Luxor Sportsbook Review

Even if you have never stayed at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, you can probably still tell it apart from other venues. Shaped like a 30-story pyramid, it remains one of the most recognizable establishments in Las Vegas. Yet while it is renowned for its look, it is also an interesting place to gamble and even stay.

Our Luxor sportsbook review will cover anything you need to know about the experience. From the hours of operation and directions to the lowdown on the sportsbook and the casino to tips that will allow you to maximize your stay, this evaluation has everything except your reservation. But hey, we can’t do it all for you!

The Luxor Sportsbook Experience

Like all things Las Vegas, your Luxor experience begins with the technical details. Everything from directions to operating hours can be difficult to track down, but we've assembled everything—and more—in one place. Let's go ahead and take a look before we get to our Luxor sportsbook breakdown.

Pros of Luxor Hotel & Casino

  • Cheap room rates and resort fees
  • 120,000 square foot casino
  • Underrated sportsbook

Cons of Luxor Hotel & Casino

  • Sportsbook opens later than some others on the weekends
  • Not centrally located on the strip
  • No special events or contests at the sportsbook

Luxor Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Location of Luxor Sportsbook

The Luxor sportsbook is located on the strip, at 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South, and commuting to and from McCarran International Airport is a breeze. Fewer than three miles away, your commute in either direction takes under 10 minutes in normal traffic.

Parking at the Luxor can be a bit of a headache. The first hour of self-parking is free, but every hour after that costs you a fee. Guests of the hotel are charged a flat $10 per day if they wish to self-park.

Since the Luxor is located deeper on the strip, not everything is necessarily within walking distance. We still recommend using rideshares over renting a car. It will be cheaper in the end, especially if you take advantage of their $5 shuttle that runs to and from McCarran International Airport.

luxor high limit room

Place Your Bets at the Luxor Sportsbook

Contrary to places like the Bellagio and MGM, Luxor does not use the sportsbook as their primary draw. They are more committed to their casino, hotel, and aesthetics.

Still, this isn't the Planet Hollywood sportsbook either. This is to say, it's not incredibly tiny. It is intimate yet spacious.

The Luxor has 110 seats within its sportsbook—a middle ground when it comes to patron capacity. They actually have more TVs than they do seats; there are 120 screens peppered throughout the sportsbook, all dedicated to displaying the hottest games, matches or races, and the latest lines.

Having this many screens is a great feature for those who like to bet on horse races. You won't have any issues trying to keep track of your wagers. The Luxor shows everything—and we mean everything. That can also come in handy for anyone who wishes to play lines for less popular sports, such as tennis or boxing, that don't have any major events running. The Luxor has the ability to broadcast even the smaller-scale tournaments and matches.

Early-bird college football and NFL bettors will not be too happy with the Luxuor's weekend hours. Many other places open at 7 a.m. with lines dropped no later than 8 a.m. The Luxor sportsbook sets up shop at 8 a.m. and will post their lines between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. That can be a drag when you're dealing with 1 p.m. EST kickoffs.

The Luxor makes up for that limited window—you should still have a full hour to get your preliminary bets in before East Coast kickoffs—by offering an exceptional selection of independent mid-game lines. They allow customers to place wagers by the quarter or half for most games, almost at any point after the event has started.

If you're into kicking back and watching an entire game at the sportsbook, the Luxor is built to suit you. They do not offer special events or contests for groups, but their seats are incredibly cushy, and they have their PlayBar located directly outside the sportsbook. You can sit there, order a cocktail and some food while placing bets and playing some video casino games, or you can grab a drink to go and return to the sportsbook itself.

Visitors can also place future bets without any issues. You don't need to be present at the Luxor to collect your winnings. They offer a pay-by-mail service.

And because the Luxor is a part of the MGM brand, you can sign up for an account on the BetMGM sportsbook app. This will allow you to place bets without being on-site. You can choose to have funds deposited into your account or go pick up potential winnings in person. 

Of course, the app only works if you're in Nevada and other states where there is an MGM-brand casino. If you live somewhere else, we strongly recommend checking out our ranking of the best online sportsbooks below. They allow you to get in on the action almost regardless of where you're located.

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    Luxor Casino

    Space is in heavy supply at the Luxor casino. They have dedicated around 120,000 square feet to all your gaming needs. 

    No one should have trouble finding something to play. The Luxor has slots and virtual games galore, in addition to a vast selection of table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps, among others. Their poker room is also to-die-for, and they run plenty of tournaments with varying buy-in costs.

    True high-rollers might be the only bettors who feel out of place. The Luxor has higher-limit sections for their tables and slots, but they predominantly exist to serve the common gambler. Basically, they don't want to price themselves out of any potential customers. And that model is working.

    You might now be asking whether the casino floor drinks are complimentary. That is the single most common question when it comes to hotel and casino reviews in Vegas. The answer in this case is yes. You won't be treated to top-shelf liquor or imported beers, but the servers floating around the casino will take your order so long as you're playing at a table or slot machine.

    Remember to always tip these waiters and waitresses. And try to give more than a single buck if you can. They will be far more likely to come back, and there's even a chance they throw you a top-shelf cocktail if you're generous enough.

    Even if you don't plan on wagering a ton of money, we recommend signing up for an M Life rewards card. It is good at all MGM-brand spots, including the Luxor, and you can earn rewards for every bet you place on a casino game. (Note: This does not include the sportsbook.)

    The type of M Life card you choose depends on how much you plan to gamble, but the rewards range from event tickets and comped rooms to favorable spots at MGM buffets and free bets.

    luxor hotel

    Staying at the Luxor

    With 4,400 rooms, there is always an available spot with your name on it at the Luxor. 

    As we've already noted, parking can become unnecessarily expensive, but everything else at the hotel is designed to be affordable. Nightly room rates can fall below $50 depending on the time of year, and the Luxor's resort fee checks in at under $15 per day.

    The amenities they offer are pretty expansive given the overall low cost of your stay. They have a pool, gym, spa, currency exchange, laundry service, tennis courts, and free wifi, in addition to all the other usual perks you'll find everywhere else. 

    For the amount you're spending, the rooms are much better than decent. They're about average size, but the Luxor has renovated them within the past few years. There is a visibly more modern and chic feel to them.

    Eating on-site also isn't a problem—which is good, because you're not centrally located on the strip in the event you want to go explore. The Luxor has 10 different places to grab food, including a handful of great restaurants and a buffet option.

    They check a similar number of boxes when it comes to entertainment. They tout a handful of on-site shows and musicals, including the world-renowned Mindfreak magic show developed by and starring Criss Angel. 

    Overall, the Luxor is an incredibly appealing place for the budget-conscious to stay. Beyond that, because it can be so cheap at different times of the year, it's also a great place to both stay and plays if you're looking to increase the amount of time you spend in Vegas. Many hotels can start to upcharge you if you schedule one-week stays that span the entire weekend. The Luxor is no such place.