2022 MLB Betting: Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees Have Arrived

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2022 MLB Betting: Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees Have Arrived

Check out our best MLB bets for all of the action on Friday, May 6.

Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees are officially throwing 2022 MLB betting for a whirl. After beginning the season an ultra-mediocre 5-5, the team has since gone on an absolute tear, steamrolling basically everyone in their path. Some betting odds on MLB even suggest the Yankees are now the best squad in baseball. Is that going too far? Or are the 2022 New York Yankees actually not just World Series contenders but potential favorites?  Our latest batch of 2022 MLB betting picks are here to investigate this very question.

On top of the Yankees' date with the Texas Rangers, we've also got MLB predictions for some of the other top matchups taking place on Friday, May 6. Let's begin by having a gander at the latest MLB betting odds:

New York Mets-142+120Philadelphia Phillies
Baltimore Orioles-126+108Kansas City Royals
New York Yankees-240+198Texas Rangers
Boston Red Sox-180+152Chicago White Sox
Toronto Blue Jays-148+126Cleveland Guardians
Houston Astros-205+172Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks-158+134Colorado Rockies
San Diego Padres-130+110Miami Marlins

Make sure you're circling back here to double-check these odds on MLB prior to deciding on any picks. All baseball betting lines are subject to move throughout the day, right up until the opening pitch.

Taking a stroll through our extensive reviews of the top online sportsbooks should top your to-do list, as well. By the time you're done with them, you'll have zero issues spotting the best betting sites for MLB in 2022.

Yes, the New York Yankees are for Real

The Yankees have come alive in a big way, and they owe a ton of thanks to their bats. Aaron Judge is belting balls out of the bark left and right, and Anthony Rizzo has hit his own sky-high groove. The offense overall ranks second in on-base-plus-slugging percentage, which is just silly when you consider where this batting order was 10 games into the season.

More than a few will be reluctant to declare the Yankees World Series favorites—or even contenders. The starting rotation is shaky. But they're still getting by, and the bullpen has bordered on outstanding for the past month.

Even if you can't buy into the Yankees as major World Series players, there's very little to doubt heading into Friday night's contest with the Rangers. Texas is on a four-game winning streak but has struggled to generate runs on a consistent basis overall. More to the point, the 2022 Yankees are a buzzsaw, with a three-game lead on the AL East Division, just waiting to cut through any and everyone in their path.

OSB Prediction: New York Yankees (-240)

New York Yankees To beat the Texas Rangers

Can Anyone in the NL East Touch the New York Mets?

You might think that key injuries would derail the Mets' season. It's a reasonable thought. It's also wrong.

Only two teams are holding opponents to a lower batting average, which is pretty incredible looking at how spotty the starting rotation has been at points. Even more incredible is the offense. The Mets are hovering around the top-five in on-base-plus-slugging percentage. That was supposed to be an area in which they struggled.

In the event New York gets dealt a reality check, it probably isn't coming from anyone in the NL East Division. The Mets have opened up a five-game lead on the next closest team, the Miami Marlins. And on Friday, they get to pounce on a struggling Philadelphia Phillies team that has lost four straight.

OSB Prediction: New York Mets (-142)

New York Mets To beat the Philadelphia Phillies

San Diego Padres Should Pull a Victory Against the Miami Marlins

If you're like us, you're still waiting for the San Diego Padres to go boom. Their bats have been slumping to mediocre for much of the season.

Thanks to their pitching, though, San Diego has managed to stay afloat in the standings. Only five teams hold opponents to a lower batting average, and the Padres are getting great runs out of their starting rotation.

A few may be concerned about the Padres running into a fickle Marlins squad that vacillates between amazing and implosive. We can't get there. San Diego has been good, if not really good while failing to hit at their expected level. That, to us, is an encouraging sign.

OSB Prediction: San Diego Padres (-130)

San Diego Padres To beat the Miami Marlins

Will Baltimore Orioles Hold Serve vs. Kansas City Royals?

Facing the Kansas City Royals should end in a field day for the Baltimore Orioles. The Royals' pitching staff has struggled that much, allowing nearly five runs per nine innings.

Still, the upset play here intrigues us. Baltimore's bats have been impossible to predict, and Kansas City has been known to rip off base hits with runners in scoring position. Given how well the Royals have also generally played on the road this season, chasing the better than even money return is a worthwhile investment.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City Royals (+108)

Kansas City Royals To beat the Baltimore Orioles

Toronto Blue Jays Seeking Bounce-Back Win Over Cleveland Guardians

The Toronto Blue Jays have found themselves struggling in recent games, seeing their run differential plummet all the way into the red and surrendering second place in the AL East Division to the Tampa Bay Rays. While the pitching staff has long been a concern since it's stocked with arms that can't go the distance, the recent dip in hitting looms as a major concern.

Luckily, though, the Cleveland Guardians are just what the doctor ordered. They've given up a fair amount of home runs and don't throw too many strikeouts. Longer at-bats should favor the Blue Jays hitters. We expect this game to be won by Toronto without any issue.

OSB Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays (-148)

Toronto Blue Jays To beat the Cleveland Guardians

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