2022 MLS Picks: Is It Time to Worry About FC Dallas As They Prepare for Real Salt Lake?

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2022 MLS Picks: Is It Time to Worry About FC Dallas As They Prepare for Real Salt Lake?

Now that Major League Soccer is comfortably past its 2022 All-Star break, it's a good time to engage in some higher-stakes online MLS betting. For the newly initiated to this party, that means holding the microscope on some of the league's biggest swing teams—the Jekyll-and-Hyde acts with an incredibly high ceiling but an exceptionally low floor. And for us, this year's preeminent enigma is FC Dallas.

Are they MLS championship contenders? Could they be nothing more than a mirage that dissipated after the first part of this season? Have they actually imploded as many believe? Or is this all much ado about nothing?

We'll get into it all as FC Dallas prepares to face off against Real Salt Lake on Saturday, August 27. But that's not all. We've also got our best MLS picks for the entire weekend of August 26 and 27. So without further delay, here are the latest betting odds for MLS, courtesy of BetOnline:

Match DateFavoriteBetOnlineBetOnlineBetOnlineUnderdog
8/26/22Minnesota United-180+300 (Draw)+400Houston Dynamo
8/27/22Chicago Fire+115+240 (Draw)+195CF Montreal
8/27/22Kansas City-125+270 (Draw)+290San Jose Earthquakes
8/27/22FC Dallas-110+250 (Draw)+260Real Salt Lake
8/27/22Vancouver Whitecaps+110+240 (Draw)+210Nashville SC
8/27/22Atlanta United-125+270 (Draw)+290DC United
8/27/22New England-125+270 (Draw)+280LA Galaxy

Keep double-checking these soccer betting odds until you actually place your wager. Linemakers will continue making adjustments through the start of each match this weekend, and our MLS odds are accurate, entering Tuesday, August 23. Linemakers will continue making adjustments

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Is FC Dallas a Contender or Pretender?

Initially, when you look at FC Dallas' vitals, you're not immediately concerned. They're third in the West, for crying out loud! Club manager Nico Estevez has also done some nice tactical things at the helm this year. His system's combination of ball and body movement has resulted in a bunch of truly mesmerizing offensive possessions.

And yet, FC Dallas has been in something of a downward spiral since before the All-Star break. They have rattled off more than ten combined losses and draws since May while only picking up three victories during that time. 

Of course, this malaise also happens to coincide with some critical injuries to their midfield rotation. That isn't expected to be as much of an issue in the upcoming weeks, as they made some key acquisitions and will be getting certain players back in the fold. And invariably, this is why we think FC Dallas will resume their place among the contender's clique by September. 

Take them to beat Real Salt Laker before linemakers and the rest of the betting public catch on.

OSB Prediction: FC Dallas (-110)

FC Dallas To beat Real Salt Lake

Minnesota United will Cruise Past the Houston Dynamo with the Utmost Ease

Early-season concerns for Minnesota United are quickly dissipating. They have been on absolute fire since the international break.

Running more complicated (and scripted) formations on the offensive end has helped a ton. Minnesota is getting more downhill pressure from their ball-handlers over the second half of the season, and those drives have done a nice job kicking the rock out to corner kickers when the defense collapses.

Many aren't too sure whether they can keep winning (and scoring) at their current clip. We're not too worried. Minnesota's rise has quite miraculously coincided with the absence of Emanuel Reynoso.  There's a strong chance they get appreciably better once he returns.

Regardless, taking down a rebuilding squad that's long since fallen out of the playoff race in the Houston Dynamo shouldn't be a problem.

OSB Prediction: Minnesota United (-180)

Minnesota United To beat the Houston Dynamo

Kansas City is a Worthwhile Favorite vs. the San Jose Earthquakes

Kansas City probably made a mistake by not giving more playing time to their youngsters earlier this season. A lack of stamina and athleticism cost them a lot of games.

But club manager Peter Vermes has since adjusted quite nicely, giving more runs to prospects like Felipe Hernandez and Cam Duke, as well as the newly signed Erik Thommy and William Agada. This infusion of athleticism has paid substantial dividends on both sides of the pitch in recent matchups, and we think that will continue against the San Jose Earthquakes, who aren't built to keep up with Kansas City's kiddies at the attacking positions.

To be sure, Kansas City does have long-term concerns. A handful of key players still in their prime are set to enter free agency, and it's unclear whether the club wants to keep them all. But that's a problem for after the season. Right now, a slightly more youthful Kansas City should take this match vs. San Jose.

OSB Prediction: Kansas City (-125)

Kansas City To beat the San Jose Earthquakes

Step Out on a Limb with Nashville SC vs. the Vancouver Whitecaps

Perhaps we're suckers, but we just can't quit Nashville SC. Their roster looks too good on paper. Having Walker Zimmerman starring at center back and Hany Mukhtar anchoring the midfield should be good enough to punch a playoff ticket on its own.

Somehow, though, Nashville SC sits under .500 at 8-9-9. That is a disastrous record, given the talent on their roster. And it's no secret how they got here. The offense has flat-out stalled. Nashville SC has been inconsistent in generating movement after crossing midfield, and their turnovers are out of control.

Still, the talent on this roster, coupled with how they've played coming out of the All-Star break, makes Nashville SC a worthwhile underdog bet against a Vancouver Whitecaps team that's more banged up than usual.

OSB Prediction: Nashville SC (+210)

Nashville SC To beat the Vancouver Whitecaps

CF Montreal Can Steal One vs. the Chicago Fire

Picking CF Montreal to beat the Chicago Fire is like stealing money in our book.

How Montreal profiles as the underdog in this matchup completely escape us. Second-year manager Wilfried Nancy has them playing exhaustive defense, and their strategic spacing around the goal posts has proven to be impossibly difficult for defenses to guard without sacrificing certain coverages elsewhere.

Frankly, this could be a shutout.

OSB Prediction: CF Montreal (+195)

CF Montreal To beat the Chicago Fire

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