Davis Cup Moneyline Betting

Each Davis Cup tournament has six groups of three, and for the first four days, they will compete in a round-robin format. Each features two singles and one doubles rubber which are played in the best of three formats. Then they move to the quarterfinals and so on. This creates a good amount of Davis Cup betting opportunities jammed into one week.

Each game at the Davis Cup will have moneyline odds, and it’s the most practical and easy bet to understand. The moneyline bet is very simple: you need to predict which player or team will win the match.

For example:

If you have Spain versus Canada in the Davis Cup Finals, and let’s say in this instance we have Spain favored to win the match (spoiler alert: they did), you might see betting odds that look like this:

  • Spain -110
  • Canada +160

Since Spain is the favorite, the negative number means you will have to bet that amount to win $100. So you would have to place $110 on Spain to win $100. If you look at Canada, the underdog in this situation – they have much better value odds. If you bet on Canada, the +110 odds mean that you would need to wager $100 to win $110.

These odds can also be broken down further, maybe you like Spain to win, but where Denis Shapovalov from Canada plays Rafael Nadal, you think Canada has an advantage, you can wager on the individual players of each match as well.

Each Davis Cup match will have different odds based on the players competing and who they’re up against, so take into account who is playing, how they do on hard courts.

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Davis Cup Futures

Now is the time to get your 2021 Davis Cup futures bets in. When it comes to betting on futures, it’s a very simple concept. You are going to predict which nation will win the 2021 Davis Cup far in advance. The further you are from the tournament, the better the odds will be, as it becomes more apparent in months leading up to the tournament which teams have a shot to be the champions.

You need to do plenty of research, ensure you know which players are representing their countries, and even when the schedule is released, odds will change, so you will want to review those and ensure your team you have pegged to win doesn’t have a challenging schedule.

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Now, if you look at these Davis Cup betting odds, you will notice Spain is a pretty heavy favorite. That means that oddsmakers are pretty positive they will be in the final vying for the title. However, a keen eye might notice that 2019 runner up, Canada is at +1000. This is pretty low considering they placed second last year and made it to the finals.

A keen bettor might be inclined to bet on Canada. The odds are the same as moneylines when you work with positive numbers like +1000, you will have to bet $100 to win $1000. Of course, you can bet any denomination, like a $10 wager would pay out $100.

These odds can be out on qualifying events as well, so you could bet on someone who doesn’t even make it to the Davis Cup. Be sure to be cautious when betting futures, and do plenty of research.


Top Online Sportsbooks for Davis Cup Betting

Now that you are familiar with the two main betting options when it comes to betting on the Davis Cup, you’re ready to choose an online sportsbook and prepare for the 2021 tournament. All of these will have great Davis Cup winner odds.

While some states have pretty decent sportsbook offerings, many haven’t fully legalized sports betting, and some don’t offer mobile betting, so it is important to understand that online offshore sportsbooks aren’t as scary or intimidating as they’re perceived to be.

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Online sportsbooks are easy to use, and you can bet from pretty much anywhere you like - the bar, the gym, or our personal favorite, from the comfort of your own home.

Finding a sportsbook that is secure and has SSL encryption, that also has the best tennis odds should be your main goal when searching for an online sportsbook. Researching online sportsbooks before taking the plunge and signing up can benefit you in the long run, as many online sportsbook reviews offer insights into deposit options, bonuses, and loyalty programs which can turn into free betting dollars.

Remember to have fun betting on The Davis Cup and always ensure you bet responsibly and safely.

Davis Cup Betting Tips

Now that you have Davis Cup betting odds under your belt, it is time to start sharpening up on your Davis Cup betting tips.

In many ways, these will be very similar to how they are for other sports. Taking a look at our sports betting guide is a great place to start.

In addition to all those Davis Cup betting tips, keep in mind the need to know each of the tennis players involved and how they will come across to each other.