English Premier League Futures: Will Manchester City Repeat as Champions in 2023?

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English Premier League Futures: Will Manchester City Repeat as Champions in 2023?

The 2022-23 English Premier League season is just a couple of matches old so far, which is great news for anyone still looking to make some bigger-picture investments in addition to working any single-game lines. The English Premier League futures market remains robust; all the best online soccer betting sites continue to update their odds to win it all next May. And after much thought, we've put together our best bets to win the 2023 EPL championship.

Before get into the weeds, though, here's a look at the odds to win the 2023 EPL title, courtesy of the folks over at BetOnline:

Premier League ChampionBetOnline
Manchester City-270
Manchester United+12000
Aston Villa+19000
West Ham+19000
Crystal Palace+43000
Nottingham Forest+43000

Definitely continue checking these betting odds for the English Premier League until you actually place your wager. A champion will not be crowned until May 2023, so sportsbooks will keep shitting their lines to win it all. Our EPL odds and predictions are accurate entering Thursday, August 17.

Still, need a place to bet on 2023 English Premier League futures? We've got your back. Our reviews of the top online sportsbooks are loaded with intel that will help you find the best English Premier League betting sites around.

Now...back to business. Can anyone dethrone two-time reigning EPL champion Manchester City? Or are they locked to win it all, as the latest soccer betting odds across pretty much every sportsbook suggest?

Manchester City Has Cornered the Market for English Premier League Futures

Remember when people were worried about offseason addition Erling Haaland fitting in properly with Manchester City? So much for that.

Haaland found the net twice in Manchester City's bout with West Ham, anchoring a frontline that currently looks like the best in the world. His presence is not to be understated in the grand scheme.

Manchester City has for so long dazzled crowds and disarmed defenses with their around-the-world passing and shot-making. Haaland now gives them somebody with serious north-south juice, an element their offense has arguably lacked during their past two championship runs.

If he stays healthy and continues moving the ball within the larger ecosystem espoused by Manchester City, the EPL's scariest team goes from trophy favorite to seemingly unbeatable.

Manchester City To win the 2023 English Premier League Championship

Liverpool is Priced Like an Underdog Even Though They're So Much More

Liverpool's slow start—evident by their 0-0-2 record through their first two matches—is scaring a lot of people off their bandwagon. This, apparently, includes oddsmakers. Liverpool was priced like more of a co-favorite than a distant second-place entering the season.

Granted, there is cause for concern. Liverpool's list of injuries is growing, particularly in the midfield. The club is expected to be without Thiago for a month.

Still, Darwin Nunez has been providing a steady hand off the bench. Liverpool is built to navigate this stretch; their depth in the midfield is admirable, even as the injuries continue to mount. They are for sure a team that can compete for serious English Premier Futures attention, right alongside Manchester City.

Liverpool To win the 2023 English Premier League Championship

Better English Premier League Futures Bet: Tottenham or Chelsea?

The start to Chelsea's season has been largely underwhelming. Their offense, in particular, feels like it's missing a few beats.

Kai Havertz and Mason Mount are so far the biggest culprits. Neither has been passing or scoring at their expected clip, and it has cost Chelsea a great deal. The team's three combined goals through the first two weeks are the lowest total among the should-be contenders.

To be fair, Chelsea has the defensive chutzpah to survive this stretch. That said, if they're going to compete with Tottenham, Manchester City, and Liverpool throughout the season, they'll need to be worlds better on offense.

Tottenham To win the 2023 English Premier League Championship

Is Arsenal's Hot Start to the 2022-23 Season for Real?

Only two teams won their first two games outright to start the season: championship favorite Manchester City and Arsenal.

Bettors and oddsmakers alike don't appear to be reading too much into this hot start. That's probably fair. Arsenal has struggled to maintain their hot starts over the course of a full 90 minutes, and the heart of their defense has shown cracks against attackers in the final dozen ticks.

This is not to say you should remove them from your list of title options. If the stamina of this team improves, Arsenal may deserve more attention than either Tottenham or Chelsea.

Arsenal To win the 2023 English Premier League Championship

Should Manchester United be on Your Championship Radar?

The odds on Manchester United across the English Premier League futures market took a nosedive after their loss to Brighton. Optimists continue to point out it was only one match, but the implications of that loss verge on dire.

Manchester United's offense looks absolutely cooked without Cristiano Ronaldo. They have plenty of depth in the midfield but lack a general amount of shot creation.

Now is a great time to pounce on them if you believe, since they're paying out 120-to-1. We're just not sure whether we have that much confidence in them.

Manchester United To win the 2023 English Premier League Championship

2023 English Premier League Futures: Who Will Win It All?

Is there any other prediction worth making at this point other than picking Manchester City to win it all?

Liverpool had our attention before their slow start out of the gate, and we might be higher on Arsenal's defensive capability than consensus. At the same time, no club has been nearly as dominant at both ends of the pitch as the reigning champs.

Manchester City looks poised to win it all again.

OSB Prediction: Manchester City (-270)

Take a look at this list of the top online sportsbooks so you can find one to use for all of your English Premier League betting during the 2022 season:

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