The Sabres have been one of the least competitive NHL franchises of the last decade. Buffalo last qualified for the postseason in 2011, which really puts their struggles in perspective. The odds are that those struggles continue in the near-future. This team is void of talent — especially with Jack Eichel long gone. But these struggles might actually make them attractive options at top NHL betting sites.

Why? Because Buffalo might just end up predictably bad game in, game out. That makes laying Buffalo Sabres bets much more predictable. In this guide, we’re going to give you the complete low down to Buffalo Sabres betting, including our own expert tips, the latest odds, standings, and so much more. Keep reading cause this information is worth a pretty penny at the sportsbook!

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Buffalo Sabres Next Regular Season Game

See the listed game below? That’s your next chance at betting on the Sabres! You don’t have to throw money on this — especially if you’re undecided on what to pick — but this matchup is loaded with betting options, from props to puck line to over/unders if you so wish.

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Buffalo Sabres Game Schedule

Find when and where the Sabres are playing next with ease! We’ve featured Buffalo’s complete 82-game slate this season below. Having this schedule handy is useful for planning bets in advance. For instance, maybe you notice the Sabres are due for a long road trip soon. Those are matchups where fatigue can catch up to Buffalo, which hinders their performance. That’s what we call a betting opportunity!


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What Are The Current Buffalo Sabres Standings

As a member of the Atlantic Division, the Sabres have to contend on a yearly basis with a plehtora of storied franchises from the Bruins to the Red Wings to Maple Leafs — and those are just a few to name. You can see how Buffalo stacks up to all of them with the underneath standings. This widget is especially useful in case you’re wanting to make futures bets around the Sabres.


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Buffalo Sabres Online Betting Tips

The Sabres are in rebuild mode. Anyone that tells you differently is either lying, delusional, or both. A successful rebuild requires bottom-tier standings to earn a high draft pick and stock up on promising talent. So for now, we’d bet against the Sabres more often than not. However, we’d still stick to moneylines when it comes Buffalo Sabres betting odds. This is still a professional NHL team, after all, so puck lines might be too disrespectful to consistently take for Buffalo.

This bet-against-Sabres strategy should only be temporary, so long as the rebuild isn’t a complete disaster. Buffalo is probably going to improve over time — and it’s on you to recognize these improvements AHEAD of other bettors. Doing so will give you an “edge” on Buffalo Sabres bets. That edge dissipates the more other bettors notice a turnaround in Sabres so again, early recognition is critical if and when Buffalo does get back on track.

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Buffalo Sabres Betting Odds

This should be obvious but we’ll say it anyway: for the love of money, please avoid any and all Buffalo Sabres betting odds to win championship. Don’t even do it to be funny — it’s not worth the automatic loss. As we’ve said, the Sabres are rebuilding and aiming for top-5 draft picks, not Stanley Cup titles.

Most of your betting dollars should go to individual Sabres matchups. Thanks to an 82-game regular season (plus more matchups in the preseason), you have many ways to bet on Buffalo Sabres game from October to May. You don’t have to jump on every single game, but do pay close attention to results as they help inform your decision on the next Buffalo Sabres bet.

How To Bet On the Buffalo Sabres

Last thing before we let you go: you can easily bet on Buffalo Sabres at one of the underneath bookmakers. Easily is the keyword in the last sentence. Seriously, it takes a few short minutes to complete the sign-up process at any of the listed bookies. From there, just deposit money into your account and boom, you’re ready to lay money on the Sabres. Check out our up-to-date sportsbook reviews to see what awaits you at each site. Read these carefully if you need help deciding where to bet at.

  • Who’s the coach of the Buffalo Sabres?

    The Sabres hired Don Granato to be its head coach back in 2020. It’s the first-ever head coaching gig for Granato at the NHL level.

  • How many championships did the Buffalo Sabres win?

    The number is zero. Buffalo has made it to three Stanley Cup Finals but lost every single one. Most recently, the Sabres were beaten in the 1999 championship.

  • How many times the Buffalo Sabres made the playoffs?

    Since entering the league in 1970, the Sabres have made it to the postseason 29 times.

  • What’s the home arena of Buffalo Sabres?

    Buffalo’s home arena is KeyBank Center, which opened its doors in 1996. At the time, the building cost around $120 million to create.

  • Who’s the owner of Buffalo Sabres?

    Terry Pegula is a local legend in Buffalo. Not only does he own the Sabres, but the NFL’s Bills too.

  • What sportsbooks are available in New York?

    Sports betting was fully legalized in New York in early 2022. The state has numerous betting options, including physical retail books, tribal casinos, and offshore betting sites.

  • What is Buffalo Sabres Twitter?

    Want to find the official team account? Easy! Just type in “Buffalo Sabres” into the Twitter search bar and voila, you’ll see ’em right there with a decent-sized following!