2022 Champions League Futures: Predicting Every Group Stage Winner

2022 Champions League Futures: Predicting Every Group Stage Winner

Who ordered a fresh batch of 2022 Champions League futures, with an extra side of best bets to win every Group, from A through H? Because it's ready.

Group Stage play for the Champions League will begin on Tuesday, September 6 and Wednesday, September 7. That means the betting odds for Champions League futures are as accurate as they're going to be. Linemakers have had ample time to study all the upcoming matchups, as well as every team in general. All of which makes this the perfect time to predict every Group Stage winner for the Champions League.

Of course, we must begin by checking out the latest betting odds for the Champions League entering 2022 Group Stage play. You can find them below, courtesy of BetOnline:

Pick to WinBetOnline
Liverpool (Group A)-210
Ajax (Group A)+550
Napoli (Group A)+700
Rangers (Group A)+1500
Atletico Madrid (Group B)-105
Porto (Group B)+330
Bayer Leverkusen (Group B)+350
Club Brugge (Group B)+1000
Bayern Munich (Group C)-125
Barcelona (Group C)+170
Inter Milan (Group C)+700
Viktoria Plzen (Group C)+10000
Tottenham (Group D)-180
Eintracht Frankfurt (Group D)+600
Marseille (Group D)+600
Sporting Lisbon (Group D)+750
Chelsea (Group E)-250
AC Milan (Group E)+350
Red Bull Salzburg (Group E)+1200
Dinamo Zagreb (Group E)+5500
Real Madrid (Group F)-370
RB Leipzig (Group F)+550
Celtic (Group F)+1700
Shakhtar Donetsk (Group F)+5500
Manchester City (Group G)-370
Borussia Dortmund (Group G)+600
Sevilla (Group G)+1000
FC Copenhagen (Group G)+4900
PSG (Group H)-250
Juventus (Group H)+250
Benifca (Group H)+1400
Maccabi Haifa (Group H)+10000

Rest assured, we'll break these Champions League betting odds down by group as we get into our picks. However, you should ensure that you're double-checking any online betting odds for soccer until you actually submit your wagers. All soccer lines are subject to move right on through the opening whistle, and 2022 Champions League futures can be especially volatile depending on the results from the opening games.

If you still find yourself need a place to bet on the Champions League, you're in luck. Our reviews of the top online sportsbooks just so happen to be chock full of the best Champions League betting sites in 2022. Take a few minutes to check them out, and you'll suddenly have a permanent home for all your general soccer betting.

Group A Predictions: Liverpool Looking Good on the 2022 Champions League Futures Market

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group A:

  • Liverpool (-210)
  • Ajax (+550)
  • Napoli (+700)
  • Rangers (+1500)

Injury concerns in the midfield have left Liverpool somewhat vulnerable, but Group A is rather unimposing.

Given the decline of Ajax and upside-down play of Napoli, this is an easy decision.

OSB Prediction: Liverpool (-210)

Liverpool To win Group A of the Champions League

Group B Predictions: Can Anybody Take Down Atletico Madrid?

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group B:

  • Atletico Madrid (-105)
  • Porto (+330)
  • Bayer Leverkusen (+350)
  • Club Brugge (+100)

To be perfectly honest, there's not much of a decision here. Atletico Madrid is probably overrated in the grand scheme of things, but this group is without a real threat. 

Later rounds are the larger concern, as Diego Simeone's Atletico Madrid teams have been notoriously slow to start matches before turning on the jets near the end.

OSB Prediction: Atletico Madrid (-105)

Atletico Madrid To win Group B of the Champions League

Group C Predictions: Should Bayern Munich Worry About Barcelona?

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group C:

  • Bayern Munich (-125)
  • Barcelona (+170)
  • Inter Milan (+700)
  • Viktoria Plzen (+10000)

Okay, it's time to step out on a limb.

Group C is being painted as the "Group of Death" on the 2022 Champions League futures market. Bayern Munich may be considered the second best team in the tournament, but they've shown some real cracks outside their forward rotation.

Others have been inclined to entertain Inter Milan. Not us. Barcelona looked disjointed for much of the year, but most recently, their offensive alchemy has looked as good as the roster implies it should be.

OSB Prediction: Barcelona (+170)

Barcelona To win Group C of the Champions League

Group D Predictions: Eintracht Frankfurt is Laying Sneaky Good Value in 2022 Champions League Futures

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group D:

  • Tottenham (-180)
  • Eintracht Frankfurt (+600)
  • Marseille (+600)
  • Sporting Lisbon (+750)

Eintracht Frankfurt deserves more love overall. They should not be peddled in the same vein as an afterthought Marseille club.

Still, Group C is already dunzo as far as we're concerned. Tottenham isn't the steadiest squad, but they've gotten perhaps the second most favorable draw of anyone.

OSB Prediction: Tottenham (-180)

Tottenham To win Group D of the Champions League

Group E Predictions: Chelsea Has Already Won This Round

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group E:

  • Chelsea (-250)
  • AC Milan (+350)
  • Red Bull Salzburg (+1200)
  • Dinamo Zagreb (+5500)

Maybe we're too high on Chelsea given how poorly they started the season. Their chemistry and lineup decisions have been questionable from the get-go.

And yet, AC Milan is the only club with even a half-puncher's chance of pushing them to the brink. That should allow Chelsea to emerge from Group E unscatched.

OSB Prediction: Chelsea (-250)

Chelsea To win Group E of the Champions League

Group F Predictions: Good Luck Taking Down Real Madrid

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group F:

  • Real Madrid (-370)
  • RB Leipzig (+550)
  • Celtic +1700)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk (+5500)

Can you find a threat to Real Madrid in Group F? Because we sure can't.

RB Leipzig has delivered some interesting moments down the stretch of tied matches, but they're neither experienced nor deep enough to take seriously.

OSB Prediction: Real Madrid (-370)

Real Madrid To win Group F of the Champions League

Group G Predictions: Manchester City Poised to Cruise Past This Stage

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group G:

  • Manchester City (-370)
  • Borussia Dortmund (+600)
  • Sevilla (+1000)
  • FC Copenhagen (+4900)

Another formality.

Manchester City is, by far, the favorite to win it all. If they have any issues during Group Play, we'll be absolutely shocked. That's all there is to say.

OSB Prediction: Manchester City (-370)

Manchester City To win Group G of the Champions League

Group H Predictions: These 2022 Champions League Futures Come Down to Juventus or PSG

Here are the latest 2022 Champions League futures for Group H:

  • PSG (-250)
  • Juventus (+250)
  • Benifca (+1400)
  • Maccabi Haifa (+10000)

More than a handful of analysts have deemed PSG a sleeper juggernaut, and we understand the appeal. Their offensive formations are terrifying in the open field.

At the same time, the front office has invested heavily in the development of their young prospects out of France and Portugal. That commitment to the bigger picture could trip them up.

Then again, that's a problem for later rounds. Group H is pretty unthreatening after PSG. They'll win this easily.

OSB Prediction: PSG (-250)

PSG To win Group H of the Champions League

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