It was only a few years ago that Toronto reached the top of the mountain — winning the NBA title. They were never truly able to build off that as its lead player, Kawhi Leonard, bolted the franchise right after. However, a core of that championship team remains intact in Canada, which gives this team a fighting chance on any given day.

Due to their geographic location, bettors are prone to gloss over the Raptors when it comes to online NBA betting. But we think that’s a giant mistake because if you know your stuff, Toronto Raptors betting can be quite lucrative. In this guide on how to bet Toronto Raptors, we’ll show you why that is. Latest odds, schedule, standings, betting advice — we got it all for you if you keep reading.

Raptors win NBA title

Toronto Raptors Next Regular Season Game

Want to see which team the Raptors play next? Look no further because we’ll have the team’s most upcoming game listed below at ALL times. We’ve also listed the game’s betting lines so you can begin researching your wagers.

My Team's Next MatchToronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors Game Schedule

Below you’ll be able to see the Raptors’ entire schedule — yes, all 82 games. Betting lines aren’t available until, usually, the day before the next matchup. However, you can still leverage the schedule to begin plotting your betting intentions around key moments (e.g. the second leg of a back-to-back or against an opponent Toronto has recently beaten already).

Results / FixturesToronto Raptors

What Are The Current Toronto Raptors Standings

Smart bettors won’t ever lose sight of the Raptors’ place in the standings. You have to be aware of what Toronto is playing for — playoff positioning, home-court advantage, or if things go bad, possibly an NBA Draft lottery pick. Below you’ll see up-to-date standings that track the Raptor’s place in the NBA pecking order.

StandingsToronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors Online Betting Tips

One of the biggest things bettors want to avoid when wagering — no matter the sport — is unpredictability. The more volatile a team is, the harder it is to successfully bet on ‘em. The great thing about Toronto is they usually face no such problem. As we said earlier, many holdovers from its title team are still rostered, including head coach Nick Nurse and rising star Pascal Siakim. This is why we’re such blowhards for Toronto Raptors bets because what you see is what you get out of this bunch.

Can things change? Yes, and that’s really going to be on you to figure out. Injuries are an easy way to introduce unpredictability to any NBA team. But you should also look for changes in players — both improvement and regression. For instance, hopes are high for newcomer Scottie Barnes. If he can develop into a star player, then all of a sudden, a bet on Toronto Raptors winning championship is worth looking seriously into.

Raptors 2023 team

Toronto Raptors Betting Odds

The quickest way to make money on the team is to simply bet on Toronto Raptors game that’s the soonest. That matchup will have the full gamut of Toronto Raptors betting odds available— moneylines, over/under, props, and spreads. With 82 regular-season games and host of preseason and postseason games, opportunities to make money will be there for the taking.

However, perhaps the most lucrative of Toronto bets are futures. These usually don’t pay out until the end of the season, but riches could be huge. A bet on Toronto Raptors winning championship is one example, but similar wagers can be made on making the playoffs or winning the conference too.

How To Bet On Toronto Raptors

Ready to throw money on a Toronto Raptors bet? We hope so cause we’ve given you all the must-know information on doing so on this page minus one thing — where to actually park your money at. But hey, we got you there too. In the table below, we’ve listed our top bookie recommendations. The sites listed here ranked highest in our sportsbook review section. Any one of the bookmakers will be a one-stop shop for Raptors gambling this season (and the next too).