All these years later, Alex Ovechkin is STILL the face of the franchise that drafted him first overall back in 2004. Capitals’s winger Ovechkin is both approaching 40 years old and the Wayne Gretzky’s all-time goal-scored mark, which remains a focus point with Washington, for better or worse. Better because, well, Ovechkin is a betting attraction at top NHL betting sites — especially as he nears Gretzky’s mark. Worse because Washington is constantly one of the league’s oldest squads.

Alex OvechkinThis dichotomy has willed us into creating this in-depth Washington Capitals betting guide. Schedules, standings, current Washington Capitals betting odds — it’s all here and it’ll all help you when throwing money on this team. Keep reading to get all the must-know information needed to bet on Washington Capitals.

Washington Capitals Next Regular Season Game

The next chance to bet on the Caps is listed below. You’ll always find the most upcoming matchup in this widget, along with the game’s betting odds so check back when you’re in the betting mood.

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Washington Capitals Game Schedule

Have a look down the road to see what games pique your attention on the Capital’s schedule. We’ve listed all 82 regular-season games here for your convenience. Use the Caps’ complete schedule to map out any future bets and/or plan future betting opportunities.

Results / FixturesWashington Capitals

What Are The Current Washington Capitals Standings

If the Caps want to claim another Stanley Cup trophy, they’ll have to survive an always-competitive Eastern Conference. You can see where they stand against those teams by checking out the standings below.

StandingsWashington Capitals

Washington Capitals Online Betting Tips

Since winning the Stanley Cup in 2018, the Capitals haven’t turned over its roster all that much. They’ve kept many of the pieces that landed them its one and only championship, though all those pieces are much older now. What’s resulted is several years of middling performance from the team — which has been conducive for Washington Capitals bets. Why? Because that’s given the team a measure of predictability, which makes things all the easier for bettors.

However, there’s zero guarantee that will continue. It’s on you to watch the team closely and look for any signs of potential change — more regression from its older players? A new hotshot player arriving and in a position to take the mantle from Ovechkin? Any one of these, if not both simultaneously, can force you to update your strategy to bet on Washington Capitals game. The earlier you realize these changes, the more of an “edge” you’ll have when making a Washington Capitals bet.

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Washington Capitals Betting Odds

A unique aspect of betting on the Capitals is the presence of Ovechkin. You’ll find a host of prop bets around him given his superstar status. That will become even more apparent the closer he inches to Gretzky’s record. Ovechkin props can be lucrative, especially since these betting markets are less “mature” than say, puck lines and over/unders. Speaking of which, those types of bets will be readily available on every single Capitals game. And given the 82-game slate, that’s a whole lot of betting chances.

How To Bet On The Washington Capitals

If you’ve read all the way to here, you’ve spent a fair share of time reading about Capitals betting. But reading alone isn’t going to make you money. No, no you actually have to “walk the talk” and put real money down on the team. You can easily do so by visiting one of the bookmakers listed underneath. In the table below, we’ve featured several top-rated bookies. You can read our latest sportsbook reviews to compare and contrast each one, which will give you a better idea of what bookmaker is right for you. We won’t make that decision for you, but trust us, you’ll be able to freely bet on the Capitals at any one of ‘em.