Admittedly, the Flyers have hit a rough patch as of late. The team has finished near the bottom of the NHL standings for multiple years in a row, and the expectation is that continues. Maybe the only people that care about Philly right now are its hardcore fanbase, but that actually might be good for opportunistic bettors. Why? Because the Flyers are overlooked. There’s a chance for informed bettors to sweep in and make cash off the team at top NHL betting sites.

In this Philadelphia Flyers betting guide, that’s exactly what we’re trying to help you do. If you keep reading, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the team — its latest game odds, schedule, standings, and our own expert tips on winning Philadelphia Flyers bets. Put everything together and you could be a real threat to sportsbooks!

Philly Flyers 2023

Philadelphia Flyers Next Regular Season Game

The Flyers’ next game is marked below, along with the betting lines of that particular matchup. This is where you should begin your betting analysis. Don’t make a decision on these odds alone, but do make some early impressions of it. Then use research to solidify or change those opinions when actually betting.


My Team's Next MatchPhiladelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Game Schedule

The Philadelphia Flyers game schedule is where you can look ahead at matchups you might want to bet on. Bookies won’t release betting lines for a game until it’s the next one on the schedule, but regardless, you’re free to circle opportunities on the horizon. Thinking long-term about your bets is strongly advised.


Results / FixturesPhiladelphia Flyers

What Are The Current Philadelphia Flyers Standings

The Flyers compete in the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference. Other foes in this division include the Capitals, Hurricanes, Islanders, Penguins, and Rangers, among others. When looking at the standings below, don’t just see how Philly fares. You also want to consider how their divisional rivals are stacking up. These are the Flyers’ most immediate competition for playoff positioning.

StandingsPhiladelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Online Betting Tips

The Flyers may be uncompetitive now but things can change lightning-fast in the NHL. The big mistake many bettors make is not recognizing changes early enough, thus making betting decisions with outdated information. That usually doesn’t end well. So our big piece of advice to you when you bet on Philadelphia Flyers is to adapt. Evolution is the key to survival, and that definitely applies to sports betting.

For instance, Philadelphia might start off the season opener on a bad foot. That’s the expectation at least. But we wouldn’t bet that continues unchallenged for the rest of the 81 games of the season. Young teams like the Flyers are more prone to improvements from within. The team can also get on a hot streak that ups their mental confidence for a period. Those are just hypothetical examples of what can change the course of the team AND your Philadelphia Flyers bets. Point is, betting is not something where you ever want to “rest on your laurels.”

Flyers betting tips

Philadelphia Flyers Betting Odds

The vast majority of Philadelphia Flyers betting odds are tied to its individual games. These are your “traditional” bet types like puck lines, moneylines, and over/unders. With 82 games in the season — not including the preseason or possible playoff matchups — that’s a whole lot of betting chances from October to April.

There are also futures bets, but that’s probably not worth looking into, not with this team. A bet on Philadelphia Flyers winning championship is an example of a futures bet. You can throw money on there if you’d like, but the team’s odds are horrendous right now for a reason.

How to bet on the Philadelphia Flyers

Tired of just reading about betting on the Flyers? Ready to actually bet on Philadelphia Flyers game? Here’s where you should go next: one of the bookmakers listed in the underneath table. We’ve hand-picked these bookies because they’re top-rated in our newest sportsbook review section. You’ll not only find a wide array of Flyers odds at these sites but the lines are offered at bettor-friendly prices too. See for yourself by clicking on the links in the table.