The Oilers might have the best one-two punch in the entire league. In fact, it’s hard to argue they don’t. Its two star players — Connor McDavid’s and Leon Draisaitl — have each won the Hart Trophy in recent years. Not only is this high-scoring duo must-watch television, they’re must-bet attractions too. Seriously, there’s worse teams to follow along for your bets in the NHL than a high-flying Edmonton team.

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If you want to pair making money with high entertainment value, then you’ll have to get comfortable with Edmonton Oilers bets — no ifs, ands, or butts about it. If you need some help in that regard, we’ve created this all-in-one Edmonton Oilers betting guide to assist. The more time you spend on this page, familiarizing yourself with all things related to the club, the more information you’ll be armed with the next time you bet on Edmonton Oilers. Stick with us if you want the must-know details about betting (and winning) with this team!

Edmonton Oilers Next Regular Season Game

The Oilers’ next matchup, along with the game odds, can be seen below. Lines might change in the lead-up to the matchup based on injuries or gambling volume across popular NHL betting sites. Nonetheless, don’t expect drastic changes more often than not.

My Team's Next MatchEdmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers Game Schedule

The Oilers’ schedule is below — all 82 games of the regular season are listed. Of course, you don’t want to (and shouldn’t) bet on every single game of theirs. But you can use the schedule below to pinpoint possible opportunities on the horizon. Forming a long-term betting strategy is an underrated part of success.

Results / FixturesEdmonton Oilers

What Are The Current Edmonton Oilers Standings

In recent years, the Western Conference hasn’t been as “top heavy” as the Eastern Conference. If that remains the case, then Edmonton might have a clear path to the Stanley Cup Finals. You can track all of this with the standings below. It lists all 32 teams so you have a real-time view of how the Oilers stack up league-wide.


StandingsEdmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers Online Betting Tips

Both McDavid and Draisaitl are capable of finishing No. 1 and No. 2 in goals scored over a given season, so long as both stay healthy. Because of this scoring potential, oddsmakers tend to put the Oilers over/under higher than most other teams. Getting six goals on this Edmonton Oilers betting odds is commonplace. Our piece of advice is to not blindly bet the over, despite the Oilers’ dynamic duo. Consistently scoring at that pace is tough, especially if Edmonton is playing a team that’s offensively anemic or just ice-cold as of late.

This goes for any Edmonton Oilers bet, or another team for that matter, you don’t want to wager on reputation alone. That’s a one-way ticket to losing more often than not. Really take the time to research each game you’re putting money on. Momentum is a real thing in sports and you want to be keen on how Edmonton — and its opponent — is trending going into a matchup. More often than not, recent games tell you more about a team than a matchup that’s months old.

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Edmonton Oilers Betting Odds

Both McDavid and Draisaitl are under the age of 30. If the two can stay together, the Oilers have multiple years to really make a run while the pair are in their prime. For this reason, we would pay attention to the Edmonton Oilers betting odds to win championship.

Of course, the two can’t win it alone. Edmonton’s front office has to put together a real supporting cast — which they’ve neglected to do in recent seasons. Before betting on Edmonton title futures, we’d look out for how the rest of the roster is shaking out outside of those two.

How To Bet On the Edmonton Oilers

The last thing you need to bet on Edmonton Oilers game is a reliable sportsbook. If you need one, then look no further than the list of bookmakers underneath. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of ‘em. All of them are rated high in our updated sportsbook reviews. All offer a bevy of betting odds on the NHL. All have top-notch betting experiences that go beyond just sports. Reference the table below to get started. Just hit the “play now” buttons to get fast-tracked into betting on Edmonton!

  • Who’s the coach of the Edmonton Oilers?

    Jay Woodcroft took the reigns of the Oilers in 2021. This is his first-ever head coaching gig.

  • How many championships did the Edmonton Oilers win?

    All five of the Oilers’ Stanley Cup trophies came between 1984 and 1990. That dominant stretch remains a high point in franchise lore.

  • How many times the Edmonton Oilers made the playoffs?

    Since the team’s first season in 1979, Edmonton has advanced to the postseason 24 different times.

  • What’s the home arena of Edmonton Oilers?

    Opened in 2016, Rodgers Place is where the Oilers play home games nowadays. The brand-new arena replaced the famed Northlands Coliseum.

  • Who’s the owner of Edmonton Oilers?

    Daryl Katz is the Oilers’ owner. After many failed attempts at buying the franchise, Katz finally was successful in 2008.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Alberta?

    The province of Alberta indeed has legal sports betting. But our favorite option to gamble is still offshore betting sites due to their sheer convenience.

  • What is Edmonton Oilers Twitter?

    Yes, the Oilers are on Twitter and yes, they are very active. Search them on Twitter and the official team-run account will pop up pretty quickly.