Playing in a major media capital like Washington D.C. has done little to bolster the “shine” of the Wizards. The franchise remains afterthoughts in the NBA, whether that’s by basketball fans or more importantly, by you the bettors. We believe there’s legit money to be made off this team from Washington Wizards betting and we’re here to help you do just that!

We’ve compiled this nifty betting guide and packed it with as much information as possible. Odds, schedule, standings, betting advice — all the goods you need to be successful at Washington Wizards bets. We’re confident if you take this information seriously (and reference it from time to time), you’ll be lethal to the best online NBA betting sites based on your deep knowledge of Washington. Allow us to explain what we mean throughout this page.

Wizards roster 2023

Washington Wizards Next Regular Season Game

You can find the Wizards’ next opponent below — every single time because we’re constantly updating this widget. So circle back here for the most recent moneylines, spreads, and over/unders.

My Team's Next MatchWashington Wizards

Washington Wizards Game Schedule

Have a look-see at the Wizards’ game schedule in its entirety. You’ll be able to plan your wagers ahead, singling out games you view as betting-worthy. As they say, “fail to prepare then prepare to fail”, which definitely applies in betting. Look if Washington has played its next opponent recently and if so, how that game went. It can provide a lot of clues on how the two teams match-up together.

Results / FixturesWashington Wizards

What Are The Current Washington Wizards Standings

As you can tell, this is where the Wizards stand in the Eastern Conference. These standings are super important, as they tell you which playoff spot Washington is fighting for. It will also show which teams it’s trying to leapfrog for home-court advantage. Viewing these records is an important part of being consistently profitable while betting, but as always, you’re encouraged to do research that takes you beyond just overall wins and losses.

StandingsWashington Wizards

Washington Wizards Online Betting Tips

So goes Bradley Beal so goes the Wizards? Honestly, we’d say so. Beal long played second fiddle to John Wall but he’s now the face of the franchise and has a $250 million contract to prove it. That’s not a small commitment, which will make Washington’s front office have to stretch its remaining cap space to put the right team around Beal. But still, Beal is the big variable to account for when laying a bet on Washington Wizards game.

Bradley Beal

Moreover, you’ll want to weigh matchups heavily when putting a bet on Washington Wizards. For instance, they’ve struggled to defend in recent years. Against a high-octane offense, they leave themselves vulnerable to being exposed — more so than when facing an offensively-anemic squad. That’s one hypothetical mismatch but many more can be found if you dig deep and research adequately.

Washington Wizards Betting Odds

You might want to hone in on one specific Wizards bet type. Perhaps you focus on over/under bets more so than spreads as an example. This focus allows you to specialize, and that’s where you begin gaining an “edge.” We’ll be very honest with you and say an edge is needed in sports betting if you plan on being successful at it over the long term.

Why, you ask? Because bookmakers are creating the lines you’re betting on using advanced computer models. A treasure trove of information is included in those models — which is effectively the bookies' own edge. If you think you’re going to beat algorithms by “winging it”, you’re sorely mistaken. Your best bet is developing specialized knowledge, which is easier to gain when you focus on a certain team and/or bet type.

How To Bet On The Washington Wizards

You’ll find the full range of Washington Wizards betting odds — from spreads to props to futures — at one of the bookmakers featured underneath. But even better than that, you’ll get odds that are some of the best in the marketplace. Even getting -5 or -10 shaved off a Washington Wizards bet makes a big difference when wagering over the long haul and you’re likely to find that at the featured sites underneath. These sites graded out high in that regard in our unbiased sportsbook review section.