They lovingly call the town where the Nashville Predators play “Smashville” and for years, that’s what the Predators were known for – destruction. When they joined the NHL as an expansion franchise in 1998, the Predators built their gameplan around work ethic, hard checking and a tight defensive scheme. It allowed them to be competitive most nights and through the years, general manager David Poile kept that defensive mantra in place by stockpiling sensational netminders and stellar blue liners through the NHL entry draft. [+]

The problem was that while it kept the Predators in the hunt for a playoff spot most years, the need to play low-scoring, defensive-minded hockey made it difficult for Nashville to made any moves up the hockey ladder, as they struggled to find a path past more balanced teams with skill during the post season.

Lately though, the Predators have taken on a new style and a more well-rounded look, with the skill set to play an up-tempo brand of hockey. They can still beat you 2-1 or 3-2, but don’t be surprised if they post a 7-2 victory.

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The Predators have taken on a new mentality in terms of playing a more open style of play but even that aspect is buit around a sextet of quality puck-moving, mobile defenders.


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Situated in the deep, talented NHL Central Division, the Nashville Predators game schedule is filled with land mines. The Chicago Blackhawks are perenial contenders and the St. Louis Blues are right there every season, and the Minnesota Wild have emerged as a legitimate contender. [+]

The Dallas Stars have climbed back into elite status and while they might be a step below the big dogs in the division, the Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche are loaded with young talent and will be a tough out any night. And that’s just within the division. Take into account the number of elite teams in the Pacific Division as well and there aren’t going to be many easy games on tap for the Predators.

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Here is where you will find the Nashville Predators standings and this is always a fountain of information for anyone interested in betting on Predators games. [+]

With so many top-notch teams housed with the NHL’s Central Division, the ups and downs among this group will be frequent. Containing numerous elements within their overall package – brick-wall netminding, deep, mobile defenders who are equally skilled with or without the puck and a long list of forwards capable of making plays and lighting the red lamp, the Predators are more likely to go on long winning streaks than they are to endure a losing skid of any length.

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Behind Nashville’s mobile defense, there is goaltending capable of stealing games, but with Nashville’s new-found emphasis on offense, stealing games is no longer the only way the Predators can emerge victorious. Along with their sensational defense, the Predators can now play an attacking style thanks to a number of young forwards with high end skill and the ability to put the puck in the net.            

From the outset, the Nashville Predators were assembled around a foundation of solid defensive play. They built from the net out, loaded up on stellar defensemen in the draft and tried to play close to the vest hockey every night.

The problem with this formula was that too often the Predators turned into the prey. Defensive hockey is predicated around playing with the lead, and if Nashville were caught chasing the game, the Predators looked more like a puppy chasing its tail. 

The Preadtors, while still paying attention to sound defense, are armed with enough skilled players to operate under a more attacking style of hockey.

It gives them various options, and while it hasn’t yet produced any deep playoff runs for the team, from a wagering standpoint at least you know know it’s possible to bet the over when the Predators are in action.

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Now you know more than enough to make some money betting on the Nashville Predators so have a gander below and pick the sportsbook that is right for you.