2022-23 NBA Futures: Is Jaren Jackson Jr. Best Bet to Win Defensive Player of the Year?

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2022-23 NBA Futures: Is Jaren Jackson Jr. Best Bet to Win Defensive Player of the Year?

When looking at the latest betting odds on NBA futures, perhaps no market stands out more than the race to win 2022-23 NBA Defensive Player of the Year. 

Indeed, there are plenty of other interesting wagers to consider. The odds to win the 2022-23 NBA MVP award have started shifting thanks to injuries. There has also been a ton of movement on the odds to win the 2023 NBA Finals. But the NBA Defensive Player of the Year landscape has become a special brand of mesmerizing, because linemakers are forecasting what would be an outlier victory.

To see what we mean, here are the latest NBA online betting odds to win Defensive Player of the Year, courtesy of the folks over at Bovada:

DPOY WinnerBovada
Jaren Jackson Jr+140
Brook Lopez+175
Giannis Antetokounmpo+800
Evan Mobley+1200
Bam Adebayo+1400
OG Anunoby+1400
Jarrett Allen+1600
Joel Embiid+1600
Nic Claxton+2500
Marcus Smart+2500
Draymond Green+3000
Ivica Zubac+3000
Jrue Holiday+3000
Myles Turner+3000
Mikal Bridges+3000
Rudy Gobert+4000
Herbert Jones+4000
Paul George+4000
Ben Simmons+5500
Kawhi Leonard+6000
Robert Williams+7000
Dejounte Murray+8000
Matisse Thybulle+8000
Fred VanVleet+8000
Mitchell Robinson+8000
Patrick Beverley+8000

Make sure you're double-checking these online NBA betting odds before predicting who wins Defensive Player of the Year. Our odds to win NBA Defensive Player of the Year are accurate entering Tuesday,  January 24. That gives linemakers plenty of time to adjust their NBA betting odds before the winner is announced sometime in April.

Granted, you won't have any trouble spotting changes to NBA Defensive Player of the Year odds if you join the right sportsbook. That's where our reviews of the top online sportsbooks can help. We've dug into every detail so you can find the best online NBA betting sites in the business without issue.

And now, we tackle what is currently one of the hardest-to-answer questions in the league: Who is the best bet to win the 2022-23 NBA Defensive Player of the Year award?

Jaren Jackson Jr. Would Make History If He Wins NBA Defensive Player of the Year

In a vacuum, Jaren Jackson Jr. (+140) is an incredibly deserving Defensive Player of the Year frontrunner. He can guard nearly every position while shuttling between protecting the rim, party-crashing possessions away from the ball and switching onto perimeter creators. There's a reason why the Memphis Grizzlies have one of the NBA's top defenses—and he's it.

However, sample size may come back to bite Jackson. Never mind that he can't appear in more than 66 total games this season. He's currently averaging under 26 minutes per appearance. Just two Defensive Player of the Year winners have ever wrapped up the season averaging fewer than 30 minutes, and neither dipped below 27 minutes: Michael Cooper in 1986-87 (27.5) and Dennis Rodman in 1989-90 (29.0). 

This means that, by winning Defensive Player of the Year, Jackson would quite literally be making NBA history. Keep that in mind when making your DPOY picks.

Jaren Jackson Jr. To win NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Which Member of the Milwaukee Bucks is the Better Defensive Player of the Year Bet: Giannis Antetokounmpo or Brook Lopez?

The Milwaukee Bucks are currently second in points allowed per possession, and they've been given two Defensive Player of the Year candidates as a result: Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Brook Lopez (+175) is the heavy favorite among the two. This feels like a reaction to how last year's voting played out. Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics won the award only to regress substantially during the playoffs. It led many to believe that perimeter players can't impact the defensive end as much as traditional rim protectors. That's just what Lopez is for the Bucks.

But Giannis Antetokounmpo (+800) isn't your typical perimeter player. He isn't really a perimeter player at all. Milwaukee likes to stash him off the ball and have him do everything from bust up passing lanes, provide double-teams and anchor their rim protection when Lopez isn't on the court. 

For our money, we'd rather roll the dice on Giannis' 8-to-1 odds—especially because his versatility is more valuable than Lopez's singular, albeit incredibly important, skill set.

Giannis Antetokounmpo To win NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Is There Still Time for Draymond Green to Enter the DPOY Running?

Defensive Player of the Year winners usually come from top-shelf defensive teams. The Golden State Warriors aren't that. They have, however, worked their way up to 13th in points allowed per possession and are even better with Draymond Green (+3000) on the floor. In fact, with Green in the game, they have what amounts to the league's best defense.

That is the meat and potatoes of Green's case. He is responsible for directing everything that happens when he's in the lineup. Watch him away from the ball, and you'll see him make more reads than any other player in the league. The Warriors may need to improve their collective defensive rating to get Green a legitimate look, but there's still time for them to do so. He's great value at 30-to-1.

Draymond Green To win NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Should Bam Adebayo be Considered the Better Bet to Win DPOY Compared to Joel Embiid?

It will catch some people off-guard that Bam Adebayo (+1400) is beating Joel Embiid (+1600) in the Defensive Player of the Year betting odds race. We're not the least bit surprised, though.

The Miami Heat have a truly elite defense, and Adebayo's switchability is among the primary driving forces behind it. Embiid, meanwhile, has also slipped as a rim protector, most likely because he's shouldering such a high-usage role on offense. The Philadelphia 76ers' defensive success has also been largely prided on their three-point contests, something Embiid doesn't have much of a hand in.

Bam Adebayo To win NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Official NBA Defensive Player of the Year Prediction

So many candidates have strong cases here. That includes dark horses like Draymond Green (+3000) and even Nicolas Claxton (+2500). You could argue for any one of eight to 10 options here, and we'd be hard-pressed to discredit you.

In the end, Giannis Antetokounmpo (+800) is our pick. His versatility is incredible yet he's also dominant in one-on-one and rim-protection situations. Assuming the Bucks stick inside the top three of points allowed per possession, we believe voters will invariably recognize his body of work over that from teammate Brook Lopez.

OSB Prediction: Giannis Antetokounmpo (+800)

Giannis Antetokounmpo To win NBA Defensive Player of the Year

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