No hockey team in the world has as much history as the Habs. Literally! The franchise predates the NHL and all other “Original Six” members. The team was founded in 1909, making it the longest-running hockey team in the world. During this stretch, Montreal has collected a league-high 24 Stanley Cup trophies. Only the MLB’s Yankees have more world titles in their history than the Canadiens among the major sports leagues in North America.

That’s why it’s no surprise Montreal is one of the most bet-on teams at popular NHL betting sites. With so much attention on the team on an almost daily basis, you would be smart to know the ins and outs of Montreal Canadiens betting. In case you don’t, we’ve created this guide to bet on Montreal Canadiens with you in mind. We’ll be covering everything from the latest odds to practical tips so stick with us for this complete resource to Habs betting!

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Montreal Canadiens Next Regular Season Game

You might as well bookmark this page now. It’ll be handy every time you want to bet on the Habs. Speaking of which, your next chance at doing so is listed below. We’ve included the matchup odds so you can begin your betting analysis of the forthcoming game.


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Montreal Canadiens Game Schedule

Here is the Habs 82-game regular-season schedule. You won’t find odds available for a game until it’s next up on the schedule, but regardless, having a full view of Montreal’s season is useful. You should be thinking long-term about your Habs betting strategy and this schedule will help in that regard.

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What Are The Current Montreal Canadiens Standings

The road to the Stanley Cup for Montreal begins in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. It won’t be an easy path for the Habs — not with rivals like the Leafs, Bruins, Lightning, and Red Wings also in the division. You can see how they stack up via the standings below. We update the standings below at the conclusion of each game so everything you’re seeing below is current.

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Montreal Canadiens Online Betting Tips

Canadiens betting tips

When you’re as popular and hated as the Canadiens, everyone is going to have an opinion on them — the TV analysts, your fellow hockey-obsessed friends, and even the random guy at the sportsbook. That’s a lot of noise, perhaps too much noise if you want to bet on Montreal Canadiens game. These opinions from all directions could cloud your betting judgment, and most of the time, for the worse. So here’s our advice: ignore most of it. Nothing will inform you about Montreal Canadiens bets more than your own two eyes. Follow this team closely on a game-to-game basis to get the real scoop on how Montreal is trending.

One more note on that: update your opinions regularly. Why? Because who Montreal is in game one of the season is not who they’ll be by the All-Star break or the start of the playoffs (if they qualify). The toll of an 82-game season affects every NHL team. Injuries, player developments or regressions, and team morale will all influence a team throughout the year. You have to factor these each time you put down a Montreal Canadiens bet. Things change and you have to change with them if you want to be successful at this betting thing!

Montreal Canadiens Betting Odds

Bettors don’t have to worry about a lack of Montreal Canadiens betting odds. Bookies “roll out the red carpet” with this team given its popularity. However, having so many betting options can become problematic— if you let it. All too often we see bettors chase after too many bets, “spreading themselves too thin” in the process. You’re much better off dialing in on a few select bets and putting your full focus on picking correctly among them.

Montreal Canadiens betting odds to win championship is one that will always draw action — even if the team isn't being viewed as true Stanley Cup contenders. While payouts can be high for this futures bet, you're probably not going to get rich off it. Why? Because it's a one-time bet and takes all season to settle. The bulk of your money should center on Canadiens games. With so many games over a single year, you'll have a slew of ways to make money from these wagers.

How to bet on the Montreal Canadiens

If you’ve made it this far into our betting guide, then you’re 100 percent ready to start laying Canadiens bets. All the must-know information is already on this page. The last step? Welp, actually putting money down at a respected sportsbook. We suggest doing so at one of the underneath sites. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these sites are the "best of the best" in the industry. Not only will you get all the Montreal bets you can handle at these sites, but you'll also get them at very bettor-friendly prices. Click the links below to see for yourself!

  • Who’s the coach of the Montreal Canadiens?

    After Dominique Ducharme was fired midway through the 2022 season, Jay Woodcraft was elevated to interim head coach. Woodcraft did enough to earn the permanent position once the offseason hit.

  • How many championships did the Montreal Canadiens win?

    The 24 Stanley Cups the Habs have in their possession are the most in NHL. However, they have not won it all since 1993.

  • How many times the Montreal Canadiens made the playoffs?

    The Habs are almost always playoff contenders. Since its first NHL season in 1917, they have advanced to the postseason 85 different times.

  • What’s the home arena of Montreal Canadiens?

    Opened in 1996, the Cell Centre has been Montreal’s home arena for almost three decades since.

  • Who’s the owner of Montreal Canadiens?

    The Canadiens remained owned by the Molson family, who are Montreal royalty in a way. Hartland Molson bought the team way back in the day. Today, the team is run by Geoff Molson.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Quebec?

    Yes, you can legally bet on sports within the province of Quebec. But at the same time, you can still use an offshore betting site too. Either option will suffice.

  • What is Montreal Canadiens Twitter?

    The Habs have one of the most-followed Twitter accounts in the whole NHL. Simply type in their name in the search bar and voila, you’ll see it right there! It’s loaded with exclusive team content too.