When the team from the Big D ran with the big boys at the top of the NHL in the late 1990s, the Dallas Stars did so by virtue of their big D. Yes, those Stars suited future Hall of Fame scorers such as Brett Hull and Mike Modano but they won by locking it down defensively and playing tight-checking, low-scoring games. Today’s Stars prefer to shine in an entirely different manner. Loaded with lethal weapons up front and armed at the back with mobile, puck-moving defenders, thanks to their depth of talented scorers they come at the opposition in waves. [+]

At times the Stars resemble an NBA team on skates with their run and gun style of attack. While it might seem a style that’s counter intuitive to the way most NHL teams prefer to play the game today, it’s worked effectively for the Stars. After missing the playoffs in six of the previous seven seasons, their up-tempo brand of hockey took the Stars all the way to the top of the Central Division in 2015-16.

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If you like offense, if you like teams that attack the game, then the Dallas Stars are the team for you. If you like seeing red lights illuminate at both ends of the rink, then the Stars are the team for you. If you like betting the over, then the Stars are the team for you.


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Dallas Stars Game Schedule

This is the Dallas Stars game schedule. Know it like the back of your hand if wagering on Dallas Stars games is part of your future plans. The hot and steamy Dallas climate can give the team a significant home-ice advantage and should always be a factor under consideration by the hockey bettor.

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What Are The Current Dallas Stars Standings

Here you will find located the up to date Dallas Stars standings, a very useful tool to those looking to wager on Dallas Stars games. There is no deeper, more competitive division in the NHL than the Central Division and because of that, the order of positions can change on a nightly basis. [+]

For years, the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues have proven to be powers in this group, while the Nashville Predators and Minnesota Wild are just off that pace. The young Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avanlache can prove a handful on any night and recently, the Stars hove hovered between that group into the upper tier of the division. 

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Dallas Stars Online Betting Tips

Loaded with potent scorers and limited by suspect goaltending, the Stars opt to get around their shortcomings by maximizing their strong points. It might not mesh with the way the game is viewed today and it could even be a strategy that won’t work in the playoffs, but boy is it fun to watch.

Dallas tends to look to outscore teams, so watch for games against tired teams playing a string of games in a short span of time, or nearing the end of the lengthy road trip, who might been mentally fatigued and ripe for a one-sided setback.

The Dallas Stars play in perhaps the most unique climate of any current NHL team. The heat and humidity in Dallas can sap the strength from visitors, even world-class athletes.

Walk outdoors from your cool, air-conditoned hotel into the pulsating warmth of the city and if you’re not used to it, you’ll feel as if someone just poured a bucket of fire on you. This firestorm of intense heat is at it’s most punishing in the early spring, when the most important hockey games of the year are played, the Stanley Cup playoffs. The dehumidfying systems utilized by the NHL during playoff games was originally designed with Dallas in mind. Talk about a home-ice advantage.

Dallas Stars History 

The Stars began life as the Minnesota North Stars during the 1967 expansion that doubled the NHL in size from six to 12 teams and immediately made noise. During the 1968 playoffs, Stars forward Bill Goldsworthy led the Stanley Cup scoring race even though the Stars were eliminated at the semi-final stage.

In 1971 the Stars beat the Montreal Canadiens to become the first expansion team to defeat an Original Six club in a Stanley Cup playoff game. The Stars played in the 1981 and 1991 Stanley Cup final.

The team relocated to Dallas in 1993 and soon became an NHL power, reaching consecutive Stanley Cup finals in 1998-99 and 1999-2000, winning it all in 1999 on Brett Hull’s infamous in the crease overtime goal against the Buffalo Sabres.

After some lean years in the early 2000s, the Stars, now a high-powered offensive team, are once again running with the big dogs in the NHL.

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Now that you know all there is to know about the Dallas Stars, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and place a wager. Below, you’ll find the best online sportsbooks around.