For the better part of the last decade, the Boston Bruins have been one of the NHL’s most successful franchises. They’re regular playoff fixtures, but haven’t quite reached the Stanley Cup mountaintop since its 2011 triumph. Nonetheless, this consistent success has made them popular choices at top-used NHL betting sites among bettors.

That’s why we’ve created an in-depth guide to Boston Bruins betting. If you keep scrolling, you’ll get all the pertinent info you need to win at Boston Bruins bets. That includes current odds, schedule, tips, and tricks. Bookmark this page and return to it every time you’re ready to lay a Boston Bruins bet because it’ll come in handy every single time!

Boston Bruins 2023 team

Boston Bruins Next Regular Season Game

Want to bet on the Bruins? Welp, here’s your next chance. In the widget below, we’ve listed the most forthcoming Boston matchup. This widget is always up to date so reference it from time to time. Betting odds for the matchup are also listed right there for your convenience.

NHL - League 2023
Saturday, Dec 09, 202301:00 PM
Arizona Coyotes@Boston Bruins
NHL - League 2023
Wednesday, Dec 13, 202307:30 PM
Boston Bruins@New Jersey Devils
NHL - League 2023
Friday, Dec 15, 202307:30 PM
Boston Bruins@New York Islanders
Last update on Dec 10, 2023 06:45 PM

Boston Bruins Game Schedule

Alright, here’s the ENTIRE Boston Bruins schedule — all 82 games. Betting lines for a matchup won’t be listed until that game is next up but regardless, having this granular view of the team allows you to plan ahead. Circle any games worth a bet right now so you can be ready once they roll around.


Results / FixturesBoston Bruins

What Are The Current Boston Bruins Standings

You can see where the Bruins rank across the league below. This widget features the standings of all 32 NHL teams.  Of course, Boston competes in the Eastern Conference so you’ll want to see how the Bruins fare against similar conference foes as this is who they’ll have to beat in order to get to the Stanley Cup.



StandingsBoston Bruins

Boston Bruins Online Betting Tips

The Bruins winning consistency is two-fold. On one hand, it’s good for bettors as Boston will rarely stray away from the “mean.” By that, we mean you won’t be surprised all that much by its betting outcomes. Most of all, Boston Bruins betting odds will stay relatively close to one another from game to game — unless they’re playing an extremely bad or good opponent.

But on the contrary, Boston’s consistency means change is hard to come by. After so many years of being “middle in the road”, the Bruins core is intact. It would take a major acquisition or player development and regression to change the team’s fate for the better or worse. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re wagering on futures such as Boston Bruins betting odds to win championship.

Boston Bruins roster

Boston Bruins Betting Odds

The easiest way to get your fix is to bet on Boston Bruins game — individually. With an 82-game season, that’s a whole lot of betting opportunities. Every single matchup will offer a full assortment of bet types like puck lines, moneylines, over/under, and props. Between those alone, you’re getting dozens of options to bet on Boston Bruins.

At the same time, you don’t want to overbet either. It’s your duty to hand-pick the most worthwhile bets — not throw your money on anything and everything related to the Bruins. Doing the latter is an unfocused betting strategy that rarely ever works.

How To Bet On The Boston Bruins

If you’ve read everything on this page, then you have everything you need to make money off this team. That is, besides one thing: a well-trusted sportsbook to actually take action. But we’ve got that too and it’s listed below. The sites listed here earned high grades in our latest sportsbook reviews, partly in reason because of their elite NHL betting menu. Any one of them will offer a wide range of Bruins bets, and at good betting prices too. See for yourself by hitting one of the “play now” buttons below.