Lakers exact playoff revenge by upsetting visiting Nuggets

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By , Updated on: Feb 7, 2024 07:00 PM
Lakers exact playoff revenge by upsetting visiting Nuggets
  • When: Thursday, February 8th at 7:30 PM ET
  • Who: Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers
  • Where: Arena in Los Angeles, CA

The Lakers are set to turn the tables on the Nuggets at home, offering a win for the purple and gold faithful and a juicy payoff for the betting brigade.

When the Denver Nuggets strut into the City of Angels to face the Los Angeles Lakers, they'll find a squad hungry for redemption and a Staples Center crowd itching to back them in their quest for an upset.

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Game Preview

Denver Nuggets-165-165-165
Los Angeles Lakers+140+140+140

The Lakers, after a 4-2 road trip that's sparked hope in the hearts of their fans, are looking to cement their homecoming with a statement win against the reigning champs.

Let's cut through the hype and dive into the brass tacks. The Lakers are more than just Hollywood glitz; they've got the stats to back up their underdog story.

Despite sitting outside the top 6 in the Western Conference, their 27-25 record doesn't capture the recent uptick in their performance.

With the trade deadline breathing down their necks, the Lakers' roster, as it stands, has been grinding out wins and building a case for why they're better than their record suggests.

What makes the Lakers primed for this win? For starters, they're riding the momentum of a three-game winning streak.

Moreover, they've been recalibrating their lineup to adapt to the loss of Jarred Vanderbilt, with Rui Hachimura stepping into the starting five and Max Christie gearing up for more minutes.

This kind of adaptability speaks volumes about the Lakers' depth and resilience.

Then there's the D'Angelo Russell factor. Russell has been showing out with trade rumors swirling like a Santa Monica beach wind, making a compelling case for why the Lakers might want to keep him on the books.

Denver Nuggets To win game

His recent "tune-up" procedure has him fresh and ready to dish out assists and drop buckets against Denver. Don't forget Anthony Davis, who's been a walking double-double and a defensive nightmare for opposing teams.

But it's not just about the Lakers' offensive firepower or their defensive prowess.

This game is personal—it's about defending their home court with the pride of past legends hanging over them, including the soon-to-be-unveiled Kobe Bryant statue that'll inspire both team and fans alike to rally for a win.

Now, let's talk odds. At +140, the Lakers are an enticing bet for those looking to capitalize on the underdog.

The Nuggets may have the championship pedigree, but the Lakers have the grit and the drive to protect their turf.

Los Angeles Lakers To win game

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Total Points

Total PointsBetOnlineBetUSBovada
Over 231 Points-110-110-115
Under 231 Points-110-110-105

And let's not overlook the total points angle—under 231 at -110 odds. Given the Lakers' recent emphasis on defense and the Nuggets' tendency to engage in strategic, calculated play, expecting a total score to duck under the line is a smart play.

This game is a jackpot of opportunity for the betting enthusiasts, with the Lakers offering a sweet spot for potential returns.

It's not just about the money, though; it's about the thrill of the game, the clash of titans, and the drama that only the NBA can provide.

In the end, the Lakers are not just playing for a win; they're playing for pride, legacy, and the continued support of their global fanbase.

They're ready to show that their recent road trip success is no fluke and that they can stand toe-to-toe with the league's best.

So, when the ball tips on Thursday night, expect the Lakers to leave it all on the court, much to the delight of their supporters—and the savvy bettors who backed them up.

Under 231 Points Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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