There is a lot of parity in today’s NHL, which makes what the Chicago Blackhawks have done even more impressive. As close to a dynasty as we’ll get in the modern NHL, the Blackhawks are replete with talent at every position. Jonathan Toews, at 22 years of age, was the second youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup when his Blackhawks defeated the Flyers in 2009-10. He has since added another two Stanley Cup triumphs to his tally. [+]

He usually saves his best for the playoffs, often spearheading the Blackhawks attack. Toews isn’t merely relied on for his offensive output, as the captain also kills most penalties and is heavily counted on for his two-way play. Toews is expected to win crucial faceoffs, both in the offensive and defensive end, night in and night out.

Toews is not the Windy City’s only superstar, as linemate Patrick Kane has shared the offensive responsibilites with the captain.  

Kane was drafted first overall by the Blackhawks in 2007 and has rewarded Chicago for the faith they showed in him. These two players have formed the bedrock for Chicago and transformed the Blackhawks almost overnight, placing them amongst the pundits’ favorites to win the cup each and every year. 

Both superstars are in their late 20s, a startling statistic considering both have already won three Cups and look to win more. With another five years of top-quality hockey left, the Blackhawks could go on to win at least one or two more cups before the dynamic duo considers retirement.

Defensemen Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook solidify Chicago’s back end. Keith and Seabrook log a lot of ice and are called upon in every situation, whether shorthanded or on the powerplay. 


Chicago Blackhawks Next Regular Season Game

Want to know what team the Blackhawks face next? Don’t forget to pay close attention to the game odds as you’ll want to jump on the best price possible. [+]

Considering the Hawks almost-perpetual status as favorites, try to find the games when they might be thought of as marginal underdogs. Games against divisional opponents St. Louis, Minnesota, Dallas and Nashville are sure to be hotly contested and might offer the best moneyline odds. And surprisingly, the Winnipeg Jets have had Chicago’s number in recent years.


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Chicago Blackhawks Game Schedule

As one of the league’s elite teams, Chicago is expected to win almost every time they hit the ice. Unfortunately, though, the Blackhawks play in the most competitive division.  [+]

More than 20 per cent of the Blackhawks games are againt other Stanley Cup contenders. The Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota Wild and Nashville Predators each play Chicago six times during any given campaign. You can expect Chicago to lose as many as they win against Central Division opponents. Keep this in mind when formulating your Chicago Blackhawks betting strategy. 

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What Are The Current Chicago Blackhawks Standings

Expect the Blackhawks to make the playoffs every season. But don’t expect division titles as regularly. The Central Division is stacked, putting pressure on Chicago to always perform well.  [+]

Keep an eye on the standings as they will fluctuate a lot during an NHL season. The Hawks might go from first to third in the matter of a few hours so pay close attention to see if the game lines change as often. 

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Chicago Blackhawks Online Betting Tips

Are the Chicago Blackhawks playing against a Pacific Division opponent in their next game? If so, put a bulk of money on the Hawks to win. And while you’re at it, put some cash down on the over, too. The Blackhawks are utterly dominant against the Pacific Division, losing only three out of 21 games in regulation during the 2015-16 season. 

Chicago also run riot over Atlantic Division teams, going 12-3-1 in those encounters. You’ll have to put a lot of cash down to make a decent return, but it’s well worth it. It’s very unlikely they’ll lose, so if they do, don’t get too frustrated and double down next time they face a team from the Atlantic Division. You’re bound to win your money back and then some. 

The Blackhawks surprisingly don’t match up well against the Metropolitan Division, nor do they enjoy games against their Central Division rivals of late. Chicago wins fewer games than they lose in these games, which could spur on a bet in the opposition’s favor. If you are going to bet against the Blackhawks, do so when they play away from home. 

We can’t help you much on whether to bet on the over or under in Blackhawks games as it depends purely on who they’re playing. Again, if they are playng a Pacific or Atlantic Division team bet the over. They love scoring goals against teams from those divisions. 

A futures bet is always on the cards for the Chicago Blackhawks. With players like Kane, Toews, Seabrook and Keith, the team from the Windy City is always likely to make a push for Lord Stanley’s mug.

Bet for Kane and Toews to come up big in the playoffs and regular season. Toews, taking his captain status to heart, usually performs better in the playoffs and leads their offense in most noteworthy categories. 

Where Can I Bet On Chicago Blackhawks Online 

Now that you’re ready to bet on the Chicago Blackhawks you’ll want to know where to spend your hard-earned dollars. Below is a list of the best online sportsbooks around, so jump in both feet and enjoy the fruits of your betting labor.