There is a saying, probably, when it comes to betting on the Philadelphia 76ers: Bet on them at your own, very real, incredible risk. The Sixers are now coming out of an extensive rebuild, and though the appointment of Harris and Bitzer as the godparent of the team’s direction changes Philly’s approach, there are still so many questions that need to be answered before the Sixers can become even a semi-consistent gambling play. [+]

How will the Sixers approach NBA free agency? Will any good free agents actually want to sign with them if they’re agressive? Will they have to overpay to get these players? 

The list goes on and on and on. Answers will come in due time, but until they do, the Sixers are viable single game plays and just about nothing else. Funneling money into championship and conference futures over the next two to four years is reckless and a complete waste of financial resources. Even trying to bet the over/under on win totals poses lukewarm appeal. 

Keep it conservative with these Sixers for the foreseeable future. While they are approaching the top tier, they are not quite there yet.


Philadelphia 76ers Next Regular Season Game


Take a look at the Sixers’ next game. Study the spread, moneyline and over/under, then study their opponent relative to those odds. That’s the best way to approach any game. [+]

Always confirm these listed odds with your preferred sportsbooks. Game lines differ depending on the website, and NBA individual game odds tend to move throughout the day, as sportsbooks account for heavy action placed in one particular bet or team that they didn’t anticipate.


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Philadelphia 76ers Game Schedule


Here’s the Sixers’ regular season game schedule in its entirety. You’ll find this particularly useful when hoping to plan certain types of bets against specific kinds of opponets in advance. [+]

Glancing at this schedule also allows you to look back at the Sixers’ past performances, a real asset when trying to ride hot streaks and losing stretches, and when you’re looking to see how the team has matched up with its latest opponents in the recent past.


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What Are The Current Philadelphia 76ers Standings


Feel free to stay on top of where the Sixers sit in the Eastern Conference using these standings. They’ll most likley be close to last, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. [+]

Still, returning here, to look at these standings, can help you prepare for their lottery odds and, by record, let you see which opponents the Sixers might be slightly equipped to contend with.

In the future, if and when you notice their winning percentage keeps pace with other playoff teams, you can be more aggressive in chasing Sixers-related bets. And if you one day see that their record is comparable, if not outright identical, to known contenders such as the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers, then you’ll have enough license to view them as legitimate Conference Finals and NBA Finals futures options.


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Philadelphia 76ers Online Betting Tips

They do have a very specific identity—especially now that Jahlil Okafor won’t be playing again for some time.

With Joel Embiid jumping center, their defense has never been better off. He is a great rim protector and especially adept at jumping passing lanes and creating turnovers. When he’s surrounded by pesky wings, the Sixers are built to keep many of their games close. 

That can make them an attractive under player often, and it’s cause enough to bet in favor of them when it comes to large spreads. But it’s important to be wary of their opponent.

Balanced teams that can shut the Sixers down offensively if their own offense isn’t functioning at a high level aren’t the squads to go against. Top-tier offenses, in general, are a risk when putting money on the Sixers, as their defense falls well short of the elite even at its peak, so there will always exist the possibility they get blitzed. Be sure to keep that in mind when considering over/under plays and any spreads.

The Sixers’ Most Important Betting Question

Of all the questions that must be asked when considering Sixers bets, both now and in the future, not one is more important than the following: What will Philadelphia do with its frontcourt logjam?

Trading Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks and Ersan Ilyasova to the Atlanta Hawks only addresses part of the issue. They still have a huge stockpile.

Philly alleviated the burden by trading Saric. Embiid also remains an injury risk, so his absences will naturally solve the clumpy rotation to some extent.

But these are all temporary, beyond imperfect solutions. The goal one day is to have Embiid, Simmons, Saric and Holmes be everyday players. And while the Sixers can squeeze all four of them into the rotation, they need to move on from Okafor to really reach their full potential.

 But the Sixers pivoted by dealing Noel. That doesn’t help anything, because they always needed to get rid of two frontcourt contributors anyway. And as long as they are intent on playing this way, it will damage their defensive potential while cutting into Holmes’ spin.

Keep an eye on how the Sixers tackle this development. They won’t be an everyday play until Embiid and Simmons are playing everyday together, and from there, they won’t be a reliable option on any level until they hash out their frontcourt pecking order and identity.