Sid “The Kid” Crosby is closer to 40 years old than 30. He’s still one of the best players in the league, but alas, he’s not getting any younger. It’s fair to assume that the Penguins’ championship window is all but closed. Crosby has already delivered three Stanley Cup trophies to Pittsburgh, but earning a fourth — and perhaps a storybook ending — has always been brought up. Whether it happens or doesn’t, one thing is for sure: bettors will be watching closely for it at popular NHL betting sites.

Sid Crosby

That’s why you want to be armed with the latest information to bet on Pittsburgh Penguins. It’ll make you a threat to win more Pittsburgh Penguins bets than not. We’re providing all that and more below. So bookmark this page because it’s your one-stop shop for Penguins betting.

Pittsburgh Penguins Next Regular Season Game

“Take it one game at a time” — how many times have you heard that? Welp, there’s some truth to it. That’s why we’ve listed the Pens’ next game in the widget below. You’ll find the betting odds of that game right there too. Don’t pick a side yet, but you can start your research using this information.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Game Schedule

All 82 games the Pens are slated to play are marked below. If the game has passed, you’ll see the result right there. Odds for matchups aren’t available until that game is next up. You can use the full schedule to circle games you might want to throw money on. Long-term thinking is good in betting, trust us.

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What Are The Current Pittsburgh Penguins Standings

Making the playoffs has been the norm for Pittsburgh during the Crosby era. However, there are no guarantees — especially given how strong the Eastern Conference is. You can see how the Pens are tracking to finish in the conference below. The standings you see are up to date at all times.

StandingsPittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Online Betting Tips

Pittsburgh Pens 2023 team

Crosby isn’t the only Penguins player that’s up against “Father Time.” Some of the team’s core — that won back-to-back Stanley Cup titles in 2016 and 2017 — is still in the mix, and yes, they’re getting older too. What commonly happens with older players is not just regression, but quick regression. They could start the season on a tear, but six months later near the end of the season, “the wheels fall off.” The wear and tear can catch up and render them less effective on the ice big time. We’re not saying that’ll happen to Pittsburgh, but it’s plausible.

As a bettor, it’s on you to recognize possible regressions (or even improvements). The earlier you can identify them, the bigger advantage you’ll have when Pittsburgh Penguins betting. Trust us, once internal team changes are well known to the public, then the oddsmakers will reflect this situation in the betting odds. But when it’s early, there’s a lag in the lines — that’s your opportunity to make a killing. So keep your eyes peeled and watch the Penguins on a game-to-game basis. If you see a repeated pattern of things, it’s fair to assume this is the new norm.

Pittsburgh Penguins betting odds

The Pittsburgh Penguins betting odds to win championship remains a popular choice among bettors — this despite repeated first-round playoff exits from the franchise. Part of that is the “halo effect” of having a recognizable player like Crosby. This is just our opinion but in order for that bet to cash, the Penguins will have to go younger. That’s where improvements will come from, young players not the older ones.

Outside of these futures bets, the vast majority of Pittsburgh Penguins betting odds will revolve around games the team plays. It’s these wagers — puck lines, moneylines, and over/unders — where the big money is made. It’s just a numbers game with 82 games in a regular season. Compare that to one Stanley Cup winner all year, and there’s no comparison between the betting volume.

How to bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins

If you’ve carefully analyzed the information on this page, you’re ready to bet on Pittsburgh Penguins game. Trust us, you are. Most bettors don’t even research their wagers, little less read guides like this one. Piece everything we’ve shared with you today and park your money at one of the sportsbooks listed below. According to our unbiased sportsbook reviews, these sites are among the “best of the best” the industry has to offer. Think of ‘em as the Sidney Crosby’s of online betting sites. Hit one of the “play now” buttons to get started right away. You’re literally a few minutes away from putting down a Pittsburgh Penguins bet through these sites.