France Ligue 1 Futures: Best Bets to Win the 2023 Championship

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France Ligue 1 Futures: Best Bets to Win the 2023 Championship

Sometimes, sports bettors can be hesitant to invest in the futures market too early. They like to get a better feel for the major event they're about to wager on. However, dipping your toes into the futures market early can be quite beneficial. The longer you have to go before the event will play out, the more lucrative your potential return can be. This is especially true when it comes to diving into the world of online soccer betting. Sportsbooks offer the flashiest payouts either before the season or at the start of it. And that brings us to the France Ligue 1 futures market.

At this writing, the 2022-23 season is no more than eight matches old for any club. And that means almost any pick you make will pay out better than even money. Please note we said "almost." The latest online soccer betting odds have pegged Paris St. Germain as the ultra-heavy favorites to repeat as champions, as you can see below thanks to the folks over BetUS, and they're not currently paying out anything near even money:

Pick To WinBetUS
Paris St. Germain-3500
Stade Rennais+6500
AC Ajaccio+43000
ESTAC Troyes+85000

As a reminder, these France Ligue 1 betting odds are accurate entering Friday, September 30. Since a winner won't be officially crowned until sometime in May 2023, you will want to double-check these soccer betting lines until you actually make your picks. Sportsbooks will continue shifting the lines you see here over the course of the regular season.

Still need a place to bet on France Ligue 1 futures? Never fear, because our reviews of the top online sportsbooks are here. If you take a few minutes to poke around, the wealth of information we've compiled will enable you to find a home for all of your France Ligue 1 wagering with any one of the best online soccer betting sites in the business.

So...should Paris St. Germain be the heaviest of favorites to win France Ligue 1 in 2023? Or should you add one of the other contenders to your list of options? Let's explore!

Paris St. Germain has a Chokehold on the France Ligue 1 Futures Market

Sportsbooks have decided that no one will touch Paris St. Germain. And if we're being honest, we see their point.

Paris St. Germain (-3500) has racked up 26 scores through eight matches against four goals allowed. Both marks lead France Ligue 1 and give the club a ridiculous plus-22 goal differential.

Paris St. Germain To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

Is Marseille a Real Threat to Win It All?

At 23-to-1, Marseille (+2300) is presently generating the second most action in the France Ligue 1 futures department. That's probably the right call.

While Marseille's offense has struggled when defenses slow them down after crossing midfield, their own defense has been almost flawless. Their five goals allowed through eight matches are the second-best mark of the season, and they have one of the best goalkeeper rotations in existence.

Marseille To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

Lyon Appears to be Underrated by Oddsmakers and Analysts Alike

The odds for Lyon (+4400) have been in relative free fall over the past couple of days. And the decline isn't a mystery.

Lyon has lost three straight matches, a stretch that many are viewing as a harbinger for concern. But not us.

This club has been expertly managed under Peter Bosz. And even as they drop three in a row, they still have a plus-six goal differential on the season.

Lyon To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

Better France Ligue 1 Futures Bet: Lens or Monaco?

Monaco (+4400) and Lens (+4400) are laying identical odds through their first eight matches. And make no mistake, that kind of surprises us.

Though Monaco is comfortably over .500, their defense has wilted on a number of occasions—particularly in the middle. Given how dominant Lens has been at home this season—and the fact they've yet to actually lose a match—we don't view this as much of a decision.

Lens To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

Which Dark Horse France Ligue 1 Contender Should You Consider?

To be blunt, none of the distant dark horses stand out to us early on.

Except Stade Rennais (+6500).

A topsy-turvy offense holds them back with oddsmakers, but we can't get over their end-to-end defense. They are 3-3-2 despite only scoring 14 times. That says the world about their ability to keep other opponents out of the net.

Given the transfer work Stade Rennais has done in the past, it's also fair to assume they'll make some upgrades as the year goes on.

Stade Rennais To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

OFFICIAL PREDICTION: Who Will Win France Ligue 1 in 2023?

There's no use fighting it. Paris St. Germain seems destined to win a second straight France Ligue 1 title.

Suggesting any alternatives actually feels kind of icky. Paris St. Germain is that dominant.

In fact, their plus-22 goal differential doesn't just lead the field. It doubles up the second place Marseille (plus-11).

If you're going to roll the dice on another option, it might as well be a mega long shot, such as Stade Rennais. Because while Paris St. Germain isn't offering great value, their case is so strong, it doesn't make sense to bet against them unless you have the chance to bag a 50-to-1 payout or bettor.

Paris St. Germain To win the France Ligue 1 Championship in 2023

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