The legalization of sports betting in Michigan changed the landscape of gambling in the state. There are a number of excellent bookmakers offering odds and the top providers often provide extensive sports odds through sports betting apps in Michigan. The state boasts a number of top-tier sports teams, which has helped the community of bettors grow over the years.

Legal Sports Betting Apps in Michigan

With some great Michigan sports betting apps available to sports fans, it can be difficult to find the right bookmaker to suit your betting needs. The law changed back in 2019 when Governor Gretchen Whitmer pushed sports betting into law. As such, mobile sports betting as well as at physical commercial venues, such as casinos, was then allowed thereafter.

There is a soaring demand for access to sports betting markets from sports fans in the state, there is an abundance of excellent bookmakers available to U.S. players. This differs somewhat from what you’ll find in many of the other states, as U.S. betting laws are a conflicting subject in all states. However, there do seem to be sweeping changes being made across the country, so we’re likely to see more states offering the quality of service Michigan residents have access to.

Michigan has sports teams competing in the majority of major leagues, which means there is a huge community of sports enthusiasts. Many of them enjoy wagering with top-tier bookmakers, featuring unique mobile betting sportsbooks. Below you’ll find three of the best oddsmakers:

Interestingly, all these bookies begin with the letter “B”, they also offer the best way to enjoy mobile betting. While we do list others on our site, we’ll check these out here.

Michigan Sports Betting Apps

Michigan state residents are fortunate enough to carry out sports betting comfortably, even on the move. The evolution of modern sportsbooks has coincided with technological advancements. As such, we’re left with some of the most exciting technologies we’ve ever seen in the betting industry.

Sports enthusiasts can now access some of the broadest betting markets in the world from the comfort of their mobile or another device. These apps are regularly updated in order to keep up with the high standards set by bettors.

Residents aged 21 or over are allowed to use these apps. We’ll cover some of the features bettors can access through the unique mobile betting technology. We will keep this page updated, so you can find the latest information about these great bookmakers.

BetOnline Mobile Betting App Review

The people’s favorite bookmakers. This oddsmaker has been doing the business for a full spectrum of sports betting markets since 2004. Its dedication to the industry has been rewarded with an established and growing community of followers. The service is first-rate and this has helped them in the early days, establishing a level of trust between themselves and the betting community.

The quality of service on offer stretches to their mobile betting service, which is the latest addition to a comprehensive betting package. The mobile betting platform is first-rate and ensures quick access to the markets on the go for users. The provider has some unique gaming features, which include:

  • A broad range of betting markets
  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • Great user interface

As we mentioned above, the user interface at BetOnline is simplistic, but also appealing to the eye. Navigate the full range of betting odds and services with the touch of a button.

Bovada Mobile Betting App Review

Bovada is one of the bookmakers that keeps bringing punters back. They have been around for as long as any other and stay dedicated to providing a quality service. Michigan-based residents will be able to wager on their favorite sports markets using Bovada, whilst enjoying the extensive range of bonuses and promotions available.

The service is adaptable, with the screen size adjusting to accommodate mobile and tablet usage. As well as that, this unique betting app is downloadable using Android and iOS. This bookie ticks all the boxes, giving you the complete gaming experience from the comfort of your own home, or on the move via the Bovada mobile betting app.

Explore the full range of betting opportunities from your fingertips. With distinct mobile sports betting promotions, bettors will find it easy to indulge in the markets. The state of Michigan boasts teams like the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Pistons, meaning sports fans of the NBA, NFL, and NBA will love Bovada.

BetUS Mobile Betting App Review

BetUS is the oldest of the bookmakers we’ve listed here. Founded in 1994, they are one of the most recognizable oddsmakers in the U.S., as the name suggests. Not only is BetUS renowned for quality and its range of service, but it also has a huge community that returns to the markets due to the consistency of BetUS.

Since the launch, they have strived to establish themselves as the number one bookmaker available to American players. While the market is saturated, they’ve remained true to their foundations and it’s paid off. One of the latest features of the BetUS service is the development of its mobile betting app. Some of the best aspects of the app include:

  • Simplistic interface
  • Great reload bonus
  • Expansive betting markets

Whether you’re betting from your mobile device, desktop or tablet, the BetUS mobile app will adjust accordingly. The app is designed to work cross-platform, so iOS and Android will enjoy wagering here.