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Online gambling is a growing world, and, for that reason, it is a brand new one for many of us. As with anything new, there is a lot to learn. And when we are talking about gambling and sports betting, it is especially important to have a guide help you along.

The Mission of OnlineSportsBetting

Out of this need, Online Sports Betting was born. We know how scary it can be to dive headfirst into the online sports betting world. This is why we bring our years of expertise to every review we make and every guide we create. We are here to help.

We cover online sports betting site reviews, local guides to casinos and gambling, guides to betting by sport, and even a sports betting guide. We really want you to do it well. This is why we cover so many aspects from choosing the best online sportsbooks to signing up, reading sports betting odds, and even publishing regular picks, so you can make the best bets possible.

How We Do Our Reviews

Our review process is transparent and consistent. We follow the same review process for each sports betting site, so that we can make sure we are making fair comparisons, and, therefore, the best recommendations. We have reviewed nearly every online sports betting site, and you can bet your bottom dollar we have found the best ones out there.

We look at all the most important aspects of a great online sports betting site. These include but are not limited to having a safe and secure site,  the depth and variety of their betting markets, the quality and speed of their customer service, the generosity of their welcome bonuses and promotions, and how competitive their odds are.

The reviews are the backbone of our mission. This is why we make sure to do them right. With a number of shady operations on the web, we make sure these sites are safe for users to log in and enjoy. After our meticulous process reviewing hundred of online betting sites, we are absolutely proud of our final reviews.

Gambling Legislation

A key part of our mission is connecting you to the best sportsbook for online sports betting available. This means that it is legally available in your jurisdiction.  Our legal team always has a finger on the legal sports betting pulse, as they keep an eye on how all fifty states are always updating their sports betting and gambling legislation. We know how complicated this can be for a lay users to find accurate and up to date information. This is why our legal team is always up to date.

You can check out our state pages ion the legal guides section. There, you will find the best sportsbooks legally available in your state. Each state has its own evolving legal landscape, and we have all the details on those pages.

Things were quite simple until 2018. That year, the Supreme Court opened a can of worms when they declared unconstitutional part of PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This allowed any state that chose to do so to regulate and tax sports betting. However, even if states do not move in this direction, users in those states can still legally access offshore sports betting sites. This has been the case for years!

Gambling Responsibly

Responsible gambling is a key part of the mission here at Online Sports Betting. After all, gambling is meant to be a form of entertainment. If it stops being fun, and starts being a source of anxiety or tension in your relations, it is a good time to reevaluate your relationship with sports betting.

The sportsbooks we recommend have the option for you to voluntarily excuse yourself. They can block you from having access to the sites. If this is what you wish, you can contact them, and they will take care of this for you.

Some tips for responsible gaming including setting and respecting budgets for time and money, making sure to be sober when gambling, and not borrowing money in order to gamble.

Gambling should be first and foremost a form of entertainment. It is not recommended to rely on gambling as a source of income. Please budget accordingly and seek help and guidance if you feel you might need it.

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Quinn Allen

Quinn Allen is a journalist who writes betting previews across the sports world. He’s also a Senior Editor at ClutchPoints. Quinn has been writing for OSB since 2022.

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Eric has been passionate about sports since he was 10 years old. This passion led him to pursue a career in sports journalism, where he reported on various sporting events, ranging from high school games to professional leagues, for several years. Eric now channels his ...

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Chris Wassel is a talented writer with a passion for sports and entertainment. With a background in journalism and over 20 years of experience, he has written articles covering a wide range of sports including hockey, basketball, football, and more. He offers a distinct...

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Dan is a sports betting writer who can tackle any topic from presidential elections to changes in the sports betting legislation federally and on the state level. He also writes picks for NFL.

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Nicolle is our trusted horseracing writer who covers all major races around the year, focusing on the US Triple Crown races Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

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Trent has written for USA Today Sports, Vice, Bloody Elbow, Fight! Magazine, UFC 360, and Narratively among others. He brings top-notch experience to OSB.

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Miguel is one of our staff writers.

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Pandora Hughes has been a seasoned professional in the betting industry for over a decade and a half. She has contributed to major players in the field such as Betfair, ESPN, and Sporting Life. With her extensive knowledge in sports betting, you can find her insightful ...

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Paolo writes about NHL and NBA for OSB. His picks articles highlight the pre-game factors that you should take into account before making your bets, but he also straight up tells you the best bets to make for each NHL and NBA round.


Henri is one of our staff writers.

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Karl writes about MLS for OnlineSportsBetting.net. His MLS Picks articles will first preview the action and then pick the winners of each round, and also highlight great player props and futures bets.

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Chris Boline is a passionate sports enthusiast who is currently employed in the sports sector. With a decade of writing experience, he has written for various media outlets that focus on topics such as the NBA G League, LA Chargers, Mountain West Conference football and...

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I'm someone who is passionate about sports and spend a lot of my free time catching up on the latest matches and games through television. In addition to watching sports, I also enjoy writing about them and have a keen interest in betting on sports. Apart from sports, I...

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Dean's favorite topics are the English Premier League and anything cricket related, but his vast sporting knowledge enables him to cover nearly any sport. In the past Dean has traveled the world watching events like FIFA World Cups and Ashes cricket, but these days he'...