Success has been incredibly rare for Winnipeg. The team was technically born in 2011 when the then-Atlanta Thrashers relocated up north. Though, this was the second time NHL had a franchise in Winnipeg. The now Arizona Coyotes were also once the Winnipeg Jets from 1972 to 1996. Anyway, in the decade since the return, the Jets have been a middling team in the NHL. By that, we mean a few playoff appearances here and there but quick exits almost each time. Despite this so-so performance, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of Winnipeg Jets betting opportunities.

Winnipeg 2023 roster

In fact, Winnipeg is the perfect team to specialize in for betting (more on this later). Since they’re so overlooked league-wide, many bettors aren’t armed with in-depth knowledge about the team, which gives the upper hand to bookies. For that reason, we’ve assembled this guide to bet on Winnipeg Jets. It’s packed to the brim with information you need to be successful at making Winnipeg Jets bets, including latest odds, schedule, and our own expert tips. Stick with us cause this is a one-stop shop to Jets betting!

Winnipeg Jets Next Regular Season Game

Want to bet on the Jets? Below is your next opportunity. This widget is always current with Winnipeg’s upcoming matchup. We’ve also included the game’s betting odds in there so start here when you want to throw money on the team.

My Team's Next MatchWinnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets Game Schedule

The Winnipeg Jets game schedule is right here and it is a valuable asset to anyone considering placing a wager on the team’s games. If we were you, we’d look for long-term betting opportunities on the schedule. For example, do the Jets have a long home stand on the horizon? That might be an opportunity for them to build momentum whilst at home for a long time.

Results / FixturesWinnipeg Jets

What Are The Current Winnipeg Jets Standings

The Jets compete in the Central Division against the likes of the Avalanche, Blackhawks, Stars, and several other foes. If Winnipeg wants to qualify for the postseason, they’ll need to outflank them first. You can see how they’re doing on that front with the underneath standings. We update this after every game so no need to worry about standings being out of date.

StandingsWinnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets Online Betting Tips

Remember earlier when we said Winnipeg are worth specializing on? Well, they are. And by specialize, we mean to focus your betting efforts on. If you take one thing from this page, let it be this: in betting, you get what you put in. You can’t expect to win more often than not by following the Jets here and there. No, no, you need to really know the ins and outs of this team — more so than your everyday bettor.

The more you know, the more informed you’ll be as a bettor when you land on a top NHL betting site. This is where you get valuable insights that’ll help you pick bets correctly. Hypothetically speaking, you might notice Winnipeg plays to the “level of their competition.” If so, they’ll have a penchant for overlooking inferior teams. That’s useful information when betting on the team over an 82-game season. This is one example only, but you get our drift. Specialized knowledge is critical when you bet on Winnipeg Jets game.

Winnipeg Betting Tips

Winnipeg Jets Betting Odds

You won’t struggle to find a Winnipeg Jets bet during the season. With 82 regular-season games, there are endless betting options between October and April. Every single team game will have the usual assortment of Winnipeg Jets betting odds available — puck line, moneyline, over/under, and props.

Heck, you can even throw money on Winnipeg Jets betting odds to win championship. The franchise has never won a thing, which makes a futures bet like that risky, but hey, things can always change. If you take out advice on specializing, you’ll likely be the first to realize the Jets Stanley Cup title potential too.

How to bet on the Winnipeg Jets

The last thing you need to drop bets on Winnipeg is a trusty online sportsbook. There are so many options on that front, however, the list of bookies below are the “cream of the crop.” Each site you see underneath is featured there because they were standout performers in our latest sportsbook reviews. Any one of these bookmakers can effectively become your one-stop shop to bet on the Jets because they’ll have any and every line you need.

  • Who’s the coach of the Winnipeg Jets?

    Rick Nowness is the current head coach. Amazingly, he also coached the first Winnipeg franchise way back in 1988. Talk about a “full circle moment” when Nowness was re-hired in 2022.

  • How many championships did the Winnipeg Jets win?

    None yet. The furthest the Jets have gone is the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018.

  • How many times the Winnipeg Jets made the playoffs?

    Counting the franchise’s years in Winnipeg since the relocation only, they’ve advanced to the postseason five times since the debut season in 2011.

  • What’s the home arena of Winnipeg Jets?

    Located in downtown Winnipeg, the Canada Life Centre is home to the NHL team. The building has been around since 2004.

  • Who’s the owner of Winnipeg Jets?

    The Jets franchise is held under the True North Sports & Entertainment Limited company. The chairman of the corporation is Mark Chipman, who has the final say on matters for the Winnipeg team.

  • What sportsbooks are available in Manitoba?

    The province of Manitoba indeed allows for sports betting — completely legally. While you could always gamble at a physical sportsbook within the area, offshore betting sites are also an option in case you want to bet from home easily.

  • What is Winnipeg Jets Twitter?

    Every NHL team has an active Twitter account. So if you want the Jets, just search for them into the platform and they’ll appear.