern Conference. Use this as a guideline when placing bets as it will help you identify potential bets.  [+]

It shows how much better or worse the Magic’s opponents are playing, while informing you of Orlando’s spot in the East’s playoff race or, more likely, it’s draft lottery ladder. 

You can monitor the Magic’s futures potential, assuming they have any, by seeing how their record measures up against known contenders. If you see that they are keeping pace with or within striking distance of the Cleveland Cavaliers, you’ll know to view them as serious, or at least dark-horse, plays on the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals front. But if they continue to slump well outside the East’s playoff picture, you’ll then know to direct your futures attention toward a more deserving candidate.


StandingsOrlando Magic

Orlando Magic Online Betting Tips

Under plays are becoming more popular when the Orlando Magic themselves face a stingy defensive team. Their offense, as presently built, isn’t anything special. If they go up against a solid defense, they won’t be scoring a ton of points.  

At the same time, this betting trend isn’t nearly as reliable as it was a few years back when the Magic actually showed some potential on the less glamorous end of the floor. They have forced Aaron Gordon to play out of position, at small forward rather than power forward, by manufacturing a frontcourt logjam that persists even after Ibaka’s exit.

Even while playing outside his comfort zone, Gordon still ranks as the Magic’s best defender. And that’s a problem. They need more help on the perimeter specifically before they can become every night under plays again.

And this says nothing of their cruddy offense. 

Indeed, the general anemia of the offense can help you make some money off their under totals in the meantime. But the Magic want for direction in a bad way, and while they are not that close to forging any kind of identity, they’re much closer to implementing a sustainable defensive blueprint than offensive game plan.

Bettors Beware: Significant Change Ahead for These Magic

If you thought betting on the Magic was tough now, you haven’t seen anything yet. A huge part of their future is riding on this offseason and what they decide to do in free agency and on the trade market.

But can they convince high-end talent to join their cause, when they’re still so far from postseason contention and whiffed on the acquisitions of Bismack Biyombo and Serge Ibaka.

What the Magic need to do is figure out which direction they’re headed. If they’re flat-out hitting reset again, they’ll want to consider dealing their stars for picks and prospects. But if they’re looking to enter conference and championship odds conversations, they’ll have to consolidate their assets. Flipping a package comprising central players might allow the Magic to get in on negotiations for any available superstars. And if they can deal for a megastud, it’ll make their pitches to free-agent whales that much easier.

Only if the Magic clean up—and we mean really clean up—over the offseason should you consider betting on anything more than single games or win totals moving forward. The gap between them and enticing championship and conference future plays is wider than wide, so they’ll have a lot of ground to make up if they wish to join the ranks of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics in the next year.