Despite the Senator’s convenient location — the capital city of Canada — the franchise has been stuck in reverse for a number of years now. On the ice, the team has strung together multiple seasons without a postseason berth. Off the ice, rumors about the ownership group have swirled. The team is for sale (actor Ryan Reynolds has even shown interest), the team might relocate, and so forth. But you know what? Opportunity presents itself in times of chaos, including betting ones.

That’s why we’ve created this entire page. Think of this as your comprehensive guide to bet on Ottawa Senators. As you scroll by, you’ll find betting odds, current standings, and expert betting tips. Combine all these together and you’ll be in a better position to capitalize off Ottawa Senators bets than your everyday person at popular NHL betting sites. It’s a hidden opportunity amongst all the chaos, believe us!

Senators 2023

Ottawa Senators Next Regular Season Game

You can find the next Senators game below, plus its current betting line. This widget is updated year-round to always feature Ottawa’s forthcoming matchup. Don’t bet off this line alone. But do weigh it as you begin researching the matchup.

My Team's Next MatchOttawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Game Schedule

All 82 games Ottawa plays this season are listed below. If the game has passed, you’ll see the result of it right there. These results might be useful to determine how to bet on an upcoming matchup involving the Senators.

Results / FixturesOttawa Senators

What Are The Current Ottawa Senators Standings

Part of the Senators’ recent struggles is due to playing in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. It’s fierce competition inside of it with teams like the Bruins, Habs, Lightning, and Maple Leafs, among others. So when looking at Ottawa’s standings below, also look for rival Atlantic teams. It’s these foes that the Senators must get through first before the thought of the playoffs is even worth thinking about.

StandingsOttawa Senators

Ottawa Senators Online Betting Tips

Every time you’re evaluating Ottawa Senators betting odds, you should be updating your “worldview” per se. A common mistake we see bettors make — whether it’s on Ottawa or another team — is they don’t update their opinions fast enough. Here’s a prime example: maybe two weeks ago you wager the Senators moneyline. Ottawa proceeds to get smoked by three goals and costs you money. Now you have a negative opinion of the team. This will influence the next Ottawa Senators bet you make (most likely, you’ll think the Senators are worse than they really are).

This is dangerous territory to wander as a bettor. How Ottawa played against a different team weeks ago rarely carries over in a completely separate game. The matchups are different. An injury might’ve been addressed or vice-versa. It’s just different, and bettors make the mistake of assuming things are the same. They are NOT. The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be. So be sure to do independent research for every matchup you’re betting.

Senators betting tips

Ottawa Senators Betting Odds

Ottawa Senators betting can be broken up into two categories. The difference between both is the time horizon of each bet. Category one is your day-to-day wagers on Senators games. Think puck line, moneyline, or over/unders. You won’t have to wait long for these bets to settle as you’ll know whether you won or lost by the end of the matchup.

That’s a stark contrast to a futures bet. In this category, betting outcomes aren’t decided until the end of the year. For example. Ottawa Senators betting odds to win championship is an example of this category. If you bet this in, say, November then you’ll be waiting a good six months for a payoff — in the unlikely event the Senators even win it all. Because of this long wait time, futures bets typically pay better .

How to bet on the Ottawa Senators

If you’ve read all the way to this point, then you’re one missing piece away from putting together this puzzle. The final piece? Having a trusted sportsbook that can handle your bet on Ottawa Senators game (or another in the NHL for that matter). You’ll find a bookmaker that checks that box in the table below. Every bookie you see here was carefully selected based on our latest sportsbook reviews. All five were top performers when it came to their NHL betting menus. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Senators' bet NOT carried at these bookies.

  • Who’s the coach of the Ottawa Senators?

    D.J. Smith is currently the Senators’ head coach — a position he’s been in since 2019 with little success. The “hot seat” could be getting warm in Ottawa, that’s for sure.

  • How many championships did the Ottawa Senators win?

    Zero. The Ottawa lost its only trip to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2007 to Anaheim.

  • How many times the Ottawa Senators made the playoffs?

    Since the team’s debut season in 1992, the Senators have qualified for the playoffs on 16 different occasions.

  • What’s the home arena of Ottawa Senators?

    The Canadian Tire Centre has been the site of Senators’ home games since the building opened its doors in 1996.

  • Who’s the owner of Ottawa Senators?

    Team owner Eugine Melnyk passed away in 2022. For now, the team is in control of his estate but there’s a belief the family is going to sell away the team.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Ontario?

    Ontario allows sports betting legally within state borders. However, we’re still big fans of using offshore betting sites due to their convenience and ease of use.

  • What is Ottawa Senators Twitter?

    The Ottawa Senators’ Twitter account is very follow-worthy thanks to all of its exclusive content. To find it, just search the team name on Twitter and you’ll quickly be met with the verified account (look for the blue checkmark badge).