The Republican Party or the GOP is one of the two major political parties in the United States, the other being the Democratic Party. While they’re commonly referred to as the ‘right’ their main ideologies are conservativism, in both economic and social policies. Their platforms include a pro-life stance on abortion, gun rights, and immigration restrictions.

There have been 19 Republican Presidents, including current President Donald Trump, which is the most of any political party. The GOP controls the presidency currently, as a majority in the U.S. Senate, a majority of state governorships, a majority of state legislatures, and 21 state government trifectas.

Sports betting sites offer political odds leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, and the Republican Party odds are no exemption. They offer odds on which candidate will win the Republican party ballot, making them the Republican nominee for the 2020 Presidential run.

To bet on Republican party odds, you’ll need to first understand how to bet on political odds before you sign up at an online sportsbook, and figure out which Republican candidate will win the nominee.


Republican Party Odds

2024 Republican Nominee Odds bovada MyBookie gtbets
Donald Trump +350 +350 +350
Nikki Haley +450 +450 +450
Ron DeSantis +600 +600 +600

Here is an updated list of the Republican party candidates, and their odds to win the Republican Presidential nominee. While that point could be moot, with Donald Trump leading the pack almost unanimously, and is the presumed Republican candidate as of September 8, 2021.

Republican party odds are simple to understand - they’re commonly referred to as futures bets. Which is essentially a bet made long before the event or outcome. Futures are usually moneyline bets, where you simply have to pick the correct outcome of the bet.

In this case, you’re picking a candidate to win the Republican Party nomination. If you’re correct, you will win an amount based on how much you bet and the candidate’s odds. A $100 bet on Donald Trump with -3300 odds wouldn’t pay out much ($3.03 plus your initial $100), as he’s heavily favored to win. We’d advise to not bother with this bet as there’s no value.

A $100 bet on Mike Pence at +2500 odds would pay out $2500 plus your initial stake - so that could be an enticing bet to make if you thought Mike Pence had a chance of winning the Republican nomination from under his president’s nose.

Republican Party Gambling

Republican Party Candidate Odds

We will break down the two top candidates for the Republican party, and the top candidate for the Vice-presidential nomination.

Donald Trump Betting Odds (-1600)

While it comes as no surprise that Trump wants to remain in the White House for a second term, his easy rise as the Republican nominee without any challenge was quite surprising. There have been a few who entered the race, but their bids for the White House were ended just as quickly as they started.

We are keeping our eye on the 2020 Presidential election, and we wonder how the handlings of Coronavirus will affect Trump's odds to win a second term as president. He’s still currently the presumed Republican candidate, so we will have to wait and see how the primaries unfold, as there are a few dark horses that could enter the race late, and surprise everyone.

Mike Pence Betting Odds (+1200)

It would indeed add a hint of drama to the Republican primaries if Mike Pence entered the race against Trump. The Vice President of the United States was tapped by Trump as the face of the Coronavirus pandemic and he has been in the media more than ever since March 2020.

What seemed like a longshot, might be a more realistic bet with his approval rating and media appearances becoming more plentiful.

Odds To Win Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

While the odds to win the next Vice-Presidency aren’t posted currently, as it’s very likely that if Trump wins a second term, Pence’s term will renew in 2021, it is possible that things could change in eight months. Once the Republican candidate is announced, they will begin to release the odds on their expected running mates for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Republican Party Betting

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