What Are The Current NHL Playoff Standings

Here you will find located the up to date NHL playoff standings, with the status of each series as it has progressed to this point and what is to come going forward. [+]

Study the results carefully, and trends will reveal themselves. Is one team begining to take control? Has the home team been carrying the day? Is a hot goalie stealing a series from a favored club?

Much of the lore of the Stanley Cup has been written around the rise of a relatively unknown netminder who comes out of the shadows to glow in the spotlight of playoff hockey. Some, like Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy, go on to Hall of Fame careers.

Others, like Steve Penney and Mike Moffat, fade just as quickly back into the woodwork. But like pitching in baseball, goaltending will dictate the outcome of most every series. Recognize the money goaltenders at work and put your wagers on their teams.


NHL Legends Are Made In The Playoffs

They say that a player hasn't acheived greatness until his name is inscribed on the Stanley Cup. Every legendary NHL player, whether it be Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby or a newcomer to the league like Connor McDavid, would trade all of the individual honors in a New York minute for a chance at an inscription on the bowl of Lord Stanley's mug.

It's the only trophy that bears the names of everyone who has won it. And unlike other trophies, the Stanley Cup that's presented each spring to the NHL champions is the same trophy. They don't create a new one each season like the NBA, NFL and MLB do. 

Each player on a Cup-winning team gets to spend a day with the Cup during the off-season. After winning 16 games of the most demanding hockey that's played, they've more than earned the right to celebrate with Stanley.

Where Can I Bet On NHL Playoffs Online 

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