The Blue Jackets haven’t had all that much success in franchise history outside a run from 2017 to 2020. The taste of victory those years has seemingly re-energized the organization. That’s one way to rationilze the flurry of moves this front office has made as of late. Sure, many players were dealt elsewhere, but Columbus also signed Johnny Gaudreau to a massive contract in the 2022 offseason. Blue Jackets aren’t typically splash in free agency, but the multi-time All-Star Gaudreau is a massive get.

With rekindled interest around the team, we felt obligated to update our Columbus Blue Jackets betting guide. Keep reading to get the 101-level introduction to bet on Columbus Blue Jackets. You’ll find current odds, standings, schedule, and perhaps most valuable at all, personalized betting advice. Might as well bookmark this page so you can refer back to it when you’re ready to lay a Columbus Blue Jackets bet.

Blue Jackets 2023

Columbus Blue Jackets Next Regular Season Game

Your next chance to gamble on the Blue Jackets is listed below. This is the team’s soonest game and we’ve included betting odds for it right there. Once you’ve settled on who and what to bet, head to a popular NHL betting site to finalize it.

My Team's Next MatchColumbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets Game Schedule

Look ahead on the Columbus Blue Jackets game schedule to find some favorable matchups in advance. While sure, “take it one game at a time” is usually the way to go about betting, you can also formulate a long-term strategy. The schedule below will help you do just that.

Results / FixturesColumbus Blue Jackets

What Are The Current Columbus Blue Jackets Standings

Playing in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference never makes things easy on the Blue Jackets because they have to contend with the Capitals, Islanders, Penguins, and Rangers, among others. You can track where Columbus stands against these teams — plus the others in the NHL — in the widget below. The standings you see here are always up to date!


StandingsColumbus Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets Online Betting Tips

Columbus’ general manager Jarmo Kekalainen famously called the team’s makeover a "reset," not a "rebuild." It’s an accurate reflection because the Blue Jackets added play-now players, not future draft picks. But as a bettor, it’s going to take time for the “dust to settle” per se and for a real identity to form around this new-look team. If we were you, we’d at least temper Columbus Blue Jackets bets to start with. By that, don’t risk too much money — or any at all if you’re on the conservative side.

Though, you still want to follow the team. The sooner you can “figure out” the Blue Jackets, the more of an advantage you’ll have over other bettors and bookmakers. Eventually, people catch on. But the sweet spot as a bettor is to get ahead of that and capitalize until the masses are caught up. This type of insight only comes from following Columbus closely for months — not just a few weeks here and there. Eventually, there will be distinct patterns that form about the Blue Jackets’ performance. Those patterns should drive your betting decision-making.

Blue Jackets bet tips

Columbus Blue Jackets Betting Odds

There’s a litany of Columbus Blue Jackets betting odds available all season long. Your “best bet” is to specialize in odds for individual games— that includes puck lines, moneylines, or over/unders. Since these are available for every matchup the Blue Jackets play (even preseason), there’s just the most opportunity to make money off this based on volume alone.

Though, the biggest one-time payouts are usually around futures bets. A prime example of this is a bet on Columbus Blue Jackets winning championship. The franchise is Stanley Cup-less in history, which contributes to the high potential payout cause Columbus usually has long odds in this wager. As always, assess the risk and reward when deciding on such bets.

How To Bet On The Columbus Blue Jackets

If you’re in need of a sportsbook to bet on Columbus Blue Jackets game, then we suggest starting with the sites below. When it comes to NHL betting, the sites in the table are as good as it gets, per our unbiased sportsbook reviews. We suggest signing up for a few of these. That way, you can “shop lines” for the Blue Jackets. Whichever site is offering the best odds for the particular bet you're wanting to make, then you jump on that. This guarantees your maximizing betting value at all times.

  • Who’s the coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets?

    Brad Larsen was hired as the Blue Jacket’s head coach in 2021. This is his first stint as a head coach. Larsen was also an ex-NHL player.

  • How many championships did the Columbus Blue Jackets win?

    Columbus is absolutely trophy-less as a team. They’ve never won a Stanley Cup, conference championship, or division title.

  • How many times the Columbus Blue Jackets made the playoffs?

    Since the Blue Jacket’s debut NHL season in 2020, they’ve only qualified for the postseason six different times. That’s it!

  • What’s the home arena of Columbus Blue Jackets?

    Nationwide Arena hosts all Blue Jackets home games. The arena is also famous for hosting the Arnold Classic bodybuilding event created by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • Who’s the owner of Columbus Blue Jackets?

    The Blue Jackets were founded by John H. McConnell. When John died in 2008, his son, John. P., inherited the team.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Ohio?

    Sports betting is in the process of being legalized in Ohio. The bill has passed, but there’s no structure in place yet to take bets. In the meantime, you can always rely on an offshore betting site to handle your bets.

  • What is Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter?

    Yes, you can find Columbus on Twitter. Just search the team name on Twitter and you’ll find them pretty easily.