The Sharks are in a somewhat weird position. Most would say they’re rebuilding, but it’s also not painfully obvious that’s the case. San Jose hasn’t COMPLETELY gutted its team — which would be a clear signal they’re aiming for draft picks above everything else. But at the same time, they’re not trying to improve the team either. The takeaway? The Sharks will likely be bad for the foreseeable future, but also not league-worst bad.

But as a bettor, you should be smiling ear to ear if that in fact happens. Why, you ask? Because their is nothing more conducive to San Jose Sharks betting than a measure of predictability. If the team plays predictable bad, then you’ll have ample opportunity to make a killing at top NHL betting sites. With that possibility in mind, we’ve created this in-depth guide to bet on San Jose Sharks. Keep reading for all the must-know info about betting AND making money off this franchise.

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San Jose Sharks Next Regular Season Game

If you can’t wait any longer to bet on the Sharks, then you need to check the widget below. This lists the team’s next game on the schedule, along with the betting line for it. We’re updating this widget year-round s check back here from time to time.

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San Jose Sharks Game Schedule

Check out San Jose’s full 82-game schedule below. If we were you, we’d circle games on the calendar that might be of betting interest to you. Are the Sharks playing a team they’ve had a lot of recent success against? Maybe that trend is worth riding in the next matchup. That’s one hypothetical example of how to use the schedule, but there are plenty more.

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What Are The Current San Jose Sharks Standings

If the Sharks want to even think about the playoffs, they’ll first need to take care of business against the likes of the Golden Knights, Kings, and Oilers. This is San Jose’s main competition in the Pacific Division most years. Standings can be found below. Through these, it’s easy to see where the Sharks stack up against the whole league.

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San Jose Sharks Online Betting Tips

Any time you bet on San Jose Sharks game, you need to be doing fresh research on the matchup. The keyword in the prior sentence is fresh. We see this mistake all too often: assuming an NHL team stays 100 percent consistent year-round. This neglects to account for the natural ebbs and flows of an NHL season — injuries, cold and hot streaks, coaching adjustments, and so forth. Who the Sharks are in a game in November is most likely not who they’ll be come a mid-February game, for better or worse.

Even if the Sharks are bad, as most anticipate, the level of badness will fluctuate. The best gauge to see where the team is trending is recent results. Say San Jose has dropped five in a row. At that point, team morale is likely down and it would be smart to account for that in San Jose Sharks bets. That’s an example scenario, but you get what we mean right? Be updating your opinions on the Sharks often because your money spends on it.

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San Jose Sharks Betting Odds

We’ll be blunt and say save your money and skip a bet on San Jose Sharks winning championship. This team is light-years away from that. The only futures bet worth considering for San Jose is what lottery draft pick they’ll nab. That’s it!

With that out of the way, you should focus on San Jose Sharks betting odds as it relates to single games. This will cover puck lines, moneylines, and over/unders. Since there are so many of these bets available in an 82-game season, these types of wagers will be especially opportunistic. Develop expertise in one bet type and you’ll be a huge danger to bookies.

How to bet on the San Jose Sharks

Many bettors are afraid of betting online. Maybe the negative reputation of online sportsbooks has scared ‘em off. While we don’t dispute there are some bad actors, there are also plenty of good ones — hence why online betting is so popular globally. If you want a tested bookie that’s trustworthy, you can begin with the sites listed below. The table includes up-to-date sportsbook reviews in case you want to cross-check the validity of each. Not only are these sites safe, but they provide a phenomenal betting experience. That’ll come in handy the more you bet on San Jose Sharks over the long season.

  • Who’s the coach of the San Jose Sharks?

    Over the 2022 offseason, David Quinn was hired as San Jose’s head coach. Before this, he held the same role for the Rangers for three years.

  • How many championships did the San Jose Sharks win?

    The Sharks have zero Stanley Cups titles to their name. The team lost its lone trip to the finals in 2016 to the Pens.

  • How many times the San Jose Sharks made the playoffs?

    The Sharks are usually in the postseason. Since its first year in 1991, they’ve qualified for the playoffs on 21 occasions.

  • What’s the home arena of San Jose Sharks?

    SAP Center is the sight of Sharks home games. The building has been in existence since 1993.

  • Who’s the owner of San Jose Sharks?

    Hasso Plattner is the sole owner of Sharks Sports & Entertainment (SSE), which overseas the Sharks. Plattner’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 billion, making him one of the richest owners in the NHL.

  • What sportsbooks are available in California?

    California is very against sports betting, which is why it remains illegal. However, you can easily skirt the rules by using an offshore betting site that doesn’t have to abide by state laws.

  • What is San Jose Sharks Twitter?

    Type in “San Jose Sharks” in the Twitter search bar and the official team account will likely be the first result. You can verify it’s the real account so long as it has the blue checkmark next to its name.