You could call the St. Louis Blues the masters of the regular season. No team has proven as consisently dominant and successful as the Blues over the past half decade. They win and win and look to be the real deal, at least until the playoffs get underway. Then the Blues tend to get lost as quickly as the April showers turn into May flowers. That’s led to questions as to whether there’s something amiss, an element lacking in this team makes them unable to find post-season success. [+]

On paper, it makes no sense. St. Louis is decent in goal, deep in stellar defenders and possesses a wealth of talented forwards. The Blues should be better than they are.


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Playing in the NHL’s deep, talented Western Conference, there are no easy nights for the Blues. Every game is a challenge, every opponent capable of slaying St. Louis. [+]

Today’s salary cap driven NHL is all about parity and the difference between the top teams and the bottom dwellers is razor-thin. Win two or three in a row and you can be on top of the world. Lose two or three in succession and you can watch your playoff spot vanish like the snow disappears in the spring. 


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St. Louis Blues Game Schedule

This is where you will locate the St. Louis Blues game schedule. Study it, learn it, know it, because there is much to be garnered from its details that will aid any wagering effort.


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What Are The Current St. Louis Blues Standings


Below you will find the current St. Louis Blues standings and as part of the NHL’s Central Division, the deepest division in the league, every point earned is fought for tooth and nail. [+]

Competing on a regular basis against the likes of the Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators, wins are well deserved in this group and the Blues continue to prove that they are capable of playing with and defeating the best that the NHL has to offer.

Consistently in the mix for top spot among this tough group, the Blues play an exciting brand of hockey, capable of filling the net at one end while walling up the goal in their own end of the rink.


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St. Louis Blues Online Betting Tips

Is the next opponent for the Blues a traditional rival, where the numbers can often be disregarded, or perhaps a divisional opponent? Are the Blues beginning a homestand at the Scottrade Center, or about to embark on a lengthy road trip capable of sapping the strength from their deep roster? Are they playing on back-to-back nights? All of these elements can impact the outcome of a game.

St. Louis Blues History

All you need to know about the bi-polar existence of the St. Louis Blues is emphasized in their 25-year streak of playoff appearances between 1980-2004. Despite that consistency, not only did the Blues fail to earn a single Stanley Cup title during this quarter-century run of success, they didn’t even reach the Stanley Cup final and got as far as the conference finals just twice. 

It goes against the trail the Blues originally blazed upon joining the NHL in 1967. St. Louis reached the Stanley Cup final in each of the franchise’s first three seasons, something no other NHL team has done. But at the same time, the Blues were swept in each final series and since they’ve never been back to the big dance, and are still seeking their first Stanley Cup final victory. 

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