New York has two pro teams for every major sport. There’s always one team more popular, while the other is treated like the red-headed stepchild. The Islanders fall into the latter category. Most of New York City is enamored with the Madison Square Garden-playing Rangers, while the Islanders are all but forgotten— unless you live in Long Island. Despite this, one could argue the Islanders have been more successful than the Rangers.

Hey, this article isn’t about picking sides. No, we’re here to inform you about opportunities for New York Islanders betting — an overlooked aspect due to the Rangers hogging up the attention at popular NHL betting sites. We’ve put together this in-depth guide to bet on New York Islanders that includes current odds, standings, tips, and more to help you out. Keep reading for an expert look at what it takes to win New York Islanders bets more often than not!

New York Isles 2023

NY Islanders Next Regular Season Game

The NY Islanders’ next regular-season game is marked below. This widget updates in real time so don’t worry about it becoming dated. You’ll also find current betting odds for the next matchup here. If it changes, we’ll update it here too.

My Team's Next MatchNew York Islanders

NY Islanders Game Schedule

The NY Islanders game schedule listed below allows you to get out in front on matchups before game day approaches. Odds won’t be available until that matchup is next up, but regardless, having a full view of the team’s schedule is incredibly useful. Say you notice the Isles on a long homestand. That’s a possible opportunity where the team can go on a run.


Results / FixturesNew York Islanders

What Are The Current NY Islanders Standings

In many ways, New York Islanders betting odds to win championship — a very popular futures bet — hinge on their current standings, which you can see below. Playing in the Eastern Conference, the Isles have a lot of competition to even make the playoffs, little less go all the way to the Cup. See how New York is currently faring with the underneath standings, which are up to date.

StandingsNew York Islanders

New York Islanders Online Betting Tips

New York Islanders bets

Always, and we mean always, evaluate New York Islanders betting odds independently. Here’s a mistake we see repeated all too often — not just on the Isles, but the NHL in general. Bettors asses a game based on how each side performed against a common opponent. For instance, say the Islanders got smoked by the rival Devils. If New York were to face Boston, who beat the same New Jersey team recently, then a bettor would just assume the Bruins would roll to victory against the Isles.

Please, for the love of god, don’t think like that. This faulty thinking completely neglects to the role of matchups. Each team in the league, including New York, has different strengths and weaknesses. Against certain opponents, those strengths become superpowers if the team has a weakness toward it. So when you’re about to bet on New York Islanders game, weigh how they fare specifically to their opponent that day. This will set you up for success so much more than looking at results against completely-different teams.

New York Islanders Betting Odds

During the season, there are so many ways to get a New York Islanders bet in. Perhaps, too many actually because there is such a thing as information overload. One of the underrated qualities of successful bettors is selectivity. The best bettors can narrow their efforts to the most worthwhile betting opportunities. Bad bettors? They’re prone to spreading themselves too thin putting money on everything. So our advice to you is to pick your Isles battles wisely. Go after betting opportunities you love, not just like.

How to bet on the New York Islanders

We’ve given you everything you need to bet on the Isles minus one thing: a reliable sportsbook, one that can carry you from the preseason to the playoffs. But hey, we got that too! Per our latest sportsbook reviews, the sites you see listed in the table are most worthwhile for NHL bettors. Any one of them can effectively serve as a one-stop shop for Islanders betting. To get started at one, just hit the corresponding “play now” button. That will fast-track you into becoming a registered bettor. You’re just a few short minutes away from plunking down money on New York!