Playing in one of the biggest markets in the world means the Kings are uber popular choices at top NHL betting sites. They also had their fair share of success in the ‘10s decade, which has only helped their popularity at sportsbooks.

This is why we felt compelled to write an in-depth guide to Los Angeles Kings betting. We’ve packed it with everything you need to know — schedules, standings, current Los Angeles Kings betting odds, and so forth. Collectively, all this information will make you a better bettor when it comes to LA. We suggest bookmarking this page and re-visiting each time you’re ready to make Los Angeles Kings bets.

LA Kings 2023 roster

Los Angeles Kings Next Regular Season Game

The upcoming LA Kings game is listed below. We update this widget around-the-clock so you can count on it being up to date. You can also find the game’s betting odds right here.


My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings Game Schedule

Take a gander at the Los Angeles Kings full schedule underneath — all 82 games. It’s important to have this schedule so you can plot ahead. There might be a point in the season when LA becomes a more worthwhile betting opportunity. Perhaps it’s when they have a long homestand or vice-versa, a grueling road trip. You can mark those games on the calendar now and save your betting funds for when they roll around.

Results / FixturesLos Angeles Kings

What Are The Current Los Angeles Kings Standings

You can see the Kings’ pecking order across the entire NHL via the standings below. Here, you’ll see how they stack up against all 31 teams. However, it’s more important how they fare against fellow Western Conference foes since this is who they’ll be jockeying for playoff positioning with. This information is especially useful when betting futures such as Los Angeles making the playoffs or even Stanley Cup Finals.

StandingsLos Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings Online Betting Tips

LA Kings betting advice

This betting tip not only applies to the Kings but the rest of the 31 NHL teams. Heck, it goes for completely different sports leagues too. The advice is this: always — and we mean always — update your betting philosophies. While you should have a few core principles that guide you, much of your philosophy should be subject to change. That’s because sports change and bettors have to adapt alongside it.

Who the Kings are on day one of the season will not be who they are come April — perhaps for better or perhaps worse. Injuries will arise. Certain players will improve or regress. The team’s confidence will ebb and flow. It’s on you as a bettor to keep tabs on these changes and update your bets accordingly. So what the Kings beat the Ducks earlier this season. If it’s two best players are hurt the next time they play, then the game result could be different. That’s one hypothetical example, but many more like that will influence betting outcomes all season long.

Los Angeles Kings Betting Odds

The Los Angeles Kings betting odds to win championship have never been quite as high as they were in the early to mid-2010s — when the franchise claimed two Stanley Cup titles. Still, a future bet like that is worth looking into with this franchise due to its high, one-time payout.

While you’ll have to wait all season long to see if that futures bet hits, you can get an almost daily dose of Kings bets during the regular season. There are 82 games during the year, which means you can bet on Los Angeles Kings plenty and often during the season. Moneylines, puck lines, over/under, and props will be available during each of the 82 games.

How To Bet On The Los Angeles Kings

Ready to bet on Los Angeles Kings game? You should be if you’ve read this entire betting guide (without skipping any parts). Now is the time to take action on all this information we’ve given you on a silver platter. Hit one of the bookmakers features in the underneath table and begin placing Kings bets at your own disposal. The table lists up-to-date sportsbook reviews and details on bonus offers, which should make it easier for you when deciding which site to use. Hit one of the “play now” buttons to get started. You’re literally a few clicks away from making your next Los Angeles Kings bet.

  • Who’s the coach of the Los Angeles Kings?

    Since 2019, Todd McLellan has been the Kings’ head coach. Before this, he held the same positions with the Sharks and Oilers.

  • How many championships did the Los Angeles Kings win?

    The franchise’s first-ever Stanley Cup title came in 2012. Another ring followed two years later bringing the Kings title toll to two.

  • How many times the Los Angeles Kings made the playoffs?

    LA has qualified for the postseason 31 times since its debut season in 1967. So they’ve made the playoffs about 55 percent of the time during its history.

  • What’s the home arena of Los Angeles Kings?

    The Kings play home games at the recently renamed Crypto .com Arena. They share the facility with the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers franchises.

  • Who’s the owner of Los Angeles Kings?

    The Kings are co-owned by Philip Anschutz and Ed Roski Jr.

  • What sportsbooks are available in California?

    California has banned sports betting within state borders. However, you can dodge those rules by using an offshore betting site.

  • What is Los Angeles Kings Twitter?

    The Kings are very active on Twitter and definitely worth a follow. Search Los Angeles Kings into the platform’s search bar and they’ll quickly appear.