Betting Picks To Win 2022 Men’s French Open

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Betting Picks To Win 2022 Men’s French Open

It’s French Open time in Roland Garros Stadium from now until the finale on June 5. Who will become the next French Open champion? We think we have an idea. Read this to get our two betting picks to win the next Grand Slam!

Three tennis players — Carlos Alvarez, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal — are firmly favored to win the French Open, per the most popular tennis betting sites. No other player in the crowded field is even near the trio in terms of odds to win. Below is where the odds currently stand for the betting favorites:

Novak Djokovic+150+150
Carlos Alcaraz+165+165
Rafael Nadal+200+200
Stefanos Tsitsipas+650+650
Alexander Zverev+1400+1400
Dominic Thiem+1600+1600
Daniil Medvedev+1800+1800
Casper Ruud+2000+2000
Jannik Sinner+2500+2500
Andrey Rublev+3000+3000

2022 French Open Best Bets To Win

Diversification is never a bad idea when forming a winning sports betting strategy. As you’re well aware, sports aren’t exactly predictable — if they were, we’d be millionaires from sports betting. That’s why we’re placing two bets on the 2022 French Open winner. The second one is more of a “backup” in case that unpredictability strikes to our first choice. Here’s where our money is going:

Novak Djokovic

Is Djokovic “back”? It sure looked like it at the Italian Open a few days ago. The world’s number-one ranked player won the title — his first of the calendar year — and did so in a dominant fashion. As a matter of fact, never once during the Italian Open did Djokovic even lose a set. That dominant run could give Djokovic all the confidence to win a second straight French Open title here.

But we’re picking Djokovic because we have our doubts about the other two betting favorites — Alcaraz and Nadal. Let’s begin with the latter, who just happens to be a 13-time French Open winner (a tourney record). Under normal circumstances, the “King of Clay” Nadal would be our choice to win. His feats on the clay courts might never be matched. However, these aren’t normal circumstances for Nadal.

Unnormal because Nadal is injured. Again. Only he's being hush-hush about how severe or not severe the injury is. A stress fracture in his ribs and chronic foot issues have affected him as of late, with the latter resurfacing during the recent Italian Open. The 21-time Grand Slam champion has announced he'll be in Paris regardless, but it's anyone's guess where his true level of fitness is. That's why it's best to skip out on him. The injury unknowns are too much to stake a bet with.

And then there's Alcaraz. The tennis world is about ready to crown him as the "next big thing", he just needs to win his first-ever Grand Slam first. The 19-year-old beat out both Djokovic and Nadal (his childhood hero) to win the Madrid Open earlier this month, giving Alcaraz his fourth title of the calendar year. To some, that performance felt like a "passing of the torch" moment from the old guard to the new one, but we disagree.

Alcaraz is for real, but it's "too soon, too fast" for him at Roland Garros. Five-set matches are an entirely different beast — and up to this point, a beast Alcaraz hasn't had much success in. At Grand Slams, his best-ever finish was making it to the quarterfinals at the US Open. That doesn't give us the confidence we need to bet him over Djokovic, who we firmly believe is STILL the best player in the world today.

Novak Djokovic to win the 2022 French Open championship

Stefanos Tsitsipas

It's weird to say, but the No. 4-ranked player in the world, Tsitsipas, is flying under the radar in Paris. All eyes, from bettors to pundits, are on the "big three." However, we feel that's created a value betting opportunity for Tsitsipas. His +650 betting line is the ultimate low-risk, high-reward bet in the whole field, and it's one we believe worth taking a chance on.

Here's why: Tsitsipas thrives on the clay court — more so than any other playing surface. No, maybe his dominance isn't Nadal-esque, but he is 14-3 on clay surfaces this year. Sure, he is also Grand Slam-less like Alcaraz, but Tsitsipas did finish runner-up to Djokovic at this tournament one year ago. Tsitsipas went up two sets to none to begin that finale before crumbling due to "stubbornness," as he recently said in an interview.

The way we see it, the heartbreak of the 2021 French Open might actually help Tsitsipas' championship hopes this time around. Experience is the greatest teacher, after all, and Tsitsipas now has an abundance of it. We're throwing a small bet on Tsitsipas to pull off the upset. Given his +650 odds, you don't need a huge sum of money to make a killer profit anyway.

Stefanos Tsitsipas to win the 2022 French Open championship

How To Bet On The 2022 French Open?

Qualifiers have already begun at the 2022 French Open. However, the second round — which will feature all the seeded players — isn’t until May 25. So if you’re taking our 2022 French Open champion betting advice (or even fading it), you’ll want to drop that bet before the second round as lines will fluctuate greatly once play starts. The best place to make these wagers is at one of the betting sites listed underneath.

What's great about these bookmakers is the French Open odds don't stop at outright winners. No, no, there's also an array of betting lines on individual tourney matches (moneyline, over/unders, props) on both the men's and women's sides of the bracket. Click one of the links in the below table to see for yourself. We have unbiased sportsbook reviews on each site, too in case you need help deciding which to gamble on.

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