Politics Betting Odds: Prediction for Top Props

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Politics Betting Odds: Prediction for Top Props

It used to be that not many people knew you could bet on politics. However, that's long since changed. Given how divisive a topic political matters and politicians themselves have become, particularly in the United States, the market for this type of wagering is pretty robust.

So, let's tackle the latest politics betting odds by providing predictions for our top props!

While we have a handful topics to go through, let's start with political odds on the first American political figure to be indicted, since that's such a hot and steamy topic these days. Here are the top candidates, per BetOnline:

Indictment PickBetOnline
Rudy Giuliani-125
Roger Stone+125
Ivanka Trump+1200
Donald Trump Snr.+1400
Leon Black+1400
Jared Kushner+1600
Donald Trump Jnr+1800
Prince Andrew+2500
Alan Dershowitz+3300
Eric Trump+3300
Hunter Biden+3300
Glenn Dubin+5000
Leslie Wexner+5000
Bill Gates+10000
Larry Summers+10000
Bill Barr+12500
Elon Musk+12500
Hillary Clinton+12500
Kanye West+15000
Bill Clinton+20000
Jeff Bezos+25000
Joe Scarborough+25000
Robert Mueller+50000

Please note that you will want to revisit these political prop odds before officially making your decision. BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks adjust their politics betting lines based on the latest news, which can change daily.

donald trump odds

Political Props Predictions

For those who are new to betting on politics, the props market can seem a little intimidating. These wagers differ from the typical topics. Most political betting lines relate to election outcomes, which give them an exact date—or roundabout date—of completion.

With regard to props, you don't always have concrete knowledge of when the bet in question might pay out. Take our first topic, for instance: Who will be the first person to get indicted? 

This politial prop bet will end only when someone from the provided list is actually indicted. That could mean a verdict will be rendered in days, weeks, months or even years.

The moral of the story? Betting political props is often a waiting game, so make sure you're not investing in any lines with the expectation of immediate payouts or losses.

First U.S. Political Figure to be Indicted

There are, by design, loads of interesting options within this market. Rudy Giuliani (-125) is so far the heavy favorite to be the first one indicted, but he's not necessarily the runaway choice.

Relative to the state of American politics, it makes sense to focus on those related to the administration of former U.S. president Donald Trump (+1400). Everyone with direct ties to him has been the subject of intense scrutiny since before he lost the 2020 election. Many of his colleagues and family members have even found themselves under direct investigation.

That said, it makes some sense to eliminate Trump himself, along with family members like Ivanka Trump (+1200)Donald Trump Jr. (+1800) and Eric Trump (+3300). If anything were going to happen to Trump or his kids anytime soon, it would've probably taken place by now. The current administration, led by U.S. President Joe Biden, seems more concerned with reworking policies than punishing the previous regime.

This seemingly leads us back to Giuliani, given all the overwhelming proof of his misdeeds. At the same time, Roger Stone (+125) actually feels like the better bet. Not only is his prospective payout of higher value, but his ties to the Trump campaign these past few years have left him under a microscope the U.S. government doesn't seem likely to put down anytime soon.

OSB Prediction: Roger Stone (+125)

Roger Stone To be first person indicted

Will Donald Trump be Indicted?

  • Yes (+500)
  • No (-900)

Looking at Donald Trump's indictment candidacy should be of special interest to political bettors. It's important to note, as well, that the odds of answering yes here (+500) differ from those above (+1400) because he's pitted against himself rather than a larger field. In this case, you're not so much worried about the timing of when Trump might get indicted, just that he gets indicted at all.

Oddsmakers clearly feel it isn't going to happen. And they are correct—to some degree. 

Indictments for Trump definitely aren't coming anytime soon. It'd be a genuine shock. If he were going to be indicted, it would've happened almost immediately after he vacated the office. 

More than anything, it feels like he could be somewhat protected by the Republican party as he tries to potentially run again in 2024. After that, though, who knows? 

If you have the stomach to wait out your investment for years—and you can confirm with your sportsbook that the line on this doesn't expire by a certain time—we actually like the idea of voting yes.

joe biden odds

OSB Prediction: Yes (+5000)

Yes Donald Trump will be indicted

Will Joe Biden be Impeached?

  • Yes (+600)
  • No (-1500)

Look, the line on "no" isn't the least bit lucrative. But it's essentially free money.

If Donald Trump wasn't impeached while he was in office, Joe Biden almost certainly won't be. We recommend playing this one for fun, because you'll most likely win.

OSB Prediction: No (-1500)

No Joe Biden will not be impeached

When Will Joe Biden Vacate the Presidency?

  • 2021 (+500)
  • 2022 (+500)
  • 2023 (+700)
  • 2024 (+1300)
  • 2025 (+115)
  • 2026 (+325)

This bet is inspired by the score of talk about Joe Biden's health. Many assume that, with the president set to turn 79 in November, he won't finish out his first term, let alone last until the second one.

Of course, we shouldn't expect Biden to surrender office due to health concerns. Even so, he has always felt like a one-term president given his age and how reluctant he was to initially run after serving as vice president under president Barack Obama.

OSB Prediction: 2025 (+115)

Joe Biden To vacate US presidency in 2025

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