2024 Republican Race Betting Picks That Pay W/O Trump

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2024 Republican Race Betting Picks That Pay W/O Trump

The race to be the Republican nominee for US President is heating up. The first vote is only four months away so we’ve decided to start taking bets on the Republican nominee — minus Donald Trump, as in non-Trump bets. Keep reading and we’ll explain what we mean!

Best Bets To Make 2024 Republican Race

It’s not over until it’s over, but man, is it going to be difficult for anyone to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nominee. The indictments, four of ‘em, have only strengthened him in the eyes of Republican voters. It’s so obvious that Trump is winning that there’s little money to make off those types of bets. Instead, we’ve picked several non-Trump bets that’ll pay for the 2024 Republican race. Here they are:

Iowa Caucus Winner Without Trump

The first primary is the Iowa Caucus on January 15. A total of 40 delegates are on the line in that vote. From there, it’s two straight months of voting from New Hampshire to Nevada and then the ever-important “Super Tuesday.” Current polling has Trump as a substantial favorite in Iowa — with a 2-to-1 lead over the next best candidate, Ron DeSantis.

As we alluded to, this bet removes Trump from the equation. Political-based betting sites have tasked bettors with picking who “wins” after Trump. Essentially, who will get second place in Iowa. Here are the betting options and their odds:

Ron DeSantis-125-125-125
Vivek Ramaswamy+300+300+300
Nikki Haley+500+500+500
Tim Scott+600+600+600
Mike Pence+800+800+800

That poll we mentioned earlier provides more clues as to how candidates are polling. DeSantis was at 19 percent of the vote, while Scott was next at 9 percent. Haley and Pence were tied at 6 percent, while new GOP darling Ramaswamy was only at 4 percent.

We feel pretty confident in betting DeSantis here. Has he lived up to the expectations he had back in November 2022 when overperformed in the midterms? No, but he still has a name value none of the other non-Trump candidates have with the casual voter. DeSantis’ campaign isn’t trending up, but we can’t see anyone topping him here either. The governor is a solid bet here, especially at almost even money.

Ron DeSantis to win Iowa caucus without Trump

Next Rapper Ramaswamy Quotes

As we mentioned before, Ramaswamy has become the “new thing” in the GOP. He was the number-one target on the debate stage in Milwaukee, which is actually a good sign. The debate catapulted Ramaswamy into possibly third place in the race behind Trump and DeSantis. It’s an impressive jump for a non-politician who was hardly known a year ago.

Recently, Ramaswamy got into some “hot water” with popular rapper Eminem. A video surfaced of Ramaswamy doing karoke to the rapper’s famous “Lose Yourself” song. Supposedly, Eminem sent the candidate a cease and desist letter in an act of virtue signaling more than anything else. The incident has led to bookmakers creating a whole bet on who’s the next rapper that Ramaswamy will quote. Here are the options:

Jay Z+250+250+250
Run DMC+350+350+350
LL Cool J+500+500+500
Ice T+700+700+700
50 Cent+700+700+700
Busta Rhymes+700+700+700
Lauren Hill+700+700+700
Nicki Minaj+800+800+800

The betting favorite, Jay Z, makes a lot of sense. Here’s a rapper that’s famous for saying, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” That sounds like something Ramaswamy would latch onto as an entrepreneur who’s believed to rack up wealth in the hundreds of millions. It wouldn’t surprise us if Jay Z was quoted by Ramaswamy in some type of speech related to the economy or wealth creation so throw money on it!

Jay Z next rapper that Ramaswamy quotes

Vice President Nominee

This is probably the most wide-open bet of all — and most important too. Assuming Trump is on the presidential ticket, who would he pick as Vice President? Obviously, his ex-VP Pence is out of the picture. As it stands, these candidates are favored most:

Kristi Noem+500+500+500
Tim Scott+600+600+600
Nikki Haley+650+650+650
Kari Lake+650+650+650
Marjorie Taylor Greene+1400+1400+1400
Tulsi Gabbard+1600+1600+1600

The funny thing about running for President is the majority of candidates doing it really don’t believe they can win. But joining the race regardless is more of a PR move — to get their name up and then angle for another position, most notably VP or a cabinet spot. We sense every candidate in this field minus DeSantis is in the race for this reason.

To us, a woman seems very likely. Ultimately, who he picks as VP is a strategic choice in who helps him win a general election most. In 2020, Trump performed barely against Joe Biden when it came to suburban women. In order to defeat Biden, winning that group would help bigly hence why we think a woman choice makes the most sense here.

We’re taking Haley here. She had a really strong performance in the Milwaukee debate and has some buzz to her. The more well-liked Haley would make a good running mate for the polarizing Trump.

Nikki Haley to be Republican Vice President nominee

How To Bet On US Politics?

The political race is on the cusp of heating up with the Republican primaries only months away. If you want to bet on all these races, then hit one of the bookies below. These sites rated high in our newest sportsbook reviews, and offer the full gamut of US political bets. Heck, there’s even foreign politics too if you’re into that! Check out the table below to get started.

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