The Canucks hold the dubious distinction of being the oldest NHL team without a Stanley Cup championship (an honor shared with the Sabres). Of course, that doesn’t mean this otherwise proud franchise hasn’t tried to end that dry spell. These efforts have led to good, but not great outcomes from Vancouver as of late. Whether they can “get over the hump” is a big question mark going forward — not only for the fanbase but bettors of the team as well.

This page was created with those same bettors in mind. Think of this page as your most complete Vancouver Canucks betting guide. Latest game odds? Check. Schedules and standings? Double check. Tips on winning Vancouver Canucks bets? Oh, you betcha.

Canucks betting guide

Vancouver Canucks Next Regular Season Game

Have a look below to find out what team the Canucks play next. Pay close attention to the game odds as this is where you will begin your betting analysis. This widget is constantly updated to always feature Vancouver’s next matchup.

My Team's Next MatchVancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks Game Schedule

All 82 regular-season games of the Canucks are listed below. Having this “bird’s eye view” of the season will help you plan ahead — even if game odds are not listed (they aren’t posted until that matchup is next up).

Results / FixturesVancouver Canucks

What Are The Current Vancouver Canucks Standings

The Western Conference is loaded with contenders — all of which the Canucks will have to contend with to make the Stanley Cup playoffs. The standings below will give you an idea of how Vancouver currently stacks up. Knowing the standing of the team is also useful information when making futures bets.


StandingsVancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks Online Betting Tips

This piece of advice is obvious but bears repeating: research should be the cornerstone of any Vancouver Canucks bet you make — and beforehand. Research means actually digging into a matchup too, not just “going with your gut.” Trust us, gut instincts will get you the occasional win when you bet on Vancouver Canucks, but it won’t be consistent enough to actually be profitable at this betting thing. Not when the popular NHL betting sites are used loads of data and computer models to form betting lines.

So what entails betting research? To us, it’s diving deep into the Canucks next game and opponent. Ask yourself important questions such as what are the strengths and weaknesses of Vancouver? Then do the same for its upcoming opponent. Does one team have an advantage they can exploit? If so, that could decide not just the game, but your bet too. You’ll have to do this every time you bet on Vancouver Canucks game because the matchups will change based on the opponent.

Vancouver betting guide

Vancouver Canucks Betting Odds

As we said earlier, the Canucks are Stanley Cup-less over its 50-plus-year history in the NHL. Due to this, the Vancouver Canucks betting odds to win championship is a popular futures bet. It would be a historic moment, and a lucrative one for bettors since the franchise’s odds are always “middle of the road” to begin with.

Of course, there are other less longshot bets to make on the Canucks — wagers you don’t have to wait an entire season to possibly be paid out. These bets will come out of every individual matchup Vancouver plays, all 82 of ‘em during the regular season. That includes puck lines, moneylines, and over/unders.

How to bet on the Vancouver Canucks

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for Vancouver Canucks betting odds, then you need to visit one of the betting sites listed underneath. Not only do they offer a wide-range of bets on the team, but lines are offered at industry-leading prices too. Read our in-depth sportsbook reviews and compare sites with one another. We think your money is in good hands with any of the bookies, but a few might have featured more in-line with your betting style. Click around the table underneath to get started.

  • Who’s the coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

    After stints with three different franchises, Bruce Boudreau was hired as Vancouver’s head coach in 2021.

  • How many championships did the Vancouver Canucks win?

    Zero. The Canucks have won the Western Conference on three occasions — but lost in the Stanley Cup Finals each time.

  • How many times the Vancouver Canucks made the playoffs?

    Since its debut season in 1970, Vancouver has qualified for the playoffs 52 different times.

  • What’s the home arena of Vancouver Canucks?

    All Canucks home games are plated at Rogers Arena. The famed arena has been the team’s home since 1995.

  • Who’s the owner of Vancouver Canucks?

    The holdings company, Aquilini Investment Group, owns the Canucks. That company is run by Francesco Aquilini.

  • What sportsbooks are available in British Colombia?

    Legal sports betting is now fully live in British Columbia, the province where Vancouver is located in. Though, you can still use offshore betting sites to get your gambling fix.

  • What is Vancouver Canucks Twitter?

    The Canucks have a strong Twitter presence. You can find the team account by searching them on the platform. Look for the account with a large follower base (it’ll have a blue verified badge too).