2021 NBA Draft Prop Betting Picks and Predictions

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2021 NBA Draft Prop Betting Picks and Predictions

Now that the Milwaukee Bucks have officially been crowned NBA champions, the Association is finally entering its offseason. And that can mean only one thing: It's time for some 2021 NBA draft prop betting odds and predictions!

Given the relative lack of variance at the top of this year's draft class followed by the acute randomness in the middle and at the bottom, our usual approach will no longer suffice. Betting on exact pick numbers for inbound rookies offers very little return. Instead, we're turning to the over/under game for some of the most key prospects.

Let's take a look at the latest 2021 NBA draft odds, courtesy of BetOnline:

PlayerOver/Under Pick NumberBetOnlineBetOnline
Alperyn Sengun12.5Over (-120)Under (-120)
Ayo Dosunmu27.5Over (-110)Under (-130)
Cameron Thomas22.5Over (-110)Under (-130)
Chris Duarte15.5Over (-110)Under (-130)
Corey Kispert14Over (-130)Under (-110)
Davion Mitchell12.5Over (-130)Under (-110)
James Bouknight7.5Over (+125)Under (-165)

Always make sure to double-check these NBA betting odds prior to deciding on a wager. The lines will move between now and the July 29 extravaganza at BetOnline and other top online sportsbooks.

2021 NBA Draft Betting Breakdown

When determining where the forthcoming prospects will be selected, we based our verdicts off mock drafts from veritable outlets as well as research into each player's skill set. Draft night is, of course, subject to plenty of curveballs, but rest assured, we're feeling pretty confident in these 2021 NBA draft picks.

Also, because betting the over/under on draft picks isn't always standard, here's a quick description of how it works: Let's say the over/under on an NBA prospect's draft position in 9.5. If he is selected between first overall and ninth overall, the under hits. If he's taken 10th overall or later, the over hits.

Now, let's get to it!

Alperen Sengun, Besiktas

Alperen Sengun odds

Over/Under: 12.5

Many NBA front offices get nervous about taking early-draft swings on international prospects, even though many of them, like Alperen Sengun, are playing in pro leagues that dwarf the talent level of the NCAA.

Still, Sengun's case is tough because he's a bit of a throwback. A lot of his offense comes in the post. He has shown the capacity to hit pick-and-pops, but the range isn't yet a proven part of his game.

Combine this with the number of teams we know will make big gambles—the first seven squads on the board, plus the Memphis Grizzlies at No. 9—and that doesn't leave many chances for him to go inside 13th overall.

OSB Prediction: Over 12.5 (-120)

Alperen Sengun To be drafted under pick 12.5

Ayo Dosumnu, Illinois

Over/Under: 27.5

While Ayo Dosumnu has the chops to be an all-around player, many wonder whether his lack of size and hesitance to shoot at the wing position will be a hindrance. We're not among them.

Dosunmu's shooting form is mostly fine, and he flashed the ability to hit some jumpers off the dribble. He just needs to be more willing to fire away when defenses go under screens.

Someone will take a chance on him before pick 28.

OSB Prediction: Under 27.5 (-130)

Dosunmu To be drafted under pick 27.5

Cameron Thomas, LSU

Over/Under: 22.5

Cameron Thomas is what they call a caps-lock bucket-getter.

Very few players in this class are as adept at creating their own looks. His shot selection can be wonky, but he has shown he'll get to the line in volume and hit enough of his difficult jumpers to justify taking them.

The big question for Thomas: Can he defend well enough at the NBA level? And pass well enough to warrant having the ball in his hands so much?

OSB Prediction: Under 22.5 (-130)

Cameron Thomas To be drafted under pick 22.5

Chris Duarte, Oregon

Chris Duarte odds

Over/Under: 15.5

There may not be a better shooter in the draft than Chris Duarte. He can fling it from all areas of the court, in all different types of situations. Plenty thinks he has the chance to go top seven.

We remain more skeptical of Duarte. He doesn't defend like someone who stands 6'5" and isn't much of a player, so he seemingly offers limited upside. That said, at this point, it is difficult to envision him slipping out of the lottery.

OSB Prediction: Under 15.5 (-130)

Chris Duarte To be drafted under pick 15.5

Corey Kispert, Gonzaga

Over/Under: 14

Corey Kispert is tough to gauge.

Some consider him to be the safest pick in the draft. His shooting range is boundless, and he has hinted at the ball skills necessary to create for himself. 

However, if his on-ball decision-making doesn't expand once in the NBA, he profiles as a sniping specialist and little else. We still believe he'll go in the lottery, but it'll be close. Be prepared to suck up a push.

OSB Prediction: Under 14 (-110)

Corey Kispert To be drafted under pick 14

Davion Mitchell, Baylor

Over/Under: 12.5

Kudos to Davion Mitchell for leading Baylor to a National Championship on the back of his tenacious defense. Seriously. But as a four-year college player, who is 23, he doesn't offer the same level of offensive upside as many of his peers.

Indeed, we're more intrigued by his do-everything teammate Jared Butler. Select teams may fall in love with Mitchell, but we believe he's among the players who could slip on draft night.

OSB Prediction: Over (-130)

Davion Mitchell To be drafted over pick 12.5

James Bouknight, Connecticut

Over/Under: 7.5

No player has soared up draft boards as exponentially as James Bouknight. He is viewed as one of the three best scoring wings in the pool and now seems like a virtual lock to go inside the top 10.

But seventh or sooner? That's a bit too much for us.

With limited upside as a passer and on-ball defender, it's tough to imagine one of the first six teams rolling the dice on his services. That leaves the Golden State Warriors at No. 7 as his last chance, and they should be looking to make a bigger splash.

OSB Prediction: Over (+125)

James Bouknight To be drafted over pick 7.5

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