2022-23 La Liga Futures: Is Barcelona or Real Madrid the Best Bet to Win It All?

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2022-23 La Liga Futures: Is Barcelona or Real Madrid the Best Bet to Win It All?

Good news! Enough matches have now been played this season for us to have a firm hold on the 2022-23 La Liga futures market. 

Our initial overview of the online soccer betting outrights for La Liga in 2022-23 reveal that the usual candidates rank as the top options. Both reigning champion Real Madrid (-115) and Barcelona (-110), last year's runner-up, currently lead the pack by a mile. But are they the only two clubs worth investing in? Or does another candidate or two have the means to enter the title fray?

Before we start to make sense of what we've watched so far, let's have a look at the latest betting odds for 2022-23 La Liga, which come courtesy of our friends over at BetUS:

Pick To WinBetUS
Real Madrid-115
Atletico Madrid+2500
Athletic Bilbao+12000
Real Sociedad+19000
Celta Vigo+43000
Rayo Vallecano+43000

Please remember to double-check all these odds on 2022-23 La Liga futures until you actually submit your wagers. Sportsbooks will continuously move all soccer betting lines over the course of the season, and our La Liga odds are accurate entering Thursday, September 22.

Meanwhile, if you are still in the market for a place to bet on 2022-23 La Liga futures, we strongly urge you to check out our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. By taking a just a few minutes to peruse the wealth of information we've assembled, you'll have no trouble identifying the best La Liga betting sites in the business.

And now, without further delay, let us get to our best bets to be crowned the 2022-23 La Liga champions!

Should Real Madrid Lead the 2022-23 La Liga Futures Market?

Real Madrid was always going to curry favor with oddsmakers. They won the La Liga championship last year and have scooped up two of the past three. 

Still, their top-of-the-field betting odds aren't unwarranted. They are La Liga's only truly undefeated team at 6-0-0, and they have once again assembled a truly terrifying offense. Real Madrid's 17 goals through six matches are the second best in La Liga, and they come amid truly mesmerizing ball movement from all areas of the pitch.

It is a little weird that this club isn't even paying out 1-to-1 in the La Liga futures department. It's still early, after all. But this is more so a sign of how thin this year's championship field is at the top.

All in all, betting on a Real Madrid repeat makes sense.

Real Madrid To win the 2022-23 La Liga Championship

Is Barcelona Built to Win Their First La Liga Title Since 2019?

Everyone expected Barcelona to return with a vengeance in 2022-23 after falling in the previous La Liga Final. Few, however, predicted this.

Through six matches, Barcelona is 5-1-0 while scoring a La Liga-leading 18 goals and allowing a La Liga-best one score. This is, unequivocally, bonkers. 

Calling Barcelona a championship favorite doesn't even do them justice. What they've done so far is perhaps a product of a relatively soft schedule, but it's also unfathomable.

Barcelona To win the 2022-23 La Liga Championship

Are There Any Good Dark Horse Bets on the 2022-23 La Liga Futures Circuit?

This is uncharted territory, even by La Liga standards. We expect Real Madrid and Barcelona to tower over the field, but right now, oddsmakers are basically painting them as the only viable options. To wit: After Real Madrid and Barcelona, the next most likely champion has been deemed Atletico Madrid—and they're laying 25-to-1 odds.

Most bettors looking to journey off the beaten path will go that route...or with Villarreal (+4000). It's tough to fault that logic. Atletico Madrid has one of the most tantalizing offenses in existence, and Villarreal currently boasts the third best goal differential (plus-eight scores) among all La Liga teams.

At the same time, if you're going to pursue a dark horse option, then we recommend really pursuing it. That means making an even higher, albeit still worthwhile, gamble on Real Betis (+6500).

It isn't just about the potential for a 65-to-1 payout, although that certainly factors into the equation. Real Betis has gone nearly perfect through six matches, posting a 5-0-1 record while registering as one of just four squads to score at least 10 total goals and allow under five. Their company? Barcelona, Athletic Club and Villarreal.

Among this group, only Barcelona is considered a true powerhouse. But Real Betis has also played out one of the tougher schedules from this four-team gaggle. If you're going to take a stab in the dark when betting 2022-23 La Liga futures, it might as well be in their name.

Real Betis To win the 2022-23 La Liga Championship

Who's the Best Bet to Win It All in 2022-23?

Ultimately, defaulting to a La Liga dark horse is tough. The gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona and then everyone else is that huge.

In instances like this, it's best to go with the safest pick. And though many will think that's the reigning champion Real Madrid, we're not so sure.

Go back and watch the highlights from Barcelona's five victories. And really watch them. The precision ball-handling mixed with divine speed is out of this world.

And then there's the defense, which Barcelona is currently playing in concert. Everyone is rotating correctly. When someone rolls the dice to chase a turnover, they're either successful or expertly rescued by someone on the back line.

Truthfully, the way Barcelona presently plays isn't just impressive. It's historically good.

Barcelona To win the 2022-23 La Liga Championship

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