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SPORTS BETTING NEWS – Article posted on Tuesday 22 January Comment ()
Best Odds, Predictions for Super Bowl 53: Will Patriots Dynasty Live On? 
After 20 weeks of regular-season games and playoff matchups, the NFL is finally here, at Super Bowl 53. The New England Patriots are coming off a convincing win on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs, but while they have an in-progress dynasty on their side, the Los Angeles Rams are an up and coming superpower. Who will win? How should you bet? Read more to find out!
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Online Sports Betting Guide

Between the wide variety of sportsbooks bettors can choose from, various bonus offers designed to get your attention and all the different betting techniques that you need to learn to bet smarter, you’ve got some homework to do. We try to make your life a little easier by giving you everything you need to know on online sports betting.

Online Sports Betting Reviews

All sports bettors are different. Some might only bet on a certain sports or sporting events while others prefer to place bigger wagers on every sport played throughout the year. Just as every sports bettor is different, so is every sportsbook. Our reviews help online sports bettors select a sports betting site that fits his or her needs. [+]

Each sportsbook offers a wide variety of deposit and withdraw option. This is the first thing to review. Different sportsbook have different minimums and maximums on deposits and withdraws as well as wagers. You will want to make sure that the minimums or maximums meet your wagering style.

Sportsbooks might also have other restrictions on withdraws. Some sportsbooks will only allow you to withdraw a certain amount at a time and only so many times a month. This is important depending on the size of your bets. If you are wagering a small amount, you don’t want to sign-up with a sportsbook that has a high withdraw minimum. There are sportsbooks that charge for certain withdraw option such as Western Union or bank wire, while others only allow one free withdraw every week or month.

Sportsbooks all offer other promotions such as sign-up and reload bonuses. Most every sportsbook online offers some sort of sign-up bonus – usually a percentage of your initial deposit. Reload bonuses used to as common as sign-up bonuses. In recent years, some sportsbooks have either limited the bonus or eliminated them all together. Again, depending on the amount you are depositing, one sportsbook might be a better fit for you than another.

Please educate yourself with some of the best sportsbooks online such as Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and Consult our reviews for these sportsbooks to pick the best fit for your wagering style.

List of Recommended Betting Sites

The web is home to a huge number of online sportsbooks and while these betting sites might all look similar on face value, the truth is that they vary a great deal up close. In this list of recommended betting sites you’ll also find that we identify a handful of rogue sportsbooks that we recommend avoiding at all cost. [+]

The main difference between a rogue sportsbook and a reputable sportsbooks is like night and day. Rogue sportsbooks are often fly-by-night operations that attempt to scam their customers out of their money. The biggest complaint from clients of rogue sportsbooks is the inability to collect their winnings. Many times these rogue sportsbooks will payout a percentage of the total amount of the payout request, but not the whole amount. This is often done hoping the player will continue to place wagers and lose the remaining amount in their account.

We have reviewed an abundance of online sportsbooks and compiled a list of the top five online sportsbooks. Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and have all been industry leaders for years. Their years of existence and quality service provide their players with the best online sports betting experience. Read our reviews for each of these sportsbooks and pick the one that best fits your wagering style.

Sports Betting Guide

Any self respecting sports bettor knows that proper online sports betting technique will result in bigger winnings. Developing a style and method that works best for you is the way to go, but how do you go about carving that out for yourself? Luckily, we’re here to help. Consult our online sports betting guide for a great step-by-step sports betting how-to. [+]

Our team of wagering experts goes into great detail about everything from the very basics of how to find the best odds, to more intermediate subjects such as sound money management techniques, to more professional subjects such as how to study sports betting stats and trends and what are the best odds comparison softwares available.

In short, everyone from novice sports bettors to professionals of the sports betting industry have something they can sink their hungry teeth into.
So go on and read this betting guide before you make any more big mistakes that could cost you more money than you’re really looking to lose. The whole idea is to polish up on your skills so you know how to win at sports betting. And from there, it’s like riding a bike – you never forget!

Best Sign Up Bonus Offers

In the hyper competitive world that is the online betting industry, sign up bonuses often are the first interaction sportsbooks can have with potential clients. But what makes the best sign up bonus offers THE BEST? Through our detailed reviews of these offers’ inner workings, we’ll guide you through noise, and help you avoid the pitfalls of sneaky marketing.   [+]

If we feature a sportsbook on our site, we’ll also review their bonus offer and various promotions. We feel that a book’s bonus is the crucial litmus test that will indicate whether a book is worth your time, or not.