Anaheim has one of the more interesting “origin stories”, not only among the 32 NHL franchises but in all of American sports. The team was founded in the early ‘90s by Disney, off the back of the movie The Mighty Ducks. The movie is about a struggling hockey team that turns things around to win a championship — a story that mimics the franchise’s own plight (after years of real-life struggles, the team captured its first and only Stanley Cup title in 2007).

Anaheim Ducks betting

Because of this unique history, it seems like everyone has an opinion on Anaheim, including bettors at popular NHL betting sites. We’ve made this guide to bet on Anaheim Ducks with those same bettors in mind. You’re about to get everything you need to be successful at Anaheim Ducks bets — up-to-date game schedule, latest odds, and yes, our own betting advice. Bookmark this page and re-reference it the next time you want to bet on Anaheim Ducks game.

Anaheim Ducks Next Regular Season Game

In betting, all you can really ever do is take it one game at a time. The widget below is the living embodiment of that because it features the next Ducks game. We update this widget year-round so you’re always aware of what the next betting opportunity is with the team.


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Anaheim Ducks Game Schedule

Underneath you’ll find the entire Ducks schedule. We’d urge you to use it to plan your bets over the long term. Look for opportunities in the schedule now such as long homestands or road trips. If you find something you like, “circle it on the calendar” per se.

Results / FixturesAnaheim Ducks

What Are The Current Anaheim Ducks Standings

The Anaheim Ducks compete in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. We’d pay close attention to how fellow divisional teams are faring as these are the foes the Ducks are directly competing with. Standings seen below are always current based on most recent results.


StandingsAnaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks Online Betting Tips

If you’re reading this Anaheim Ducks betting guide, there’s a strong chance you have a rooting interest in this team. If so, this is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you probably know more about Anaheim, both the good and bad, than the typical bettor. That’s information that makes you a more informed bettor and decision-maker. But the curse is, well, you’re more emotionally invested in betting on this team.

More times than not, emotions are more bad than good when it comes to betting. If you’re an optimistic person, you’ll think the Ducks are better than they really are. And the vice-versa applies if you’re pessimistic. Either of those scenarios makes your otherwise informed opinions about the team now skewed. While it may be impossible for you to be completely emotion-free when it comes to Anaheim, you have to at least be cognizant when emotions are overinfluencing your betting decision. Doing so can save you a pretty penny over the long haul.

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Anaheim Ducks Betting Odds

Anaheim Ducks betting odds will be abundant over the season. That’s a reflection of how many games there is, 82, and that’s not even including possible playoff games if the Ducks advance. You’ll find odds on individual Anaheim games, as well as season-long outcomes such as Anaheim Ducks betting odds to win championship.

While you could realistically make an Anaheim Ducks bet every single day while the season is ongoing, you also don’t want to overbet. Overbet means throwing money on anything and everything just because you can. Instead, “pick your battles” wisely and target only the most opportunistic of Anaheim wagers.

How to bet on the Anaheim Ducks

If you’ve read everything on this page then you’re more than ready to bet on the Ducks — that is, if you have a reliable sportsbook already. If you don’t, consider one of the betting sites we’ve featured in the underneath table. All the sites listed received high marks in our latest sportsbook reviews so your money is in good hands. You’ll be hard-pressed to NOT find a betting line for the Ducks at these bookies.

  • Who’s the coach of the Anaheim Ducks?

    Dallas Eakins is the Ducks’ head coach, a position he’s held since 2019. Before this, he was also the Oilers’ head coach for two seasons.

  • How many championships did the Anaheim Ducks win?

    2007 remains the high point of Anaheim’s run in the NHL. That season, they topped Ottawa in the Stanley Cup Finals, bringing its first and last championship to the franchise.

  • How many times the Anaheim Ducks made the playoffs?

    Over the Duck’s 30-year history in the league, they’ve qualified for the playoffs on 14 different occasions.

  • What’s the home arena of Anaheim Ducks?

    All Ducks’ home games are played at the Honda Center, which was previously called The Pond. The arena first opened its doors in 1993.

  • Who’s the owner of Anaheim Ducks?

    For the past fourteen years, Henry Samueli has owned the Anaheim Ducks. He’s the one that bought the franchise from Disney.

  • What sportsbooks are available in California?

    California is very anti-sports betting. The practice remains banned within state borders, however, you could always use an offshore betting site to skirt the rules.

  • What is Anaheim Ducks Twitter?

    Simply search “Anaheim Ducks” in Twitter’s search bar and you’ll quickly find the team account. It’s a good follow if we do say so ourselves.