Sports Betting Movies

Like the rush of betting? Like chilling out with a movie? Combine this passion and not only do you get great sports betting movies but you also get dangerously close to a sports bettor’s dream – especially when Hollywood has the good sense to cast hotties like Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) as lead characters. Sports betting can be nerve-wracking, unpredictable, and downright stressful, but not when you’re munching popcorn watching someone else go through it. Here’s our list of our Top 15 favorite betting films.

Top Sports Betting Movies

Use the movie title to link to a full review of each of our Top 10 movies. Then get the popcorn ready and prepare to laugh and cry along with a plot you may know all to well, or one you could never have imagined.

Silver Linings Playbook – 2012

With dozens of awards to its credit including an Oscar, this love story set in Philadelphia includes Robert De Niro as a man who takes the love for his team seriously and wagers more than he probably should.

Even Money – 2006

Three gambling addicts are united in this detective tale of murder, chance, corruption and college basketball. A star-studded cast delivers as the plot gets thicker and thicker until the final brutal twist.

Two For The Money – 2005

Pacino and McConaughey head an all-star cast as they team up to make millions through pro sports handicapping, but soon predictions come from the heart and not the head, and the business heads south.

Bookies – 2003

Three inventive college students start up a successful bookie business but end up stepping on the toes of the local Italian mafia. Now, getting out of the business while staying on top will take them on a wild ride.

Big Shot – 2002

This “American Pie’-type story is about campus bookie at Arizona State University who excels at his studies but quickly gets himself mixed up with girls, drug lords, the FBI and of course sports gambling.

Smart Money – 1996

Jimmy dreams of becoming a big time New York stock trader. To get the money needed to apply, he’ll join an underground sports gambling syndicate. As things start to unravel, he’ll need to make life or death choices.

Diggstown – 1992

This boxing tale from Georgia follows an ex-convict scam artist who develops a ploy to earn millions by betting on one man to knock out 10 others in a row. The bet of course is nowhere as innocent as it sounds.

Let It Ride – 1989

Richard Dreyfuss is a taxi driver experiencing something familiar to sports bettors – hopeful positivity in the most dire of circumstances. He spends a day like no other at the race track where he just keeps winning.

Eight Men Out – 1988

A great example of gambling corrupting pro sports, this true story of the 1919 Chicago “Black Sox’ depicts how gamblers offered the players more money to lose than they would have made as world champions.

The Color of Money – 1986

When Fast Eddie Nelson (Paul Newman) spots promising young pool shark Vincent Lauria (Tom Cruise) he shows him the ropes, and mount his own comeback to the world of high-stakes pool halls.

The Gambler – 1974

An English teacher (James Caan) addicted to gambling on basketball games experiences the lows of the betting life. Dragging his family along with him he has nowhere to turn, except to one of his students.

The Hustler - 1961

The story of a small time pool player looking for the big time, poker players will love The Hustler, with its tale of reaching for the big time and leaving it all on the table, no matter what.