After being promoted at the end of the 2015/16 season, Hull City will have to get used to playing Championshp soccer again in 2017-18 after being relegated from the Premier League. Hull made a valiant attempt to remain in the top division but ran out of gas in the latter stages of the 2016-17 season and lost too many crucial games. They’ll have all sots of difficulties returning to the Premier League. Only time will tell if the Tigers can gain promotion once again.  [+]

Hull have been promoted and relegated numerous times in the club’s history. They stayed in the Premier League by the skin of their teeth in the 2008/09 campaign, finishing 17th, before being relegated the following season.

Hull were promoted again for the 2013/14 season. They finished 16th – their best Premier League finish – before finishing 18th the following season, a position that relegated them back to the Championship.

Now back in the Championship, Hull have a dogged challenge on their hands. Can they make it back to the top flight yet again? 


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Hull should at least make the Championship playoffs. The big question is whether they’ll be able to grind out results when needed, especially on the road. 


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Sportsbooks predicted Hull’s demise from the Premier League before the season started. Most sportsbooks pegged them as the -139 favorites to be relegated to the Championship. The Tigers didn’t disappoint. 

The ownership group should take most of the blame for Hull’s disappointing season. They started the season in turmoil, losing Harry Redknapp, their venerated manager dut to the ownership’s handling of promotion. They refused to spend the money needed to entice Premier League caliber talent. Starting the season short of players and confidence, Hull were on the backfoot from the onset. 

They had too much ground to make up in the second half of the season, all but guaranteeing their inevitable drop. Marco Silva, Hull’s newly appointed manager, almost pulled off a miracle but fell just short of their ultimate goal to stay in the Premier League. 

What’s to blame for Hull’s relegation? Their away form. Hull performed admirably at home, especially under Silva’s leadership. However, they were unable to transfer their home confidence in hostile territory. Hull were the worst team in the league on their travels, gaining a destitute six points all season, or one win in 19 matches. 

That’s a recipe for disaster. Will they be able to gain promotion straight away? It’s tough to say, especially considering how physically demanding the Championship is. This team have a lot of experience in gaining promotion, so they are equipped to make a go of it. Expect them to at least make the playoffs. From there, who knows what will happen.