There has perhaps been no more frustrating betting play in the NBA than the Washington Wizards. They were supposed to enter the conversation for a top-two playoff berth in the Eastern Conference, just behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, but have instead jockeyed between totally incompetent and everything they were supposed to be. That makes for frustrating sportsbetting plays. But a lot is still expected of this team.  [+]

This doesn’t make the Wizards a good championship play, but it allows you to bet with a foundation of confidence on a game-by-game basis, and it also affords you the flexibility of finding a sportsbook that accepts wagers on which teams will and won’t earn a postseason bid.


Washington Wizards Next Regular Season Game

Why yes, you’ve come to the right place. This is where you can find the Wizards’ next opponent. Circle back here for the most recent moneylines, spreads, overs and unders.

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Washington Wizards Game Schedule


Take a look at the Wizards’ game schedule in its entirety. You’ll be able to plan your wagers ahead, singling out games you view as betting worthy. You won’t be sorry you did.  [+]

And you’ll also be able to take stock of the Wizards’ past performances by seeing how they’ve performed in all kinds of situations throughout the season: at home, on the road, against winning teams, against losing teams, on the tail end of back-to-backs, on the front end of back-to-backs, on the fifth night of a four games in five night stretch, etc.


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What Are The Current Washington Wizards Standings


As you can tell, this is where the Wizards stand in the Eastern Conference. These standings are important, as they tell you which playoff spot Washington is fighting for. [+]

It will also show which teams its trying to usurp. Viewing these records is an important part of being consistently profitable while betting, but as always, you’re encouraged to do research that takes you beyond the basicness wins and losses.


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Be Wary Of Washington Futures

This is solid advice for many NBA teams at this point. The Wizards specifically, however, are an inspiration for such caution. They have scrimped and saved and limited their roster moves and improvements for years as they prepare for star players’ free agency.

For some time, it looked like they were even favorites to land the MVP should he decide to leave Oklahoma City. But their recent run of misfortune has changed things, and as a result, their roster should look a lot different next season.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing, because we can all but remove the Wizards from the Durant sweepstakes until further notice. Luckily, Bradley Beal entered restricted free agency, and  the Wizards were prepared to pay him max money, so he would stay n Washington.

Even if the Wizards keep him, they’re not an intriguing bet as far as win totals, championship odds and conference chances go.

They still need to find a way to upgrade the roster with other players not named Durant, and yet, outside of Durant, the free-agent market is shallow. If the Wizards don’t land a big name, or if they fail to swing a fortunes-turning trade, they could end up right back where they are now next season, checking in as the NBA’s greatest enigma—and, by extension, its most inconsistent betting play.

The Wizards Playoff Picture

If the Wizards are able to erase the deficit that separates them from the Eastern Conference’s playoff picture, they still don’t become an attractive postseason bet—not necessarily at least. Snagging an eighth-place playoff berth sets up a first-round date with the Nets, and the likely first-round exit with which it comes.

In the event the Raptors can sneak into seventh place, go crazy. No, seriously, bet your heart out—responsibly, of course. A seventh-seeded berth pits them against the Toronto Raptors, setting up a much more winnable series. Not only that, but the Wizards would be guaranteed to avoid the Nets until at least the Eastern Conference Finals. And if they can evade Brooklyn that long, the Eastern Conference Finals becomes a realistic goal.

So, should the Wizards creep into seventh place, consider some low-key conference bets. The championship odds will be moot. But to reach the NBA Finals, the Wizards, in theory, would only need to pull off one legitimate upset. The seeds will say differently, but they have the talent to compete with anyone they can face in the East, with the exception of the Cavs—and that exception may regress into nothingness if the Wizards enjoy the momentum of a team with two rounds of playoff victories under their belts.