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Montana is in a minority group of states that can allow regulated sports betting. However, because Montana is not considered a sports gambling-friendly state, it has yet to allow it regularly — leaving many gamblers in the state scrambling to find other solutions when it comes to laying a wager. With on flip of the switch, Montana could regulate sports gambling, but until then, residents must find alternatives. We break down those choices in our latest state-by-state review.

Montana Online Sports Betting

There are only four states in America that have legalized sports betting and Montana is one of them. Montana was grand fathered into the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act law that allows the state to offer sports betting. We are breaking for the sports gambling rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at Montana’s laws.

      Montana is one of only four states in America that had been grand fathered to offer legalized sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Along with Nevada, Oregon and Delaware, Montana is the only other state which allows sports gambling through live brick and mortar bookmakers. Because Montana is not considered to be a gambling-friendly state, despite being authorized to offer sports betting, lawmakers at the state level haven’t officially allowed it to take place.

      This is frustrating for sports bettors in Montana, who have been looking for other alternatives to safely and legally place a wager on sporting events.

      Montana does offer other gambling options aside from sports betting. All legalized gambling within the state of Montana is limited to Poker, Keno, Bingo and video gambling machines with a maximum bet of $2 and a $800 payout. Missouri also has a state lottery and horse racing is also regulated at the state level.

      So, what does this mean for sports gamblers in the state? Montana officials can permit sports gambling with a flip of a switch, but until then, residents will continue looking for other sports betting alternatives.

      The most logical option is turning to offshore sportsbooks operating online. These sites have gained momentum in the United States because of strict federal laws against sports betting. Offshore bookmakers are 100 per cent full licensed and legal for Americans to tap into.

      Legal Montana Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks

      Montana may be one of only four states in American that can legally allow sports betting, but because of its stance on sports wagering, officials have yet to permit residents from putting money down on professional sporting events. This has left Montanans looking for other ways of placing wagers on sports.

      The rise of offshore sportsbooks that operate online has given U.S. customers a light at the end of the tunnel — including those that live in Montana.

      There are several top-notch online sportsbooks to choose from. However, and are among the industry leaders. Because there is no language in the federal law that prevents Americans from tapping into these fully licensed bookmakers, U.S. customers can legally and safely place bets on sites such as Bovada and

      Regardless if you are looking for a point spread wager on an NFL matchup or a simple money line bet on NHL action, offshore sportsbooks have the same betting options that live brick and mortar bookies would offer.

      For bettors looking for horse racing options, these online sportsbooks have you covered as well with full horse books and daily odds from tracks around the world.

      Montana does not have a professional sports team to speak of however the state has produced many world-class athletes over the years.

      Montana may one day be more accepting of regulated sports betting within state boundaries, but in the meantime, expect to see more and more residents make the transition to the online sports betting world.

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