While there are likely millions of sports fans across the globe who already bet on sports religiously, there are also thousands more who get into it every day. Although the best sports to bet vary from bettor to bettor, the undeniable truth is that certain sports are far easier to bet than others, and rookie bettors should take note. Take a look at the index below which briefly outlines the most popular sports to bet on, and the pages on our site dedicated to them.

The Best Sports To Bet On Online

Before you tune out for fear that we’re about to tell you which sports you should be following, rest assured we’re not! Rather, this page’s objective is to showcase the best sports to bet on from both a die-hard sports fan’s vantage point, and from a professional sports handicapper’ point of view of. The facts are simple – some sports make it easier to pick winning bets than others. See below for more details.

Betting on NFL football

European football fans, in vast majorities, wager on the NFL. That same love isn’t sent back over the pond when it comes to NFL fans betting on the Beautiful Game. While the gap is narrowing, that fact alone makes the National Football League the undisputed Champion of global sports betting.

Betting on NCAA football

Sportsbooks tend to keep their betting handles fairly close to the vest. That said, based on the huge number of games that make up the NCAA football betting season, college football reigns as the soild #2 North American sports betting option. BCS Bowl betting only adds to this overflowing wagering pond.

Betting on NBA basketball

No pro sports league as had more up and downs than the National Basketball Association. Thanks to a thrilling 2011 playoff race, capped by mesmerizing Championship action, the NBA is back baby. Contests are played every night during the roundball season – equating to tons of wagering opportunities.

Betting on NCAAB basketball

While NBA is back, you may be surprised to learn that NCAAB basketball betting never went away – and it’s even more popular than the pro game. Events that run over a span of time, like the FIFA World Cup of Soccer, get a run for their money when the NCAA rolls out their annual March Madness Tournament.

Betting on MLB baseball

Most sports bettors love the compact schedule of the NFL. By the same token, they appreciate the leisurely pace set by Major League Baseball. There’s a ton of MLB action played out every day, spanning three of the four seasons – cherry pick the best bets, then sit back and enjoy the warm escape from winter.

Betting on NHL hockey

As is evident by the huge amount of coverage being paid to the National Hockey League, by global media moguls like NBC Sports, the action from the frozen ponds in North American has never been hotter. Like the NBA, lots of games every night, coupled with an extended season, has made puck betting cooler than ever.