Futures betting has become so popular that most offshore sportsbooks will release championship odds, for the next season, within hours of the previous season ending. This betting option requires punters to forecast future results for players or teams. The risks are obvious: player injury, suspension, retirement. But, because of inherently large plus money line prices, the rewards can be huge. Futures odds always move due to relevant news but, once locked in at a price on a placed wagering ticket – they stay there.

How Futures Bets Work

Because futures odds are constantly in flux, it can pay off to wager as far ahead as possible. Are there rumors the top free agent is about to sign with a team? Betting on that club’s futures odds before that is official would get a greater return than afterward. Our top ranked online wagering websites offer great Futures betting. 


      Futures wagering focuses on Championship sports betting

      Sports fans have short memories. As soon as a team holds aloft the championship trophy, questions begin about winning the following season’s title — it usually happens in the post-game TV interview of the Champs. It’s why you will see “(championship team here) repeat” trending on the Web right after a championship game and why many major sites quickly unveil way-too-early Top 25s in college sports. Sportsbooks are well aware of all this, and it’s why you will see title futures less than 24 hours after a sports season ends.

      More often than not, the championship team isn’t the immediate favorite, either, because it’s so hard to repeat in every major U.S. sport. A big consideration before wagering on championship futures is predicting player movement: free agency, trades, retirements, suspensions, potential defections from college to the pro ranks, etc.

      The Denver Broncos’ 2012 futures odds changed drastically when the team signed Peyton Manning. However, a season-ending injury to Manning would vastly lengthen Denver’s title odds. College football and basketball futures are the most unpredictable early on because they rely on determining which players turn professional and on freshmen. Bank a bonus offer and use the extra dough to wager on Futures bets!