One of the most decorated sports franchises in sports, the Canadiens are currently going through some trying times. The Habs have won 24 Stanley Cups, the same total as both the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs combined. This storied franchise trails only the New York Yankees by three championships for most in professional sports. However, the Habs have not won the Stanley Cup in over 20 years, the last one coming in 1994 when the Canadiens beat the Los Angeles Kings. Fans are getting restless. [+]

Anything is possible with Carey Price backstopping the team, but the current edition of the Canadiens still isn’t a cup contender. Though he did make it to the NHL Finals in 2021 and was a big part of the teams’ success.

While team scoring is a problem in Montreal, it’s not their biggest concern. The Canadiens are lacking a bona fide leader. This is the main reason they didn’t have the success they had hoped for in last seasons’ Stanley Cup Final.


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The handy widget below provides valuable information for Habs bettors. It shows whether the Habs play at home or on the road, their opposition and, maybe most importantly, the odds. [+]

We recommend continuing your search. Look at previous encounters between the two teams to find out how the Habs faired in recent memory. Find out if they won their last few games at home against the opposing side, or whether they struggled on the road. 

Does the game fall on the second night of a back-to-back, or are the Habs well rested and injury free? Is Carey Price on the sidelines and can P.K. Subban show the world once more what he’s made of? These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself every time the Habs suit up. 



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The schedule lets you peer into the future to source games you think are worth a bet. Highlight them and tentatively plan your betting strategy until the game odds become available. 


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It’s hard to say where the Habs will be in the standings at any given time. There are many variables to consider. Will they bring the quality they did last season? Are they still lacking a leader? [+]

The Canadiens will most likely be jostling for position throughout the year, but as long as they’re within reach of a playoff spot anything can happen. We don’t think they have what it takes to be a cup contender but a playoff spot is definitely within their grasp.



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As long as Carey Price is in the crease, the Montreal Canadiens have a shot.

However, the team has depended on the world-class goaltender far too much in the past, which has come back to hurt their title hopes.

General manager Marc Bergevin has pulled off some bold moves to improve the team’s chances of winning it all, but the club’s most pressing need — a No. 1 center — is still a major issue. It’s what’s held the Habs back from really being Cup contenders.

With a cannon of a shot, Weber has helped the Habs maintain a strong power play, and was integral in the 2020-21 season — ranking among the best on the man advantage.

It comes down to having a No. 1 centre. It’s the piece the Habs have been missing for years and the reason why the club can’t beat the top Eastern Conference clubs when it matters the most. The Habs will have to address this while Price is still in the prime of his career. 

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