The Devils have barely even sniffed the playoffs for the past decade, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t trying. New Jersey had a busy offseason in 2022, one that’s potentially primed the franchise for success in the years that follow. If so, then New Jersey can at least return to prominence — and become a popular attraction at top-used NHL betting sites in the process.

If so, you’ll need to be ready. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to bet on New Jersey Devils. It’s packed to the brim with information that you’ll need when gambling — current New Jersey Devils betting odds, schedule, standings, and so much are. Give this a complete read before you make your next New Jersey Devils bet because we’re certain it’ll help you out!

2023 Devils roster

New Jersey Devils Next Regular Season Game

The Devils’ upcoming hockey game is listed below, along with the game’s betting lines. This is your soonest chance to put money down on the team. Be sure to check back here from time to time because it’s always updated with the latest lines and matchups.

My Team's Next MatchNew Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils Game Schedule

Take a look at the New Jersey Devils game schedule and pick out favorable matchups in advance, while also circling games you think will offer good returns. Every single regular season game — all 82 — is listed here.


Results / FixturesNew Jersey Devils

What Are The Current New Jersey Devils Standings

New Jersey plays in the loaded Eastern Conference, which makes its path in the Stanley Cup playoffs all the more difficult (if they even make it in). By looking at the standings below, you’ll get an idea of how the Devils stack up to conference foes — plus teams out West. Standings are updated in real-time so this widget is never out of date.

StandingsNew Jersey Devils

New Jersey Devils Online Betting Tips

New Jersey Devils betting

Given the recent changes the Devils have made, one would assume this won’t be the same New Jersey team of old. So you can probably throw out old statistics of the team (e.g. their ATS record against a division rival) and drop any preconceived notions you might have about them, as well. None of that means much anymore.

Instead, to give a more accurate idea of how the new-look Devils really are, you’ll actually have to watch games — that’s plural too. That’s because the more you watch New Jersey play, the more you’ll get an idea of where they’ve improved and where they haven’t. It takes games over months for these trends to play out and become tried-and-true patterns. Patterns or trends are where bets should originate from because they’re more likely to happen again than chance events.

New Jersey Devils Betting Odds

A few years ago, it probably would’ve been laughable to even consider New Jersey Devils betting odds to win championship. Now? It’s probably worth a deep look. But before you decide to bet on New Jersey Devils winning championship or not, gauge how the rest of the NHL is stacking up — particularly the Eastern Conference. That’ll have a massive effect on whether the Devils can truly get over the hump or not.

Elsewhere, New Jersey Devils bets on individual games will be available for all 82 games of the season — plus preseason or postseason (if they qualify). Between puck lines, over/unders, and props, you’ll have ample chances to bet on New Jersey Devils game.

How To Bet on the New Jersey Devils

For a one-stop shop for New Jersey Devils betting, hit one of the bookmakers featured in the table. All the sites you see here were carefully chosen due to their high sportsbook review ratings. We reviewed much of the online marketplace, but these bookies shined the most in the crowded field. Not only will you find all the New Jersey odds you can think of here, but you'll also get them at top-notch prices. You can even "shop lines" between the sites in case you find any discrepancies worth getting in on!

  • Who’s the coach of the New Jersey Devils?

    Lindy Ruff became the Devils’ head coach in 2020. Before this, Ruff long coached the Sabres and then the Stars.

  • How many championships did the New Jersey Devils win?

    New Jersey has claimed three Stanley Cup titles, all of which somewhat recently. The franchise won the Cup in 1995, 2000, and 2003.

  • How many times the New Jersey Devils made the playoffs?

    The Devils have qualified for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs on 23 different occasions. They debuted in the league in 1974 so that’s almost half of their entire tenure.

  • What’s the home arena of New Jersey Devils?

    The Prudential Center is home to the Devils’ and has been since opening its doors in 2007. More than $300 was sunk to open the arena at the time.

  • Who’s the owner of New Jersey Devils?

    The Devils are part of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment company, which also owns the NBA’s 76ers. Josh Harris is the company’s managing partner, thus has the final say on team matters for New Jersey.

  • What sportsbooks are available in New Jersey?

    New Jersey is a mecca for sports betting so your options here are vast. You can gamble at physical sportsbooks or go the online route such as offshore sites.

  • What is New Jersey Devils Twitter?

    Just type in New Jersey Devils onto Twitter and you’ll find the team account. It’s loaded with exclusive content about the team.