Canadian Premier League Soccer Futures 2023

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Canadian Premier League Soccer Futures 2023

Enough of the 2023 Canadian Premier League season is now in the books for us to take stock of the playoff and championship pictures. And let us just say, the landscape is getting spicy.

Last year’s title winner, Forge FC Hamilton, is off to a rocky start through their first 20 matches. The 2022 champion, Pacific FC, is currently running away with the best record and goal differential. Who’s going to win it all when the 2023 Canadian Premier League Final takes place at the end of October? That is what we are trying to figure out here. 

But first, here’s a look at the latest online soccer betting odds to win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship:

Pick To Win 2023 CPL ChampionshipBetOnlineBovadaBetUS
Forge FC HamiltonTBATBATBA
Atletico OttawaTBATBATBA
Vancouver Langley FCTBATBATBA

Always remember to double-check these 2023 Canadian Premier League betting odds right up until you actually submit your wager. The best online soccer betting sites will make changes to their 2023 Canadian Premier League futures as the schedule continues to unfold. This bracket, in particular, can be a little turbulent–especially in the middle. The Canadian Premier League currently consists of only eight teams, the top four of which make the playoffs. 

To that end, nearly every team is a viable option to win it all. Though Valour FC and new-to-the-league Vancouver Langley FC are too far under .500 to realistically crack the postseason, all six other squads are presently above .500. Let’s run through the candidacy of them all.

Pacific FC Could Run Away with the 2023 Canadian Premier League Title

For a while, it looked like Pacific FC could run away with the entire thing. And that’s still on the table. Their offensive efficiency has been terrifying. Pacific FC is averaging nearly three goals plus assists per 90 minutes, and Ayman Sellouf is perhaps the most well balanced offensive player in the game right now.

Still, the past five matches have left room for doubt. The club is 2-1-2 during this stretch and failed to score in three of those contests. That’s not the end of the world, but it’s worth monitoring.

Pacific FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Cavalry FC has Put Themselves on the Title-Contention Map

Led by eight goals from 26-year-old star Myer Bevan, Cavalry FC looks like the real deal. They have the second-highest goal differential in the league right now, and no club has more total scores on the season.

Consistent defense remains their top concern. They lead the Canadian Premier League in total yellow cards and have very few shutouts on the books. 

Cavalry FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Can Forge FC Hamilton Get Back on Track in Time for the 2023 Canadian Premier League Playoffs?

Allow us to answer this question with another question: Are we sure the reigning champion Forge FC ever fell off track? 

Sure, the record is rather unimpressive. They are just two games over .500 at this writing. However, they’ve suffered from some noisy luck. Their losing record at home, for instance, is not going to stand. But there’s a reason the best online sportsbooks in the United States continue to show them love on their betting lines.

Getting more offensive contributions across the board will be key. Forge FC has three of the top seven players in total goals and assists: Woobens Pacius, Kyle Bekker and Terran Campbell. But they don’t get much production elsewhere. Select veterans have seen their mistakes rise and accuracy for shots on goal wane. 

Forge FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Is Atletico Ottawa’s Defense Good Enough to Win It All? 

At first blush, the answer to this question feels like it’ll be a resounding “no.” But then you start to dig a little deeper. 

Atletico Ottawa has held opponents to zero goals in 36.8 percent of their matches–the absolute highest mark in the Canadian Premier League. We’re actually more concerned about their offense, which has become a little too reliant on Ollie Bassett notching scores in roughly every other game.

Atletico Ottawa To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Will HFX Wanderers FC Ever Get Their Act Together on the Road?

Despite getting stellar two-way performances all year from Aidan Daniels and Massimo Ferrin, HFX Wanderers FC has been unable to string together competent offensive performances while playing away from Halifax. Their road record on the season is a mind-meltingly terrible 1-6-3.

On the bright side, they have the talent to dramatically improve upon the mark. But they’re not going to do it unless they start getting more aggressive performances from Lorenzo Callegari and Theo Collomb.

HFX Wanderers FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Is York United FC’s Winning Record Real or a Mirage?

So, we said that six of the eight teams in the Canadian Premier League had a realistic shot at winning at all. That might have been a stretch.

York United FC is two games over .500 at this writing, but their vitals scream “Red flag!” Not only have they secured just two victories at home, but they’ve turned in a minus-six goal differential, which ranks as the second worst in the league. 

York United FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

Official 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship Prediction

Most will gravitate towards Pacific FC at this stage of the season. We get it. We’re tempted to go that route, too. 

But we’re picking Forge FC to win it all again anyway. 

Better offensive performances are littered throughout their schedule. We also believe their defensive peak is higher than advertised. Forge FC has not always defended up to their potential, but they’re delivering shutouts in 35 percent of their matches. Only Atletico Ottawa has a higher share of zero-goals-allowed outings.

Forge FC To win the 2023 Canadian Premier League Championship

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